Episode 103 Feminization

This week on The Weekly Hot Spot, where we love to get hot and sexy with you, the Mistresses pulled on their panties and talked all about feminization!

Mistress Delia of begformistress.com talked about how much she enjoys dressing men up, even just in panties.

Mistress Olivia of experiencedmistress.com shared why she loves every aspect of feminization from mild-mannered men in panties to cock crazed sissies, and everything in between.

Just Panties and WHY that is hot!

The Mistresses agree that there is something both sexy and vulnerable for a man when he puts on a pair of pretty panties instead of his boxers. it FEELS SO GOOD!

Sometimes all it takes is panties to change a man’s attitude totally so he can experience true submission.

What About Sissies?

Oh yes! Feminization DOES totally include sissies. Lingerie and stocking outfits, total frilly frills everywhere with lace and ribbons make an amazing sissy outfit. Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia talk about how much they adore sissies and….Virtual Sissies!!!

Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia spend some time discussing how incredible the Virtual World is especially for feminization! You HAVE to hear (and see) it for yourself! Ever purged? The Virtual World totally eliminates the need!! It also brings your fantasies to life in true 3D!!

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