What is body worship?

Why women like Mistress Olivia, Ms Erika and Ms Ruby love body worship. Hear what these Femdom Mistress Goddess ladies do NOT want you to do when you do pussy worship or ass worship. Tips, tricks, naughty fun and some delightful insight into the naughty world of Welsh Mistress Ruby.

Listen to: Bodyworship 101 

Ms. Olivia: Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot: kink conversation, advice, and insight from the worlds of distance domination, and phone sex.

We are your hosts Ms. Olivia, Ms. Erika, and we are joined today by the lovely, naughty, and oh-so-talented Mistress Ruby. Get out the lube, fellows, for this episode. It’s Body worship 101 and we are talking about worshiping our beautiful bodies.The Weekly Hot Spot sexuality podcast

Listen to the Body Worship 101 episode of The Weekly Hot Spot

If you need lube suggestions, check out the lube reviews on Ms. Constance’s blog, Intelligent Femdom.

Bacon lube sidetracks the ladies

Ms. Olivia: There’s even a bacon flavored lube, which personally, I don’t want that anywhere near all of my pretty important bits, but if you’re that much of a fan of bacon, go to it.

Ms. Erika: Brings a whole new meaning to meat flaps.

Ms. Olivia: Ladies? Are you comfortable, Erika, Ruby, are you planning on touching yourselves during this recording? 

Ms. Ruby: Not with bacon lube, that’s for sure. No, I’m actually really excited to be here. Thank you so much for having me. I’m pretty comfortable at the moment. I had a shower before we began, so you’ll have to excuse me if I appear a little distracted,

I’m just going to be applying a little bit of lotion to my smooth legs, but not bacon flavored lotion though. Yeah, some touching going on. 

Ms. Erika: Oh God, talk about distraction with your lovely accent, Miss Ruby, and imagining your fingers glazing over those lovely gams of yours,

I’m going to be a little distracted, So pardon me if I zone out and just imagine that.

Body worship, BDsm and submission

Ms. Olivia: So you both have touched, figuratively and literally, on what body worship is.

Erika Enchantrix body worshipMs. Erika:  In our world, in the Femdom world, body worship is mainly a practice of revealing and revering another part of a person’s body it is a sensual and sexual experience.

And it’s done in a submissive context, meaning this is your service to me, I am in charge. Body worship is part of Dominance and submission.

Ms. Olivia: Body worship also allows a submissive to perform protocols or rituals of devotion.

When you put it in terms of a protocol or a ritual, it provides the submissive a framework and a feeling of total dedication. Religions certainly have tapped into the need to worship.Foot worship pretty toes Mistress Olivia

As a Dominant, you, too, can tap into this need by telling your submissive, especially the people that enjoy foot worship, get down on your knees, worship my feet. 

In that way, the submissive will worship and dedicate themselves to a power greater than what they have internally in themselves, which is what they should be doing. They should worship the Mistress, Domme, or Femdom.

Ruby Body Worship The Weekly Hot Spot podcastMs. Ruby: And with body worship, it’s so incredibly sensual compared with other aspects of BDSM, which offers a really nice change of pace.

This is really where I personally see strength in submission, seeing a sub physically devoting themselves to my pleasure without the need for their own self gratification and all the while enjoying that opportunity to give instead of receive.

Using porn as sex ed

Ms. Olivia: And this doesn’t have to be in an overtly BDSM kind of context, but it is unusual, I think, in vanilla sex when it’s kind of like, “Oh, I’ve kissed you three times. Okay. So suck my Dick.” Or, “I just used your clit for a light switch. Now I’m going to put my cock in you and jack off.”

Ms. Ruby: Oh my God, that is one reason why I absolutely hate watching vanilla porn and that’s all it is, all the time. No. We need some body worship guys. C’mon, sort yourselves out.

Ms. Olivia: Absolutely. And my pet peeve is the light switch clitoris. Hey, it’s not. You don’t turn me on by grabbing it and literally going flick flick flick with your fingers. I don’t care what you’ve seen in porn.

Women are doing that because they know you like watching it. But, do not get sex tips from porn.

Ms. Ruby: No, don’t please. That’s like flicking a bell and saying that that is stroking a cock. No, no. 

Ms. Erika: The one word I cringe every time I hear it, or the two words put together, is flicking that clit. No, don’t flick it unless you’d like a swift kick in the balls, then go ahead and flick it. 

Ms. Ruby: Nobody flicks the clits guys. That’s not how we do it. We get our wands out. We have a fucking good time. Okay. Don’t flick anything except you in the bollocks if you’re pissing us off.  Kick you in the bloody bollocks, mate.

Ms. Erika: I keep hanging around you, Ruby, I’m going to start talking with an accent. 

Ms. Olivia: And we should point out that you are not British. 

Welsh Mistress and her mingeRuby Body Worship

Ms. Ruby: Hello. I’m Welsh.

Ms. Erika: No, it would be appropriate to say you’re from the United Kingdom, but you’re not British. 

Ms. Ruby: I don’t associate with Queen Elizabeth and all them like everyone thinks I do. But I think there’s some sort of idealism around the idea of being British. Cups of tea, cups of tea all the time, all day.

Oh, and I don’t play with my pussy, I play with my fanny. I like to stick a willy in my fanny, I do. That’s such a common thing I get, oh my goodness. Do you call it fanny as well?

