Today’s episode is all about cum eating.  Are you cum curious? Does the taboo nature of eating your own cum turn you on?  Listen to the episode: Men eating cum: All about cum eating or read the transcript

The Weekly Hot Spot podcast kink BDSM Femdom phone sex 1-800-601-6975Ms. Olivia: Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot. Kink conversation, BDSM advice, and insight from the world of distance domination and phone sex. I’m Mistress Olivia, here with Ms. Erika today, and we’re talking about men eating cum. Ms. Erika, you picked the topic. Tell us why. 

Ms. Erika: Well, we have a mutual cum addict in common and he just came off a rather long sabbatical from calling. It is cum slut Michael. He told me he had lots of fun with you and he had lots of fun with me this past week. You know, Olivia, we get a lot of our inspiration or motivation from our callers. It also gives us a change to discuss “Is cum eating a kink or a fetish?

Ms. Olivia: This was such a great idea. I just absolutely love this. And Michael in particular, is  fascinating. He is a cum connoisseur. We’re going to talk about his journey from a cum eating fantasy to really being a cum slut addict. You’ve got some numbers about him don’t you?

How much cum does a cum slut gobble up?

cum eating The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kinkMs. Erika: That is one of the fascinating things about Michael and men in general. They’re very goal oriented and we’ll talk about that in a little bit. He did tell me about his numbers in 2019, but even more important, during the pandemic in 2020, he amassed an impressive 330 blowjobs and 1038 loads of cum.

Before you scratch your head and wonder how the hell that happens? The blow jobs are loads he eats, but he also eats his own cum every time he orgasms. He has been told that no drop should be wasted for the rest of his life. Think about it for a second. The rest of your life, not one drop wasted.

He also has some playmates who love to freeze their cum. So one blow job might actually equate to three loads because they saved a couple of loads of cum for him. 

Ms. Olivia: It is so nice to have cooperative playmates.

Ms. Erika: It is fantastic. 

Ms. Olivia: He also talks to us about how we here at Enchantrix Empire, LDW Group, have been instrumental to his getting that first load into his mouth.

Ms. Erika: It’s a lot of trepidation for those who think, “Oh, wait a minute. That’s kind of naughty and taboo and sexy,” but they just can’t seem to get it into their mouths. You know what happens, right? As soon as they orgasm, it’s no longer erotic. 

The last time he spoke to me, Michael was telling me how wonderful you and some of the other Mistresses have been to him as you all coached him through those first cum loads and the acceptance of his desires.

Cum eating Experienced Mistress Olivia Femdom phone sex 1-800-601-6975Ms. Olivia: I’m going to give some trade secrets. I’ve used this with several other people and it’s fascinating. 

Michael had been eating his cum and I said, “Let’s just really solidify this. Go get a brand new toothbrush, take it out of the package, cum, then dip the dry toothbrush in the cum. Get the toothbrush all wet with cum, then brush your teeth… the front teeth, the molars. Really brush, brush, brush.” The cum gets under the gum line. I continued, “It’s important not to rinse your mouth out, but you are going to sleep and you will taste cum all night long. You will be dreaming of cum.”

Ms. Erika: Oh my God. That is so fucking wicked. Awesome. I love it. I’m stealing it. I love that. How did you ever come up with that? That’s subliminal messaging as well. 

Ms. Olivia: I have no fucking idea how it came to me. One day I was sitting there thinking about cum eating, which is a topic I love, and I’d had a whole series of guys who were victims of the “cum and go” syndrome.

Let me describe what that is. When the guy cums, they have to go. “Sorry, man, I really wanted to do it, but now I can’t.” If it’s fantasy, that’s fine if he doesn’t follow through. But some of these guys were really upset they couldn’t follow through.

So I put on my creative thinking hat and thought, “Everybody has to brush their teeth.” The first one I told to do it, he used his regular toothbrush and he said it tasted kind of minty and weird. That’s when I came up with starting with a brand new dry brush.

There’s a little behind the scenes tip. We do like to do some behind the scenes talking about phone sex, kink, taboo things, sex and naughty stuff.

