Why does a woman put a man in panties?  Why does a man want to wear panties?

The Weekly Hot Spot sexuality podcast kink BDsm man in pantiesMistress Olivia and Ms Erika talk about all the panty loving men in their lives – some of the reasons why men wear panties might surprise you.  Slip on something silky and sexy for this podcast about why we love a yummy panty boy!

Ms Olivia:  Welcome back to The Weekly Hot Spot: kink conversation, advice and insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. I’m Mistress Olivia, and I’m here with Ms. Erika.

Today, we’re talking about putting a man in panties!Why does a man wear panties kink podcast The Weekly Hot Spot

Erika, you came up with this topic, tell us why.

Ms Erika:  Well, putting a man in panties is actually my introduction to both being a leader and a Dominant in a relationship and being kinky, believe it or not. Well, depending on your definition of kink.  Like we’ve said before, some people think doggy style is kinky. 

Ms Olivia:  Get the fuck outta here! This is your introduction? I didn’t know that.

Ms Erika:   Yeah, actually, we should put a link to my blog posts about the turning point in my Mistress journey

When I was in my early twenties, I had a torrid affair with a member of management where I worked and let’s just say he ended up being wrapped around my little fingers so much so that I got him into panties and a few other things down the line, but he couldn’t say no.

I mean, it was wrong for him to have a relationship with me so I ended up being the one with control and the woman in charge in the relationship.

Ms Olivia:  I love that. We’re going to talk about turning the tables on a man by putting him in panties. There’s so much to talk about.

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Men in Panties: Who Wears Them and Why

Ms Olivia: I’m glad we’re talking about this sexy topic – especially why a man would wear panties and what kind of men are slipping into sexy and silky lingerie.

I got this email from a caller who says,

“An old girlfriend got me into it. We had a bet and I lost the bet, so she had me wear a thong. She could see how excited it made me. So we got skimpier ones and after that first thing, the rest is history.”

He loves panties now forever and loves to masturbate in panties.

Ms Erika: Fantastic. Sounds like my story a little bit.”

Ms Olivia:  It does. And I’ve heard a similar story from a lot of callers. 

We’ll get into some of the myths about who wears panties and why, but there are a lot of men who say that they like wearing women’s underwear. 

Ms Erika: Absolutely, more than you might think.

Ms Olivia: Every single person that I’ve talked to, men, who like to wear women’s underwear, will say, “Am I the only one? Am I weird? Do you think I’m crazy? WHY do I like to wear women’s panties?”  

I’m like, Oh no, this is very popular. Do you think guys are worried about weird things, “Am I crazy?”

Mistress Erika Ms Erika:  Oh, absolutely. It’s almost a dirty little secret. They question their attraction to panties and what does it mean about them? And it could just be, “Hey, you’re a sensual person and panties feel great.”  It can be as innocuous as that, all the way to feminization.

I personally think all guys: straight, whatever your orientation, whatever your kink, you just look better in panties. 

Ms Olivia:  We’ve got way better styles, fabrics, all of that kind of thing. Speaking of fabrics, I got this email from a caller. I was asking, “Why do you like to wear panties?”  And he sent this:

“I enjoy it for a couple of reasons. I like the tight compression feeling, knowing that it’s naughty and the fear or excitement of having a woman find out.”

So once again, it is a little bit or a lot taboo, coupled with sensation. 

Ms Erika:  Yes. 

Ms Olivia: I think that’s pretty common. 

Ms Erika: That is very common and now that you mention it, you’re right. I can probably tick off at least a half a dozen men who I know who wear panties and they love that tight compression, even all the way up to girdles, that really makes them very excited.

Ms Olivia:  Who are the men that wear panties?  Most, I think, are straight men. Is that your sense as well? submissive man in panties

Ms Erika:  Oh, absolutely. The majority of panty boys are straight and I think we can probably break down the panty genre in a couple of ways. One is the kind of man. What do they do in their regular workaday world and the type of play they enjoy. 

twitter poll why men wear pantiesI actually did a Twitter poll that includes the kind of man who enjoys wearing panties. It isn’t just run of the mill  “I don’t feel good about myself”  or “I’m some kind of a basement dweller jerking in panties.”

There are a lot of high powered executives, lawyers and I know at least two psychologists that I’ve gotten to know who enjoy panty play.

Ms Olivia: Do you find the more high powered the person is, the more they are embarrassed by their kink?

Ms Erika: Oh, absolutely. Could you imagine if any of their coworkers knew?  I mean, think of being a psychologist or an executive of a Fortune 500 company and you’re standing in front of the boardroom and thinking about all these people, looking at you and you know, you have a pair of panties on. It’s cancel culture now, so they’re afraid of that.

Ms Olivia:  Well, that’s true and there’s a lot to be said for playing on the edge. It’s risk play, right?

Femdom Mistress Olivia That feeling of excitement sometimes, oftentimes, goes along with humiliation. It’s like a very adult thrill ride. You’re going up and down and your emotions are all over the place. It’s like a thrill ride. You go around the rollercoaster and you’re so scared (soft scream) and you’re like, “This is crazy!” Then you get off it and the first thing you think is, “Wow, I want to do that again.”