Ms. Olivia: No!

Ms. Ruby: Pussy is the most disgusting word you could use except minge. I don’t know if you guys use that over there.

Ms. Olivia: What’s minge?

Ms. Ruby: It’s another word for vagina.

Ms. Olivia: A minge?

Ms. Ruby: Yeah, you fucked me in the minge, you did. Well, I don’t like that, either.

Ms. Olivia: Well, cigarettes are called fags. “I had a fag in my mouth.” Yeah, so do sissies.

Ms. Erika: Not only did sissy have a fag, she is a fag! Now Ruby, what do you call the derriere and the little rosebud? 

Ms. Ruby:  I like to call it a bum. Most of the time is ass..Yeah, the rose buds, just call it the asshole. I don’t have a special name for it. I know there’s loads of different words for it, but I don’t. I’m not that sophisticated when it comes to….

Ms. Erika: The back door.

Ms. Ruby: Just stick it in there, guys, okay? In the asshole.

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Ms. Olivia: We just call it like it is. So we’re going to call it like it is and tell everybody, hopefully you’re not completely lubed up yet, because if you are, we want you to wash off and get to your computer and go to Apple Podcasts.

We want you to subscribe to The Weekly Hot Spot podcasts, Like it and we want you to leave a review on iTunes.

You can also find us on Cock Radio on Spreaker, all kinds of ways to find us. 

Ms. Olivia: If you’re listening to the podcast while driving in your car, don’t do that while jacking off. There are some people that will need to hear that little caveat. Don’t wank in the car while driving.

Ms. Erika: In the car traveling 80 miles an hour down the interstate, yeah don’t masturbate.

 Goddess Worship

Ms. Olivia: So ladies, what is your favorite thing about body worship? Ruby, why don’t you start. 

Ms. Ruby: For me, I think with anything really, it’s the psychological state that you enter, and especially with body worship.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to be put on that pedestal, treated like this amazing Goddess. And I love seeing a sub enjoying that as much as I do. Compared with the vanilla porn guys, you need to give some time and attention to us ladies. 

Concentrate on my pleasure. That’s what I want. 

Please Your Mistress The Weekly Hot Spot podcastMs. Olivia: That’s my favorite thing as well, being the center of attention. Erotic and sensual center of attention. I am, ahhhh

By the way, I have taken off my yoga pants and I’ve stripped down to my t-shirt and panties for this podcast.

Ms. Ruby: You little minx.

Ms. Olivia: I am a minx!

Ms. Ruby: An experienced minx.

Ms. Olivia: Yes, an experienced minx… Experienced Minx dot com. That’s not a real website for me but it should be!  Mine is Experienced Mistress.

Body Worship is AmazingMistress Erika Femdom

Ms. Olivia: Erika, what do you love about this?

Ms. Erika: Well, you both hit the nails right on the head. It’s not only a physical thing, but the psychological state and creating that psychological state that we are the deity.

Mistress Erika femdom panty teaseWe are the Goddesses to be worshipped. 

What you touched upon earlier about the rituals, I have a brand new profile coming out for Body Worship 101, and in there, I let you know a little bit about what you could expect with a body worship session with me. 

And first of all, you just don’t grab, touch, and whatever. 

You start worshiping with your eyes. You gaze. You appreciate it. You verbalize your feelings. Then, if you do a good job, I might allow you to then worship with your fingers.

And if you learn your lessons boy, I just might give you a nice little present one day. 

Ms. Olivia: It sounds like you’re going for the lesbian crowd. You’re describing lesbian sex.

Sexually satisfy your partner

Ms. Erika: Well, guys need to be slowed down. If they are really truly interested in pleasing us, they will listen. 

I also see body worship as a gateway kink. I mean, what man out there, heterosexual, that is, if you say, “Can you just lick behind my ear right here?” will say, “Fuck no.” Of course they won’t.

Breast worship The Weekly Hot Spot podcast sexuality kink fetishIf you ask them to massage your breasts or to tweak your nipples in a certain way, are they going to say no? No! So it’s a gateway of you directing them.

And for those actually, I just thought about this. For those who are looking to include kink into their bedroom: Sensual touch worship is a fantastic gateway to give her that permission, to tell you what to do, how to please her.

Ms. Olivia: This podcast was actually inspired by a really special caller.

He said, “I’m going to be on the floor, worshiping your feet and then moving up during the podcast,” which is why I took off my yoga pants, why I am only in panties. Ass Worship Experienced Mistress Olivia

I’m on my back right now, but soon I will roll over onto my stomach and present my beautiful rounded ass to him.

This is what he said on our last call and I wrote it down. 

“That body has so many areas I want to experience, fondle and touch and lick and worship. Once I get through with one, I go on to another. Once I finished with all the ones that I want to worship. I’ll go back to the beginning.”

He continued, ”The beginning is always different. I start somewhere then see where the mood takes me.” He’s amazing!  I always feel so good when I talk with him.

Do the ladies masturbate on calls?

Ms Olivia:  So I’ve got to ask you, do you ladies touch yourself when a special caller calls you and they’re doing a really spectacular body worship?

Ms. Ruby: I’d be lying if I said no. I like to touch myself in some specific calls.