Ms. Erika: So there we go. A free tip from the Experienced Mistress. You’re welcome.

Ms. Olivia: Before we dive into the delicious details of cum eating, we have a request. 

We are moving up on the podcast charts. I never even knew that was a thing, but now I know it is a thing, so I’m obsessively tracking it. If you are listening to this podcast, we have an assignment for you. We want you to go to Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts, we want you to subscribe, like, and leave a review.

Thank you very much. 

Cum eating. Let’s talk about it. I know a Mistress absolutely can help a man who wants to try cum eating. For some though, it’s a fantasy and he wants to keep it a fantasy. Either way that’s okay.

Femdom Mistress Erika ​​Strapon sex from a woman's point of view The Weekly Hot Spot podcast KINK BDSMMs. Erika: Tell me that it’s a fantasy for you. That it’s a soft boundary… or maybe a hard boundary. I’m still going to play out the session as if it were going to happen. I’m not going to say, “Don’t eat it. It’s okay, it’s just fantasy.” No, no, no. I’m going to hammer you hard because the fantasy part includes that trepidation, that anxiety of being coerced and made to do something taboo and naughty. I get that. 

So if it is a fantasy, that’s great. I am the Phone Fantasy Mistress. Of course I love your fantasy. But let us know ahead of time so we’re not expecting you to eat your cum or disappointed that you don’t. I don’t know about you, Olivia, but I take my clients’ successes as my own.

If I help you get that load in your mouth, or if I help you explore whatever desires you have and you succeed, I celebrate that with you.

Oh, a special shout out to sissy Nora who sucked her first cock and swallowed her first load of cum last week for me. 

Ms. Olivia: I’m a little bit different. I treat it as a real thing, but I don’t get offended if at the end, he says, “Nah, no, not going to fucking do it.” Okay, that’s fine. 

The only thing that gives me pause is when a guy legitimately gets sad and upset. “I couldn’t eat it. That makes me a bad person.” Then I begin to unpack that because I want to remind him, “This is sex. It’s kink we’re playing with. Stop making yourself wrong. This is not a work review that you failed.”

Ms. Erika: You and I both know too, Olivia, when you’re talking about such impactful scenes, like cum eating, or later on when we talk about sucking cock, we understand how impactful that is. When you first rode a bike, you didn’t do it great. You had to keep at it. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. One of the methods that we employ will absolutely work. It’s a matter of what works with you. 

Ms. Olivia: What do you do to get that first time cum eater moving from fantasy to reality? I talked about brushing teeth. Now he’s already eaten his cum by the time he’s doing the toothbrushing. 

Let’s take one step back. If he’s a cum eating virgin how do you get him to do it that first time?

Why is cum eating so hot?

Ms. Erika: It really depends on the person. The first thing is a lot of men don’t understand why they find the idea of cum eating so erotic and sexy before they cum, but not afterwards. Giving them that information of why that happens usually helps.

If we have a caller that truly has the desire to get that cum in their mouth and they are not playing, they really want to do it. It’s a matter of when, not if. Once they come to the realization that we accept their desires, that we want them to eat their cum, that is great motivation right there. 

When you have a bond with a Mistress and she’s been playing with you as a submissive for a long time, she might be ready to push your boundaries. You want to please her so that is the motivation to please the Mistress because she says, “I need you to do this for me. This would please me.” One of those ways will get them over the hump of hesitation.

Ms. Olivia: You can also incorporate cum eating into a scene. Get them engrossed in the role play scene you’re weaving.

There are a lot of ways to eat cum for your Mistress. It can be part of a body worship scene: “Cum on my tits. Now, clean it up, pet.”  

A cuckold scene: “My lover has cum in me.” Or, preparation for being a cuckold when he’s still allowed to have sex and cum in his Hot Wife’s pussy. He cums and then licks up the cream pie in preparation for licking her lover’s cum in her pussy.

Even something as simple as cumming on food. I used to have calls with a guy who used to cum on chocolate eclairs. It was chocolate eclairs or cream puffs. He would cum on cream-filled desserts.

Ms. Erika: Cumming on food is an excellent way to learn how to eat your cum. I’ve had several first time cum eaters lately and I’m so proud of them and happy I could do that with them.

