Fetish Beginnings

Have you ever wondered HOW Delia and Olivia got started in their fetish lives? This week’s podcast will give you a naughty peek into their fetish lives, and will answer the questions about HOW they got so kinky. Of course you are curious!

Your Kink Story

Have you shared your kink story with a Mistress? Once you hear what Delia and Olivia have to say about how they got started, you will realize why they are both so talented at Domination. If you need to spend some time with a kinky Mistress, it makes sense to talk with a Mistress who has experience and has learned! Delia and Olivia both learned how to hone their natural drives for Femdom. But they both learned different ways!

More than Kink Beginnings

Delia and Olivia both share more fun tidbits about their favorite kind of phone calls. What do you think…do they prefer callers who are fast and distant, or do they like calls that can get deeper? Also, learn about their favorite toys they are playing with now. What skills do the Mistresses have? You WILL find out!

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