If the guy is doing a really good job and sometimes if the caller’s really lucky, I might get out my Magic Wand and you’ll hear me playing, all those nice, slow, subtle breaths I take when I start building up to a nice climax and maybe you’ll get it and maybe you won’t.

But, that just depends on how nice I feel at the time, how generous I want to be. But yeah, they have to work for that. 

Ms. Olivia: And being slow, gentle, light, firm and sensual buildup, that’s part of it, isn’t it? 

Ms. Ruby: Yes. Focusing on just being as gentle and light as you can be, as detailed as you can be. And then, gradually increasing the intensity is the key to a really good worship experience. 

Ms. Erika: Oh, absolutely. I would be lying, too, if I said no that I never touched myself during calls. However, I find that I get very distracted as well, so I kind of use it as my energy, so I stay highly aroused if I’m aroused. I think that lends to the energy

How to touch a Goddess

Ms Erika: But when it comes to Goddess worship, you’re right. That slow, firm, and sensual touching is so bonding. And in particular, how to touch different body parts. Right?

So, I like a feathery touch down the back of my spine is perfect, but if you touch me like that on my inner thigh or my foot, you, it just might be over ‘cause you’ll tickle me.

I love tickling calls when that is expected, when that’s part of a play. If I’m not expecting to be tickled, you might pop me out of that space that I’m in and you don’t want that.

I’ve tickled myself on calls, but I learned you can’t tickle yourself with your fingers because the brain feels them on your skin and senses both on the tickled part and on your fingertips. So that tickling doesn’t happen. But if you take something else or your nails, you can actually tickle yourself.

Ms. Olivia: On a body adoration call, there’s a chemistry that happens.. 

Adore her beautiful body

Ms. Ruby: Yeah, definitely. And with the physical reverence side of things, it’s not just about that pleasurable hit of dopamine that you get from most sexual experiences.

As you said Erika, the bonding between the sub and the Domme, and one of the best tips I’ve had from one of my callers who indulges his wife regularly in body worship is not to solely focus on the parts that drive you wild with less.

It’s important to pay attention to the small details, like the curve of her hips, the small of her back, not just the ass and the tits. 

Ms. Olivia: Yes, absolutely. And this episode was inspired by someone who I adore.  He listens to what I say and then acts on it.

I told him, “My hip bones are incredibly sensitive.” And you don’t normally think of worshiping, putting your lips, or running your fingers literally on the hip bones. I don’t think there’s any hip bone porn out there.

Ms. Ruby: You should make some.

Ms. Olivia loves ass worshipAss worship The Weekly Hot Spot podcast sexuality kink fetish

Ms. Olivia: It drives me nuts. One of the ways that I knew this was going to be a really great and really special relationship is because he mentions that every single call, he will say something about paying special attention to my hip bones. Fuck me, I just fucking melt.

And part of it is going slow and all of him listened and he heard that unusual part that just makes me crazy. 

Ms. Erika: I love that. Yeah. 

Ms. Olivia: And then, when he kind of gently turns me over instead of flopping me like a fish, now you’re on your stomach and my tongue is shoved up your ass. No, he goes gentle, slowly. And he just begins. He doesn’t jam his tongue in all the way, he goes all around, gently over my ass cheeks. I need a moment.

Ms. Erika: I guess I’m calling Olivia after we record this podcast.

Ms. Ruby: You can just imagine us sitting her down in a seat with a fan, just fanning her face, she’s getting a bit flustered there. 

Ms. Olivia: You know, I don’t need it fanning my face. I’m just telling you, if we’re going to finish the podcast, I’m going to fan the furnace, right down below… yeah, that basement furnace.

Ass worship, I’m crazy for it. I really am. Makes me so incredibly aroused. 

Ms. Erika: The nerves from your spine, at the tip of your spine, right before they go down your legs, right there at the bundles, so a lot of attention at the end of the spine, down the ass cheeks and the crack. Oh, it’s just divine. I love it. 

Ms. Olivia: Ruby, do you like ass play? Ass worship?

Ms. Ruby: I do, I must admit, I do enjoy a bit of bum fun. I love it. As we said before, take your time and really enjoy every square inch of that ass because if you don’t know where to start and it’s your first time you’re trying it out, then get some massage oil involved.

Have the intention just to pamper your partner and make it really luxurious and special. I think that really just tips it over the edge. 

Ms. Erika: And getting inspiration from our callers like you did, Olivia, is fantastic and keeps things exciting and spicy.

Did you realize when it comes to female body parts that are delicious round bums, rank high, and sometimes higher, than breasts?

Ms. Ruby and Ms. Olivia: Really? 

Popularity: Her ass or breasts?

Ms. Erika: I was reading a Psychology Today article, unfortunately there’s not a lot of studies regarding sex and sexuality, but they said in the article, I thought it was interesting, these two neuroscientists, Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, but they systematically examined what people do on the Internet.

And butts are almost as popular as breasts in sexual web searches.  And there’s almost as many porn sites dedicated to the derriere as breasts, meaning that it suggests that many men also have an innate sensitivity to buttock cues as well. 