I’ve had guys use a shot glass and put a little bit of water in it and when they orgasmed into the shot glass, they took the shot and said, “Oh, my God, I just did it. I just fucking did it for the first time.” 

Ms. Olivia: Let me mention to swirl the water around the edges of the shot glass because when you cum, it doesn’t stick.

We are so helpful, aren’t we, Erika? We are the Help Desk for Cum Eating. “Have you rebooted? Have you unplugged and plugged it back in?”

Cum eating training 

Ms. Erika: Another great way to teach cum eating is training the man to do a ruined organ. That full stop of eroticism doesn’t happen because the orgasm was interrupted. You’re still worked up. You haven’t had full release and the sex hormones that lower your inhibitions are still in play. So you’re more likely to get that cum in your mouth. I love ruined orgasms. 

Ms. Olivia: That’s wicked. Some guys love ruined orgasms, but for a lot of people it is a love/hate relationship.

For the guy who hates them, the bargain is when they’re able to eat that load of cum for their Mistress, the ruined orgasms will stop. It’s the carrot and the stick.

Part of the reason why a lot of guys find it hot in fantasy and not in reality, especially in straight men, is they worry about what cum eating means.

When you talk to straight men about why they love swallowing their own load, they’ll tell you and you can use that information to create a BDsm or kink scene that includes cum eating as a powerful form of submission. You can use the information you hear from other people, and from him, to further encourage, inspire, or manipulate the next person who comes along and says, “I’d like to try cum eating.”

Do you think making a guy eat his own cum makes him more submissive?

Cum eating as a submissiveFemdom Mistress host of The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink

Ms. Erika: 100%. Many men are exploring their submissiveness and what triggers them to be submissive. Cum eating is on the must-do list. It most certainly hammers home who is in charge. I am in charge.

With a regular pet, somebody I talk to regularly, I use their weaknesses as part of my agenda. For instance, somebody who enjoys foot worship, getting them riled up with my feet first and then saying, “Now you have to clean it up, boy.” 

Even without a specific fetish to propel or motivate, heterosexual men feel humbled, vulnerable, and dominated when they eat that cum. It’s certainly not their idea, but simply because it pleases me, so I exert my dominance over them.

I have a delicious submissive who’s an Erika addict, but did call many ladies for a while. He’s just a regular JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) and pretended to be submissive. He called for about 30 minutes every couple of weeks and asked for JOI and then asked, “May I cum?” His motto was, “Hey, if I’m paying I’m spraying.”

As we created our bond with each other, he realized he had more of a submissive nature than he thought. He thought it was all fun and games, which is great. A lot of our callers want to feel submissive for 30 minutes every couple of weeks and that’s fine. But he and I started down a path of exploring what things made him feel most submissive.

After the first time he ate his cum for me, it was so impactful for him, realizing that, with the right person and the right motivation, his submissiveness almost had no bounds. That was powerful for him to realize as a man. With chastity, cum eating, and ruined orgasms altogether, they are great this beautiful submissive I get to play with. 

He’s going to have some extra alone time this summer and I’m hoping to pass him around like a naughty little submissive. I hope we can catch you while you’re free one time for a little pass the penis. 

Ms. Olivia: Oh, count me in. Count me in! 

You mentioned increasing submissiveness or being submissive and incorporating these things into their training. Michael, who inspired this podcast episode, identifies as a submissive. He has a girlfriend, loves foot worship, pussy worship, ass worship. He’s definitely a submissive and identifies that way. 

I don’t know if the cum eating makes him feel more submissive. I’ll send him an email and ask him that question. 

Ms. Erika: I don’t remember if cum eating is a submissive act for him, either. The last time Michael and I talked, we were catching-up on his journey. He’s only been in this submissive space for the last seven years or so. 

He came to this a little bit later in life and while he did start with submitting to women, now he also submits to men. Getting off is not always his goal. He wants to please them. He’s a pleaser. He wants that creamy reward. Even if he doesn’t say that cum eating makes him more submissive, in looking at his journey, I would say eating cum has absolutely made him more submissive. He has expanded the boundaries of who he is submissive to and cum eating is a big part of that now.

