Each Mistress loves someone with a foot fetishfoot fetish The Weekly Hot spot 1-800-721-1962 adult podcast

In this episode of The Weekly Hot Spot you’ll hear the hosts talk about erotic play from thighs down. Ms Delia shares what she looks for in a foot slave to care for her sexy feet.  Ms Olivia talks about how a woman can use her sexy feet to dominate a man.

Leg fetish

Both ladies talk about what they like when someone wants to make love to her feet and legs in shoes and stockings.  Do you have a favorite shoe style?  You’ll hear Ms Delia say where she found her idea sexy shoes — the answer will surprise you.  You’ll hear Ms Olivia talk about why she loves that distinctive swoosh of nylon stockings.

sexy shoes The Weekly Hot Spot adult podcast 1-800-721-1962Shoes and Boots are sexy

Ms Delia describes the ways to cover and accentuate sexy feet with shoes and boots.  Ms Olivia talks about the distinctive smell of leather and feet and why that’s so hot.

Sidetracked while talking kink

Ms Olivia gets sidetracked and talks about going to fetish conventions and where these Femdoms go to continue learning and growing as a Mistress.  There a fun stories from their personal fetish lives.

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Each episode of the The Weekly Hot Spot can be heard on Cock Radio on Spreaker.  This adult podcast posts every Monday at 1 pm eastern time.

Next Week on The Weekly Hot Spot

We have a fun surprise for you — but it won’t be a surprise if we tell you now … so stay tuned and remember the slogan:  Stay sexy and STAY HOT!