IBreast worship The Weekly Hot Spot sexuality podcast‘ve heard that the fascination with breasts is that the cleavage replicates the cleavage of the ass because if we think of our evolution, most likely we procreated like most other animals, not face-to-face. So that is fascinating. And we’ll put that link in the podcast as well. If you want to read it

Ms. Olivia: Those are the researchers that wrote the book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships. They studied what people were doing on the Internet. And they went through Internet searches and entertainment searches, keystrokes and porn searches, and that kind of thing. 

As an aside, if either of you get a chance to go visit the Museum of Sex in New York City, they use A Billion Wicked Thoughts as part of their display about human sexuality.

If you read the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, LDW group is in there. They mention Sissy School and that was so great.

Ms. Erika: I did not know that!

Ms. Olivia: Yes! How awesome is that? 

Ms. Ruby: That buttocks thing doesn’t surprise me with all the yoga pants going ‘round at the moment. My goodness, I class myself as a straight female, but fuck, I see a woman in some yoga pants and I’m like, fuck, I can’t stop looking. 

Ms. Erika: I’m in the same boat. 

Ms. Ruby: You know when the fabric is kind of ruched in the cracks, love that.

Ms. Olivia: I love that we’re hearing a decidedly different side of Ruby. So Ruby, tell us how you really feel about those yoga pants. 

Ms. Ruby: Yeah, when you said you were wearing yoga pants Miss Olivia,, I did wander a little bit and then you distracted me with bacon lube.

Back to bacon lube, so sorry!Bacon Lube The Weekly Hot Spot podcast sexuality erotic humiliation

Ms. Olivia: I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Ms. Ruby: It’s okay. I’m just scarred for life.

Ms. Olivia: Obviously, that’s the only thing that I remember about Miss Constance’s lube reviews. That is so terrible, right? 

Ms. Ruby: I don’t want my asshole smelling like pork scratching, thank you very much.

Ms. Erika: What lovely humiliation. You could use that as humiliation. You don’t deserve a flowery fanny, you deserve a bacon fanny.

Ms. Olivia: A bacon fanny!

Ms. Ruby: Oh my goodness. That is hilarious. 

Ms. Olivia: We do have Humiliation Bootcamp and I think that would be an absolutely hysterical humiliation assignment. Buy the bacon lube, buy a cantaloupe, cut a hole in the cantaloupe and then lube it up with bacon lube.

You know, we’re just ruining this for all of the people, I’m ruining it single-handedly. I’ve single handedly just destroyed this fucking podcast for everybody. I’m so sorry. No more talk about bacon lube.

Creative BDsm humiliation

Ms. Erika: One more thing. Thinking about being creative and getting inspiration, you just inspired me. Think of this as a humiliation task. Lube is also a moisturizer, right? So you get your  little slut to use the bacon lube as a “lotion,” for conditioning their skin and all day long, they go around and people go, “I smell bacon. What is that?”

Ms. Ruby: Guys, I’m seriously considering starting my own lube business and one of my premium brands is going to be the Porn Cock-tail. Oh my goodness. This needs to happen. 

Ms. Olivia: Gwyneth Paltrow, didn’t she recently come out with the vagina candle and your whole room smells like pussy?

I don’t know who posed for the vagina candle. Whose pussy does it smells like, because I’m bisexual, so I’ve seen and smelled and tasted a lot of pussy and there’s a fair amount of different looks in there.

Is it going to be a porn star pussy? If so, which porn star? If you don’t have sex dolls, they have porn star sex dolls with porn star pussies. 

Ms. Ruby: I can just imagine you with this candle. And you’re like, ”Hmm, smells familiar. Maybe  I should lick it and make sure… I need to identify which kind of pussy this smells and tastes like.”

Ms. Erika: You know, Olivia, I can’t do candles that smell like food because then I get hungry. So if you like that pussy candle, you’re going to be running around looking for something to munch on, darling.

Ms. Olivia: I’ve got a female submissive, so I’ve got pussy-munching capabilities right here at any point in time. She’s adorable, and can I also tell you she’s a fabulous foot washer. 

Toe Worship and pedicuresfoot worship pretty toes

Ms. Olivia: Pretty toes deserve love, and I think of all of the body worship areas of the body, ass and feet, are the top two, I would say.

Feet worship, foot worship…  licking, stroking, touching, massaging, sucking on pretty toes… all of that foot worship is fabulous. 

Ms. Erika: Absolutely. It’s fantastic. And not only is it the actual act, but the physicality of it, kneeling at your feet is a visual representation of the Power Exchange that’s happening in our minds, in our psyches. So, that’s why I like it. It really hammers home, your place and my place.

Starting at the toes pet, which is something I like to say, “Start at the toes, pet.” 

Ms. Ruby: Yeah.we spend so much money on pedicures, why not take advantage of a sub at our feet, licking our toes, rubbing our arches. I absolutely love it. 

Ms. Erika: Absolutely.

Ms. Olivia: The very first thing, as soon as salons open in New York state, I want a professional pedicure and I, normally, pre-pandemic, would get them every two weeks. And so my feet, I’ve been doing them, my sub has done them, but you know, it’s not the same. It really isn’t.

I want a professional pedicure with professional polish on my toes so badly. I want that even more than live music, although those are about the same. 

And it was initially, post-pandemic, what do I want to do most? Fetish party, pedicure, and go to a live baseball game. 