Ms. Olivia: We’re going to talk about Michael moving into bisexual sex, gay sex in just a second. First, I want to briefly revisit how to get guys to embrace their cum eating. 

Do you have your favorite cum eating instructions? I love doing CEI calls.

Favorite CEI cum eating instructionsCum eating instructions CEI on The Weekly Hot spot podcast BDSM kink fetish 

Ms. Erika: Well, I’m a fun loving person, so eating that first load off of some food would be great. 

I love to edge and get them figuratively over a barrel because, “You said your orgasm was up to me. Unless you ruin that orgasm and put that cum in your mouth, you’re not going to have a full orgasm.” A lot of men can have a ruined orgasm and then just keep going for a full orgasm within the next few minutes. Not everybody can, but some, so I use that. I love that mind-fuck of “You’re going to do it for me or you’re not going to cum,” – that tension.

My list would include, food, fantasy play… for example, eating off my feet… and then there is putting them over a barrel with the mind-fuckery of, “Then you’re not going to cum. Nobody ever passed from this earth being denied an orgasm so I’m going to hang up now.” “No, no, no, no, no, please no! No! I want to eat it!”

Ms. Olivia: We’re going to give you a little tip. If you leave it up to us about whether or not you get to cum, it will be up to us. Have no doubt. Some days I’m feeling super-frisky and I want to let the guy cum and then make him cum engaging him in a dry balling session. Dry balling is the opposite of orgasm denial. Dry balling is so incredibly wicked. 

Or I might say, “No, sorry, you don’t get to cum. No, not today. No. Nope.” And he begins his, “No, Mistress, I didn’t mean that.” I respond with “So now you know when you say it is up to me, it is up to me. Don’t change the rules midstream, buddy boy.” 

Ms. Erika: “You said at the very beginning it was up to me. Are you a man or a mouse? You’re going to live up to your word.” Guys hate that.

Ms. Olivia: This is also a time when a guy confuses a Mistress with his girlfriend or his wife. One of the reasons why they come to us is because their girlfriends or wives will say, “Oh, honey, you want to cum? Why don’t you just go ahead and have that orgasm.” Inside he thinks, “Fuck, I wanted to complain about it. I wanted to beg for it. And she said, ‘Okay!’”

Orgasm denial to make sure you eat your cum

Ms. Erika: Denial is a powerful force and we know that and we are not afraid to wield that tool. “So the answer is no. You will not cum.”

Olivia, we recently had a podcast where you said you had done an audio of your repeating, “No. No. No. No. No,” over and over in different ways. I did one years ago and, because you reminded me, I reposted it. A guy wrote me an email saying, “I must have listened to that 20 times. It makes my dick so hard to hear you say, “No!” 

Ms. Olivia: Isn’t that epic? “No, I don’t want you to cum. No. No. No. No. No. Absolutely not. No, no, I don’t want you to cum. No, no, no, no, no, absolutely not.” 

Ms. Erika: “Today is not the day to cum. Maybe tomorrow.”

Ms. Olivia: “No. Take your hands off. Take your hands off. Wash your hands. Go about your business. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care. No, you’re not going to cum.” We are so wicked. 

Sometimes we are giving solid instructions: stroking instructions, edging instructions, role-playing instructions, or cum eating instructions. But other times it’s a mix of cum eating instructions and cum eating encouragement. 

Ms. Erika: And earlier we talked about eating it off my feet or making an ice pop out of it. Those are cum eating instructions. 

Cum eating encouragement is finding that safe place with people like us who understand your desires. It’s like a therapy session where they confess the desires they can’t talk to other people about. If they do, they will be ostracized and asked, “What the fuck’s wrong with you? Why do you want to eat your own cum?”

You’re not going to get that with us unless you come to us and say, “I want to be humiliated because I eat my cum.” If it isn’t a humiliation thing, it’s helpful to share our insights about why he has these desires, why he hasn’t been able to do it, and how we are now his cheerleaders. “You can do it. We can do this together.”