Out of those three, the Mets are really sucking right now. Yeah. I know it’s early in the season, but still they’ve done some bonehead fucking plays. So I’m kind of like, ”I don’t want to go see you just clench a loss out of certain victory, dingbats.” 

So, fetish party or pedicure. The fetish parties are beginning to start back up, and so pedicure is now the absolute top of my list. When are both of you going to get pedicures? 

Ms. Ruby: Oh God. I mean, I don’t even know when we’re all going to be able to go to salons over here. I do my own anyway and I think the results I get are pretty good. It was a pretty good standard, but like you say, it’s not the same. You don’t want to have to put the effort in,

I need my own live-in sub. Okay. So applications, guys, come on, get them in. Yes, I definitely need one of those. 

Mistress and covid restrictions

Ms. Olivia: Ruby, you reminded me, the other fourth thing: live music, I’m aching for live music, going to a live concert. 

Ms. Ruby: I’m aching to get into a live concert and perform.

I know my neighbors must be sick of my voice singing in my lounge every day, trying to do all my recordings and my practice at home.

Usually I would have access to a studio. So it’s probably quite frustrating for them, hearing the same stuff over and over again.

Ms. Olivia: That has been one thing about the pandemic, all of the virtual concerts and stuff. T

here is one group, Low Cut Connie, and the singer is Adam Wiener and he often says the same thing. He has an apartment in Philly and he said his neighbors must be furious because they do concerts from his spare bedroom. And the concerts are loud.

Ms. Ruby: Are they like a full band type concert?

Ms. Olivia: He has a full band. He plays piano, sometimes guitar, and he’s got a guitar player who kind of plays drums with his foot or he plays tambourine with his foot.

Rolling Stone has called them a hidden gem of the pandemic. They are getting hugely, hugely popular. So I’ll post a link to Low Cut Connie because Low Cut Connie is one of my favorite groups.

Ms. Ruby: I’ll have to check that out. 

Ms. Olivia: They’re wonderful. They’re wonderful. I wonder if they’re turned on by feet. 

Ms. Ruby: Think he’s got a pedicure under those shoes when he’s tapping that tambourine?

Ms. Olivia: I also want a manicure. I want a Mani-Pedi. I desperately want that. 

We have a full Hot Spot podcast for people who are turned on by feet. Foot Worship is one of our favorite things.

And worship of sexy feet and pretty toes goes along with legs, stockings, socks. We talk about that a lot!

Let me just mention if people want some smoking hot photos of legs, stockings, feet doing the shoe dangle, you really need to check out my Tumbler.

I have tons of stockings… seamed, sheer, nude, black, sexy, garter belts, amazing photos of shoes, feet, legs, and more, but especially legs and feet. Check out Experienced Mistress Olivia on Tumblr.

Who has a stocking fetish?

Ms. Ruby: I love the anticipation that stockings add to foot and leg worship.

It’s really that muted sensation you get, isn’t it, when you’ve got that stocking on and somebody’s caressing or playing with your foot or leg. You can’t feel it as intensely as you would skin on skin, but it’s still just thin enough to feel the warmth of the hands or lips or tongue  that’s making contact with the fabric.

I’ve got a few subs that actually love to be teased with stockings too. And you can easily evolve that kind of play into bondage. For example, Tease and Denial. There’s so many things you can do with stockings. I love stockings.

Ms. Erika: Absolutely! Those long, strong legs we have wrapped in that soft silk, even the leg stocking made from silk a long time ago.

It’s a very central term to use, to describe what they’re experiencing. I recently put a spotlight on pantyhose for those who love to worship pantyhose and the legs they’re in.

Having others understand some of the erotic elements of how we can use pantyhose and legs as a spotlight in sessions with worshiping, the tactile sensations.

I don’t know if you ladies have experienced this with panty hose, but not only worshiping them on us, but enjoying them on their own legs; the compression, the softness, the shininess, is really an attraction for those who’ve loved stockings and pantyhose. Have you found that shininess appeal? 

Ms. Olivia: I absolutely have.

And let me just mention that it doesn’t have to be a pantyhose fetish or a stockings fetish to enjoy this. Slip on a pair of pantyhose. Just try it on a call. And if you don’t like it, no harm, no foul. Just simply say I tried it and I didn’t like it, but who knows?

I think this is one area where we can broaden a caller’s erotic pleasure horizons. We can deepen his palette, so to speak. 

Ms. Erika: It doesn’t mean you want to be feminized. If you enjoy something like the sensation of pantyhose or stockings, it means that you have an open mind and a willingness, a willing spirit, to explore different sensations and different experiences.

Ms. Olivia: Ruby, that’s exactly like what you said that the stockings can evolve into all kinds of other play. Bondage when you take them off, Tease and Denial…. Oh! Take them off and wrap up his cock and balls in a stocking. 

Ms. Ruby: I love to use them as a teasing element in my play, because when I get a guy to put some stockings or pantyhose on, the feeling, the muted feelings they get when they’re rubbing over the top of them in specific places.

The reactions I get, it’s such a buildup and you’re sitting there listening to their cadence of their breath and the way it changes dramatically. They’re not getting exactly what they want, but they’re getting just enough to make them frustrated and I love that because I’m evil.

Ms. Erika: I love that about you too. I love that delicious tease.