Ms. Olivia: In addition to that, you can also encourage him to build up bigger and bigger loads. I did a Cum Eating Assignment post that was also encouraging. It was a 10-day edging challenge. So he edged for 10 days, came in a shot glass, and then gobbled up that 10-day load. 

You mentioned humiliation. We did an entire podcast on the cum eating fetish earlier and mentioned humiliation in there. Certainly cum eating can be humiliating for someone who’s looking for humiliation, but it doesn’t have to be humiliating at all.

Michael is not doing it because he wants to be humiliated. 

Ms. Erika: Not at all. That was a fantastic episode. He has come a long way being curious first and then when he got the creamy reward, things moved rather quickly. None if it is humiliating. We celebrate him every time he calls. We’re celebrating him right now and encouraging others who do not want to have cum eating be humiliating, but to be enjoyed, to call, too. Sex happens. Juice happens. Clean it up. It’s fantastic. 

Bisexuality and the desire to eat your own cum

Ms. Olivia: It can also be a gateway into exploring another aspect of your sexuality. A lot of men worry, thinking, “If I want to eat my own cum, does that mean I might be gay?” If that one worry was completely eliminated, I believe many more men would openly admit to wanting to eat their own cum. And maybe even sucking cock. Let’s face it, a cock is fun!

Ms. Erika: You don’t have to be gay or even have gay desires to engage in either cum eating or cock sucking. 

There is a kink, a fetish where you’re asked or coerced by a female to eat your cum or suck a cock. The thought behind it is you are doing it to please your Mistress. Sometimes eating spunk is just kinky, fun, and naughty.

When you boil down the reasons why men are interested in eating cum, could the gay thing be there? Possibly, but cum eating is a huge taboo and naughty things that are prohibited by society are sexually arousing to a lot of people. There doesn’t need to be any more reason than that. I love taboo subjects because they are taboo. I love thumbing my nose at society and saying, “Well, look what I’m doing!” 

Then quite simply, in the realm that we’re in, you want to please me, right? So it doesn’t have to be cocks. It doesn’t have to be gay. You’re doing it because you’re submissive and you’re such a good boy. 

Ms. Olivia: Speaking of pleasing your Mistress, we have talked a lot about inspiring, encouraging, ordering, and manipulating a man to suck cock. Do you think the cum eating is perhaps permission to explore a bisexual side of men? 

Ms. Erika: Often that is the case. They can’t come out and say, “I really have these bisexual desires.” But once they get past that one societal hurdle, once they find people like us that encourage and celebrate their desires, they can finally admit that “I didn’t think about it at the time, but cum eating was a gateway.” He was taking baby steps. He was walking before he could run.

We both know those guys that say, “Oh, I’m not gay. I just want to eat my cum.” Then four sessions later, bam! Here comes the cock. “Mistress, I got a dildo, will you practice with me?”

Yes, absolutely. I love it. 

But then again, I would never assume that just because you are coming to me for cum eating, that you want cock. 

Ms. Olivia: Even if you’re cumming when sucking dildos or cock sucking. That can also be a fantasy that is just taboo and hot and doesn’t mean anything.

Going back to Michael, he realized as a result of this journey, starting with the cum eating and then moving forward to saying, “Oh, I want to eat more loads of cum, more than I’m able to produce.” I said to him, “Well, that means cock sucking. Have you ever thought about it?” At first he was hesitant and then curious. “What would that mean? How would that change my life? What if I’m gay?”

I walked him through my personal experience where I believe most people are at least a little bit bisexual. It’s a continuum, a bell curve, a Likert scale. Very few people are all straight or all gay; most people are in the middle. Honoring and exploring that is a huge part of what we Mistresses do. That’s the therapy you’re talking about and it’s serious business.

Ms. Erika: I’m really glad you brought that up because in preparing for this podcast, I came across an article from that explains that anxiety and negativity is prevalent in the bisexual cummunity.

What I mean by that is there are even some professionals who don’t believe in bisexuality. So if you are struggling with your desires to have sex or sexual interactions with both sexes and that’s causing you some trepidation, by all means, reach out to a professional. But sometimes all you need is a friendly ear.

Polyamory and Bisexuality

I would love for you to talk about polyamory, Ms. Olivia. You identify as polyamorous, right? You mentioned it in a previous podcast called the Femdom Guide to Alternative Sexual Relationships.  and after a client listened to it, asked me, “What’s polyamory? Is it like bisexuality?” 

What would you say to professional or lay people who don’t believe in bisexuality or polyamory? For example, if a man who is attracted to women also has desires for men, many would say they are merely covering up their gayness by being with women.

Do you feel that bisexuality and polyamory exist? 

Bisexual polyamorous Experienced Mistress Olivia Femdom phone sex 1-800-601-6975Ms. Olivia: Well, I can speak from personal experience. Before I was polyamorous, I just thought I was slutty. I would engage in serial monogamy because I didn’t want to be someone screwing 12 people at the same time. So I engaged in serial monogamy.

I was dating a woman and I dated her for about a year and a half. I said to her, “I am totally in love with you. We have a great time. This is fabulous. This relationship is fabulous. But, I miss cock. I’m so sorry, but I just miss cock. I love pussy. I love your pussy. I love my pussy. Pussy is fabulous, but I just miss cock.? So I asked her, “Can I get your permission just to take a walk on the wild side with a dick every now and then? Yeah. I’ll stay with you, but I want that hall pass.”

And she was and is a lesbian and wanted to talk to a some of her friends. When she did, they said, “We warned you. We told you what could happen dating a straight girl. She walked on the wild side with you so she could lick your pussy. She’s not a lesbian. There’s no such thing as bisexual. You are either a lesbian or you want dick. There’s no in-between.”

That was the first time I had heard that, but now I’ve heard that multiple times and it really makes my heart hurt because that is not my experience. I don’t think I’m covering up anything. 

I have found that sometimes, people who are disenfranchised in one way or another can be some of the most judgmental people with others who are disenfranchised in other ways. For example, in the kink community, you would think that kinksters would be very open to all kinds of anything because kinksters are criticized or misunderstood or shamed for what we do. Well, one person says a Mistress who is an actual femdom can’t suck a dick. “Well, fuck you. I’ll suck the dick if I want to suck dick at a play party.”

“Mistress is supposed to do this,” or “Mistress is not supposed to do that.” That is incredibly judgmental.

So from personal experience, yes, you can be bisexual. And I know a bunch of others. There are degrees of bisexuality, so on a scale, I am in the middle, tilted over towards the heterosexual side. I am on the dick side a little bit more than the pussy side. 

Ms. Erika: It’s a sad trait that we humans have that, when we feel oppressed or re-pressed, we want to give that energy back to someone. It’s almost like someone makes a box with a definition on it and we are told to get into it and not go outside of that box. 

What I do is I break those barriers down and I break that box open. If it arouses you and encourages you to be placed into a box labeled “faggot” or “lesbian,” then be happy in your box. 

In my mind, we can love two people at the same time. We can love more than one ice cream flavor. Why can’t we love more than one type of sexual encounter in the same way? That would be bisexuality; having a desire to interact intimately with both sexes.

Ms. Olivia: That’s the really nice way of saying it. I just say I’m a greedy motherfucker and I want sex with 100% of the possible population. Yours sounds so much nicer.

Ms. Erika: I have my diplomat hat on right now.

Ms. Olivia: I also love the ice cream example for polyamory. Polyamory is different from bisexuality. Polyamory means the deep, emotional part of a relationship can be in play with multiple people at the same time. 

So let me make the distinction. There are people who are play partners, fuck buddies, one-offs, or you’re horny at the gym and you go fuck someone who’s all hot and sweaty. That’s different from being in a loving, caring, intimate, passionate relationship with someone.

I don’t believe in monogamy… for me. I don’t think sex defines my ability to care about someone and hold that person in deep regard or love. I can be in love with multiple people at the same time.

Jealousy is just such a bullshit emotion. It’s just such wasted energy. “Why are you talking to that person?” Sex ramps up the jealous feelings. “Why are you talking to that girl?” “Why are you talking to that guy?” But jealousy can also take place in non-sexual situations.