How to buy stockings and pantyhose

Ms. Olivia: He can easily get a pair of stockings and then throw them away. It’s not like you spend 60 bucks on a really high quality toy and you’re worried about your partner finding it. Now, don’t be stupid and throw it in the top of the trash can. Or if you’re playing at work,  lock your door. That’s a little PSA. 

Get a pair of stockings from a department store. And trust me, nobody’s going to look twice at you and they’re not going to automatically think they’re for you. You could be buying them for somebody else. 

Or if you’re completely mortified, go to a drug store and get pantyhose and then just take them out and feel the sensation. 

Masturbating in pantyhose

Ms Olivia: You don’t even have to tie up your cock and balls, but just stroke that fabric all over your cock and balls, then slip your cock inside the stocking, hold it tight, so the stocking becomes like a condom.

If you have a cock ring, you could slip it on over that. So it really is held in place like a condom and then start stroking that cock, the stocking held in place. Use your nails to scratch right across the tip of that cock. 

Ms. Ruby: And it mutes the sensation, as I said. It’s not going to feel too aggressive or too harsh for the skin. Bear in mind, if you’re cumming in a stocking, guys, it’s going to be like a sieve. It will come out of all the holes. Just a tip for you. 

Ms. Erika: Don’t go nuts for that kind of play. That’s not going to work, guys. Don’t get fish nets. 

Send Fishnet Dick Pics to Ms. Ruby

Ms. Ruby: If you do use a fishnet stocking, it will make your cock look like a kinky mole rat, wearing a bodystocking, which I find amusing. So if you do have fishnets, send us some pictures of your dick in a fishnet, because I want to see those.

Ms. Olivia: That’s actually a request. We don’t often ask for dick pics out of session, but on this one, we’ll take any dick pics in a fish net or wrapped in mesh.

I was talking about mesh panties with this one guy who was a caller and he said, “I have a picture of me in mesh panties.” So he sent me an email with the picture and he’s got a really beautiful cock, nice size.

Everything was sticking straight out of the tiny g-string mesh with just the mesh covering up his balls. I think, “This is nice.” We get to see a whole lot of stuff. Some of it we enjoy! 

Ms. Ruby: Some stuff we’re not prepared for. We open an email. It’s like, holy shit. What on earth? It’s Monday morning. It’s 8:00 AM. I’ve got my coffee. I haven’t drank any of it yet. And what the hell am I looking at right now?

You know, I can say it’s the only job I’ve been to where I’m genuinely surprised by the stuff that comes into my inbox. You really don’t expect it. It’s crazy. 

Ms. Erika: That little turtle is not what I want to see first thing on a Monday morning.

Ms. Ruby: I get a lot of those. “Tell me how small it is.” It’s like, oh, I don’t think you realize how small it is because you haven’t seen enough dick pics to know, but I have.

Ms. Olivia: For someone that has a small penis, you can be insanely useful and have a woman enjoy you. If you learn, really learn how to do revere her body; you can worship her ass, her pussy, her feet.

You know what? I’m just now realizing that in the outline of the show, I didn’t put pussy worship on there. Oh my gosh that’s bad. Such an omission!

Pussy Worship Time!Pussy Worship The Weekly Hot Spot podcast kink bdsm sexuality

Ms. Olivia: We’re going to do oral pleasure right now, before we go into breast worship. 

So from feet to legs to pussy, he moves up an erotic ladder, nibbling and kissing and climbing up the insides of the thighs, hitting pay dirt as he’s sliding those silky wet panties over to one side and saying, “Hello,” and kissing the sweet spot.

What is your favorite way to have your pussy worshiped?

Ms. Erika: I think my favorite thing about pussy worship is that you are pleasing me in the manner that I wish.  Many men who think they know how to please a pussy with their fingers or tongue are probably incorrect.

Either they are honed in on the clit…  that is the goal… that is what they’re concentrating on. Or they want to penetrate and fuck something with their fingers or their tongue. Gentlemen, when I tell you the female body part down there, if you want to arouse the clit, rub and massage and lick those outer lips first. 

I’m going to leave you the link for this podcast of the anatomy of a woman’s sex. It is really a demonstration of you worshiping, adoring, and paying homage to what makes us the stronger sex; our pussy.

Ms. Olivia: The physical way to worship a pussy is how you get the attention of a woman.

You start at the outer edges and then work your way in. I tell people all the time, if you push a Mistress, a woman, your partner, your wife… if you push her, she will automatically back off. Guys, that’s just how we are fucking made. We will automatically back off.

Now, a sex worker doesn’t automatically back off, which is why men pay for it. This is one of what you pay for when you pay a sex worker.  They can basically do whatever they want (within agreed upon limits and boundaries).

But there are still people that pay for sex that they really want the woman to also have a great time. Thank you soooooo much – we LOVE YOU !!!!

When I’m having a good time on the call, like Ruby, I may or may not tell the other person when I have an orgasm, but if he knows me and I know him, he’ll say, “Yeah, you got a little quiet there. I noticed you stopped breathing there for some time,” because I tend to hold my breath when I have an orgasm. So you’ll hear a long pause and you’ll know.

Body Worship licking pussyLike Erika said, go from the outer edges and then go in. And the flat of the tongue lapping? 