I’ve had female friends who are jealous when I go on a vacation with a different female friend. There’s nothing sexual about that at all. Or “Why didn’t she call me to go to that concert, too?” “Uh, you don’t like jazz? Why would I invite you to go see Shakespeare, you hate Shakespeare.”

I have multiple sides. Everybody has multiple sides. I’m all for celebrating it. 

Ms. Erika: I love how you put that together. That’s brilliantly said Miss Olivia.

Ms. Olivia: I think Michael has come to this as well. He’s not technically in a polyamorous relationship, but realized he had been bi-curious for years. He ended up experimenting with sucking cock and then from cock sucking, he moved to gay sex. Now he realizes that he absolutely loves gay sex. Another nice sidelight is his girlfriend is getting more involved with some of his male lovers. I think that he might end up in a polyamorous kind of a relationship and that has been his journey.

Cum Eating with FeminizationExperienced Mistress Olivia feminizes sissy with cum eating 1-800-601-6975

As we know, cum eating can spark a feminization journey, be part of a sissy transformation or even be a part of sissy training.

You know Little Rich the Cuckold Bitch. I told him about this podcast and asked him for a couple of quotes. He said, “I eat my sissy cummies every day because I ride my dildo and make sissy cummies every day.”

So, sissy play and cum eating can go hand-in-hand.

Ms. Erika: Like peanut butter and jelly!

When we talk about sissies, we are not necessarily talking about crossdressers who identify as male, like to be male, but enjoy feminine clothing. We’re talking the realm of sissies who want to experience as much as they can of what a female might experience.

Those experiences include penetration, but also getting your head wrapped around the fact that if you really want that feminine experience, girls come in contact with cum… cummies… all the time. You will be licking it off a dildo and even cumming in your panties and cleaning those panties with your tongue. All of those can be very exciting sissy activities.

Ms. Olivia: A lot of sissies just love that zing of humiliation. Like the fabulous Little Rich the Cuckold Bitch who says, “I haven’t fucked anyone since 2016 when I bought my ex-girlfriend a strap-on for Valentine’s Day. Then I started getting fucked like a sissy faggot and stopped fucking a woman like a real man.” Zing!

Ms. Erika: Males are born with a predisposition to penetrate. And what mind fuckery is it to look back at your sissy journey and realize you don’t even have those desires anymore. You want to be penetrated. You don’t want to penetrate. Fuck!

Ms. Olivia: I want to point out that identifying as a sissy and eating cum or sucking cock or being penetrated as a sissy does not have to be humiliating. Not at all.  It can just be good fucking fun. 

For example, Jizzelle is a fabulous cum addict. Cum slut. She is owned by the lovely and wicked Empress Lilly. I just think Jizzelle is just so much fun. She’s so enthusiastic and not into humiliation at all. 

Sissy cum slut The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink feminizationMs. Erika: She’s just a cum party

Ms. Olivia: She is a cum party!

Ms. Erika: Just like many things in the kink world, it can be humiliating, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about the most intimate times and sharing things with your lover. This is your essence and it doesn’t have to be humiliating, it is just an intimate bonding.

Ms. Olivia: I told Jizzy we were going to talk about her in the podcast. Jizzelle is named for cum if anyone didn’t pick up on that. Jizzy said, “I might not be the best cocksucker in the world, but I am definitely the most enthusiastic cum slut.”

When Jizzelle called last night, I asked if I could put a recording of her in the podcast. When she calls, a lot of times she doesn’t even talk first. All I hear is her slurping on a cock. So, when I wanted to record her, it was her slurping on a cock. She said that would be fun! 

When people think of cuckolding, they often connect it to creampies. But creampies are not just for cuckolds. I had a wonderful lover re-tell me an incredible story about just such an experience with me.

After he came in my pussy, I said to him, “You made a mess. You should clean that up.” He slid his hand under my ass and lifted me up and brought his face to my pussy to slurp and lick and then, before he curled his tongue to lick me again, he said, “The thing that makes this perfect is my cum is mixed with yours.”

Ms. Erika: I need a moment. 

Ms. Olivia: I need a moment too after talking to him. A moment and a new pair of panties.

Ms. Erika: What are you doing after this podcast? Can I call you Olivia?

Ms. Olivia: Call me 1 800-356-6169. Call us both and listen in. I could lick the cum out of your pussy, Erika.

Ms. Erika: Fuck woman. I love you. I identify as a heterosexual, but the more I play with you, the more I think, “Hmmm. Maybe I should walk along that fence line.” What do you think, Olivia? 

Ms. Olivia: See, I know you, Ms. Erika. I don’t think you’re going to be walking the fence line. You’re going to be slip-sliding right on over into the licky licky side.

Ms. Erika: Muff Diving 101 on a future podcast.

Ms. Olivia: Whenever we talk about the slurping and tasting of cum, we hear how people worry about the taste of cum. I asked Michael, “Do you mind the different tastes of cum? Is there ever a time you think, ‘Oh, I don’t like that,’?” He and Jizzelle answered the same. “I don’t give a flying fuck what it tastes like. I just want the cum.”

How to make cum taste good. Cum eating episode of The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink Some people, though, don’t want to eat cum, even their own, unless it “tastes better.” In a previous cum eating podcast, we gave all kinds of recipes and the whys and wherefores of how to make your cum taste better.

Do listen to the podcast, but here are the bullet points: Don’t eat asparagus and do eat pineapple.

Ms. Erika: Also, don’t smoke. Smoking will make the cum taste more acrid. Cut back on red meat and alcohol, too. If you have to have your red meat, alcohol and cigarettes, then drink the pineapple juice and eat pineapples, but, I learned something else. During cantaloupe season, I learned that cantaloupes make cum taste like candy.

I said to my partner, “This tastes like fucking candy! What have you been eating? Cantaloupe! You’ve been eating cantaloupe for three days! It’s cantaloupe season, they were on sale. We are putting more cantaloupe into our diet.” 

Final thoughts and questions for listeners

Ms. Olivia: So final thoughts. 

Ms. Erika: If you are calling to discuss cum eating, congratulations, you’re halfway there and we will get you there because we understand.

Ms. Olivia: Here’s how you call: dial 1 800-356-6169. It’s just that simple. 

You can also contact us outside of the session. You’re not going to get the same personal focus, slutty, naughty, explicit attention as you will in a session, but do contact us.

My email is

My Twitter is @MistressOlivia1

and my blog is Experienced Mistress

Ms. Erika: My email is

You can find me on Twitter @ErikaEnchantrix,

and my blog is Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Ms. Olivia: We always end the podcast with a couple of things. First, a reminder to subscribe to The Weekly Hot Spot wherever you listen to podcasts, Like us and leave a review. Thank you. We will give you a blow job or hook you up with Jizzelle or Michael to get your dick sucked. I like blow jobs and yes, I swallow. So you get rewards if you keep us charting on the sexuality podcasts.

We also leave people with a question. Erika, what question do you have? 

Ms. Erika: For those who are listening that have been able to swallow that load, I want to know, how did you get to it? Was it pure grit and determination? You just shoved it in your mouth one horny day, or did you have help from a Mistress? And if so, how did she get that load in your mouth? 

Ms. Olivia: I will ask a follow-up on that. For those of you who have never had an interest in eating your own cum, after listening to this podcast, are you curious? Do you want to try it? 

Ms. Erika: “You want to make us happy, don’t you pumpkin?” 

Ms. Olivia: “Just at that first spurt, bring your hand up. You’re not actually going to eat it. Just stick your tongue in for a little taste. Congratulations, buddy boy. You are now a cum eater. It is all a matter of degrees.”

Ms. Erika: “I won’t make you eat it, but just taste it. Just taste it.”

Ms. Olivia: There you go. We always get our way.

We come to the end of the podcast. Ms. Erika, what a great topic. 

Ms. Erika: Thank you.

Ms. Olivia: I thoroughly enjoyed this. 

Ms. Erika: I have as well. You’re brilliant.

Ms. Olivia: Thank you to all of our listeners. We really appreciate you. We really do. 

Ms. Erika: Thank you everyone. 

Ms. Olivia: We will see you next week. Bye.