Ms. Ruby: Oh, I love that so much. I love it when they incorporate their lips as well. Almost like French kissing, but they’re doing it on the clit, very gently. 

Tying back to a previous conversation we had, I really think that if you’re listening to this and you want to know how to please a woman down there, or maybe you think you’re really good but as Erika, so kindly put it, you probably aren’t.

Tantric sex

Ms. Ruby:  To be fair, I think stopping the constant stream of just vanilla porn that you play, when you’re getting off, and maybe having a little look at things like tantric sex porn because some of the stuff they have regarding massage, especially in that region, in the pussy area, is so nice.

And as a woman, I love watching that and I love getting off to that because I can see that that guy is really fucking enjoying what he’s doing to that woman. And it is so hot and that is a turn on, in itself. 

If you’re looking down and you’re seeing a guy who’s like, “I want to get this over with so I can stick my dick in,” then you’re not going to respond to that. You are thinking, “I don’t even want you to stick your dick anywhere. You’re not putting in the effort.” 

If I’m giving a nice blow job, I want a nice pussy licking session. And I pride myself on my blow jobs, if anyone’s lucky enough to receive. So, I want the same in return and every woman deserves that.

Stop the vanilla porn, watch some more erotic, sensual stuff and really pick up on some of the things they’re doing, because that is how you do it. 

With sex, it’s not ALL about the orgasm

Ms. Erika: You hit on something Ruby, with the tantric.The goal with body worship isn’t necessarily the orgasm at the end, right? I mean, we’ll get there. The main crux of any worshiping of pussies, breasts, whatever, is the journey, the experience. So I love that you put that in there.

Ms. Olivia: The tantric porn and the tantric massage porn, those are fabulous ideas for people to really get the sense of body worship and how to do it, what it means to go slow.

It doesn’t “just” mean to go slow. It means to be slowly connected.  So that means you don’t dive in directly for the clit. You start at the outside. You don’t grab an ass and stick your finger right in. You at least lick it first.

You go slowly. You don’t just grab a boob and start sucking on it. You enjoy the heft and feel of the breast and pushing them together and massaging them. Not like you’re trying to bake sourdough bread, kneading the fuck out of it. Breasts are not bread. 

Ms. Ruby: Unless you are allowed to fuck me really hard, then go for it. But as a general rule, no.

Body worship is about going slow. It’s about taking your time and it’s not about trying to get to the end of something really quickly. Like I’m trying to make this person happy so that I can get what I want. That’s not what body worship is. 

When to fuck her hard

Ms. Olivia: We’ve talked so much about not going slow. Let me just mention once she gets to where she’s about to cum, she says, “I’m fucking grabbing your dick. I am riding that mother fucker!” I do that, too!

The first time I did that I think the guy was really shocked. He was like, whoa! I said, “I’m in charge of your dick! I can do anything I want! I want your dick in my ass. Right. Fucking. Now.”

Let me tell you, once you get us to the part where we’re just crazed, you never know what’ll happen. But if she says, fuck me the fuck hard. Well, don’t say, “Oh no, I’m going to continue going slowly.”

Fuck her hard, fellas. Really hard. 

Ms. Ruby: It can be a complete power switch with that.l I say that we’re always going to be in charge, but if we say, ”I want to be fucked,” then, you know that’s an order. 

But getting us there first is the primary objective and that’s not going to happen bending her over, slapping her ass and saying, “Are you ready for my pork sword?” Doesn’t work like that fellas. Sorry. 

Men love breasts

Ms. Olivia: So the final body parts breasts, I don’t know why I saved it until last, but there you go. Men love breasts. Cleavage just drives men crazy, boobs and nipples showing.

And let me just mention for people need to follow Erika on Twitter, she posts the best fucking pictures. @ErikaEnchantrix 

Femdom ErikaMs. Ruby: You know what Erika, it’s the open shirt look that I really love in your photographs. It’s kind of conservative, but really not, that I’m wearing this for work, but, I’m just going to unbutton it so you can have a little look at what I’ve got into there. And the cleavage is amazing.

Ms. Erika: Oh, thank you. Well, it is all about the tease, right?

I know we talked about boobs and butts are really high up on the hard dick scale. So of course, the first rule of cock controls is to get their attention and what better way to get attention than to give the masses what they’re looking for. Boop gifs are fun. Come on. There’s a reason why titties are called fun bags. They’re fun, they jiggle… just like the guys’ little jiggly between their legs. They’re just fun. 

Unusual request from Mistress Ruby

Ms. Ruby: I love those fun bags. Well, fun-sized, fun bags. I want to, I want to see some jiggling, mini fun bags, guys. C’mon. Get on cam for us now. Get some fishnets out, put them on. We want to see that kinky mole rat dick and those little mini fun bags wiggling around inside those fishnets. Oh my goodness. I want to see that.

I’ve got an assignment for somebody. The first person to do this gets a free 10-minute call from me. Paint your dick yellow, put on some little sticky eyes, make it look like a little Peep and send it to Mistress Erika.. The first person to do this, gets a 10 minute call with me, free. 

Ms. Olivia: Oh, my God, Ruby. You’re hilarious. I want to see that so bad, Erika. Erika’s email is going to be flooded with these pictures. I will never want to see or eat another Peep ever.

Ms. Erika: You’re getting those emails, right? I’m going to share them right with you.

Ms. Ruby: Please do. I don’t know what kind of paint you can use, but tumeric looks pretty yellow, so maybe an option. You’ll have to check that one out, guys. If you’re looking to do it, I want to see these pictures. 

Most erotic part of the body?

Ms. Olivia: This should really tell all of our listeners, if you worship our brains, we are yours for life. If you appreciate our minds, as much as our bodies, we are yours for life. My brain really IS my most intense erogenous zone.

The person that inspired this, we have had calls that haven’t been about sex at all. He called during the midst of the pandemic and some of the political unrest he called just to check up and say, “How are you? Are you okay?” We talk about baseball. We talk about all kinds of things. 

If you have a way into my brain and appreciate my brain, That’s the best way, man. You tell me a good joke, make me laugh, and my legs just automatically spread.

Ms. Erika: Here’s one, guys. When we’re talking about worshiping our brains, our intelligence, our competence, statements like, “Oh my God, you’re not dumb.” It’s not a fucking compliment. 

Ms. Olivia: If Erika needs to explain that it’s not a compliment, then really you need to pay for a call and get sorted out.

Ms. Erika: I will explain it to you.

Ms. Olivia: We’re not even going to give you a freebie of why that’s not a compliment. 

Ms. Erika: Here’s another pro tip. When you’re out there trolling, as you do, why don’t you try complimenting her choices or what she says versus what she looks like or what she’s wearing. I’m guaranteeing you. She’s going to have more interest.

Ms. Olivia: When you have a very special turn of phrase and use your wordsmith ability on her… I got this from a submissive caller I call “naughty boy,” this wonderful submissive… he said, “If you cried, you’d be crying diamonds because they are synonymous with beauty. And you’re beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.” That was completely out of the blue. I said, “Woah, thank you!” 

I was still tormenting him with Tease and Denial, the compliment idid not change the arc of what I wanted to do with him. His cock belongs to me.

Ms. Erika: That wouldn’t get him a cum?

Ms. Olivia: He didn’t. I did send him a pair of my panties. 

Decorate your dick? What ??

Ms. Ruby: On the note of worshiping our brain, guys, If you want another way to get to me specifically, I cosplay dicks. I want to see them cosplay cocks.

I get so many dick pictures and if I line them all up in order of size, they look pretty similar as they go. I’m just thinking to myself. God, why doesn’t anyone dress the dicks up as the Hulk or Superman, Spider-Man.

Ms. Erika: A couple of Halloweens ago, Ms. Constance and I did a contest. It was a Decorate Your Dick contest. Oh, my God. The submissions were fan-fricking tastic. Maybe we could do that this year. What do you think? 

Ms. Olivia: We should do an early Halloween because that is that decorate your dick. We actually, Ruby, you will have to come back. We will do a podcast on How-to Decorate Your Dick for Fun and Festivities. 

Ms. Ruby: You do realize you’ve now condemned my partner to months of trial and testing, “Darling, can you just dip your dick in this pink glitter for me. I just want to see what the results look like. If there’s any itching or any adverse effects, let me know so I can advise against it.” 

Ms. Erika: Pro Tip: Do not use gorilla glue. Spray it with hairspray, dip it real quick and it will stick. 

Ms. Olivia: Wait, don’t get the hairspray in your pee hole. 

Ms. Ruby: You will be on fire. Unless you are into cock pain. Then dip it in cayenne pepper!

Ms. Olivia: Don’t put hot peppers on your penis. Don’t try this at home. Even though we like CBT, unless you have a medical fetish. Don’t. 

Ms. Ruby: We like safe CBT, but you know, I do like to joke so don’t take these too seriously. 

Ms. Olivia: Dick pics are for Ruby, and all kinds of other things, stay in touch with us on our blogs, Twitter, and email.

Ms. Olivia:  olivia@enchantrixempire.com / @MistressOlivia1 / Experienced Mistress is my blog.

Ms. Ruby:  ruby@enchantrixempire.com / @EnchantrixRuby / Cock Domme is my blog.

I want to see my inbox full of dick pics, cosplay cock pics, thank you, Ruby@EnchantrixEmpire.com

Ms. Erika: erika@enchantrixempire.com / @ErikaEnchantrix / Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Ms. Olivia: Questions for our listeners: Is there a particular part of a woman’s body that turns you on the most? What is it and why? 

Ms. Erika: I want to know, have you ever experienced true body worship from head to toe? Was it part of your typical lovemaking or was it in a Domme/submissive-type scenario? 

Ms. Ruby: And I would like to know, what do you love most about body worship and why? If you haven’t tried it guys, why not? Get on it! 

Ms. Olivia: You can reach out to each of us individually, or you can post to this blog. TheWeeklyHotspot.com.

Speaking of hot, this podcast has been really hot. Be honest, who’s going to masturbate now. 

Ms. Erika: I am! 

Ms. Erika: We’re 10 minutes late, but you ladies are just so fucking sexy, I can’t stand myself. 

Ms. Ruby: I’ll masturbate when I get that dick pic.

Ms. Erika: Sugar me, baby… sugar me.

Ms. Olivia: This was wonderful. We hope our listeners had a very good time. You can tell we obviously do. Until next time. Thanks for listening and have fun with your dick pics!