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. I love how you described that, it’s exactly right. And those feelings are exacerbated or increased when they are your Mistress’ panties.

Ms Olivia:  Absolutely. Wearing panties can often be traced back to some seminal moment. Oh, that could be a pun – a moment of great importance.

For example, when you lose a bet with your girlfriend in college and she makes you wear a thong because you lost the bet.

turn the tables on him put him in pantiesI’m thinking of one particular guy that happened to who had a friend before college and they would play card games for dares. He put her in panties, had her strip down to her panties. She’s like, “Well, okay, I’m going to turn the tables on you,” and she turned the tables, so when he lost the dare, she put him in panties!

Ms Erika:  Perfect. I love it.

Ms Olivia:  Isn’t that great? I’m thinking about what you said in the last podcast about how a lot of the things that we talk to people about can be traced back to a pivotal event at some point in their life. 

Ms Erika:  Also, Olivia, the pivotal moments, a lot of times, males are so enthralled and curious about the feminine mystique when they’re starting to learn about women and having a pair of panties around, maybe your girlfriend is out for the day and you’re home alone, you’re feeling horny and you feel like a little exploring. You find yourself really attracted to something of theirs and something feminine. That starts the interest in those panties.

Talking to a partner about wearing panties

Ms Olivia: Loving panties can be really tricky with a partner. There are lots of men who say, “Listen, I’m a man who wears women’s underwear. How do I tell my new girlfriend?”

It’s not easy because he sits there and he worries about it and then she begins worrying about it. 

I think how you tell someone doesn’t determine their reaction completely but if you come to someone and say (whispering), “Oh my God, I’ve got to confess something.I’m just this little fucking pervert. I’m so sorry. I have to tell you, we’ve been dating for three years and then we moved in together and I have to tell you, I actually like wearing your panties.” What’s she going to do?

Versus, a couple months in, you think, “This relationship might have leg and you sit there and you talk to your partner. You say, “Listen, I don’t know why, I don’t care why. I’m an adult. I’m not hurting anybody. I like to wear panties.” Then if your partner freaks out, it’s on her rather than on you. Does that make sense? 

Ms Erika: It does. And if I can add – instead of having this one-on-one “I have something to tell you, because that already sets things up with, “Oh my God, is this a Jerry Springer moment? What’s going to go on here?”  

Ms Olivia:  Isn’t that the worst phrase you can ever tell a man? What’s the worst thing a woman can say to a man?  “Honey, we have to talk!”

Ms Erika: And vice versa, you know there’s always going to be some heated conversation. I am always suggesting to those who come to me for advice on that is, one, you can’t spring stuff like that on women a lot of times. You and I would be okay with it. An open-minded woman would be okay just sitting down and talking about it. But a lot of times women have to get used to the idea. 

The Weekly Hot Spot adult podcast 800 601 6975What I suggest is take every opportunity in your everyday world. Let’s say you’re watching a movie or talking about a news article or whatever the time that panties come up, say, “What do you think about that? Do you like Speedos on a guy? Or how about those Andrew Christian underwear? Do you like those? Do they look sexy on a guy?” and start bringing her mind into thinking like that?

Ms Olivia:  Oh, what a great idea! Did you see Sharon Stone talking about the not-wearing-panties moment in Basic Instinct? Would that be an example, Mistress Erika?

Ms Erika: Absolutely!

Ms Olivia: We’re going back and watching Basic Instinct… “Say, sweetheart, what do you think about her not wearing any panties?”

Ms Erika: Absolutely. Bring it to her slowly so she’s thinking about the idea and also, you might think this is a bit manipulative, but I don’t think the word manipulation is a bad thing. We manipulate things every day. I had to manipulate the pen to write yesterday. So manipulation is not bad, it’s the intent and what you aim to do with that manipulation.

Ms Olivia: Good point!

Ms Erika: What you’re doing is getting your significant other used to the idea. Even buying male’s bikini underwear is a good bridge to getting her used to thinking that way. 

I always say you reward their behavior and their responses like it was a 4th of July, Christmas, Valentine’s Day all rolled into one. So for example, if you say, “What do you think about those bikini underwear on that guy? That looks kind of cute,” or looking at the Andrew Christian site…. If you don’t know about the Andrew Christian site, you have to go over there today. Oh, my god, I could spend hours over there.

Get her used to the idea and when she goes, “Oh yeah, that’s kind of sexy,” you find her reward currency, whether that’s affection, whether that’s treats, whether that’s going out dancing and you don’t like dancing, whatever her reward is, you throw it at her and say, “Oh my gosh, you think that’s sexy? I think I would look sexy too.”

And you keep rewarding those small steps of behavior until such time she realizes how absolutely turned on you are wearing those skimpy, bikini panties. 

Don’t do THIS when you talk about your kink or fetish

Ms Olivia: Let me pull out something of this. Guys, Ms. Erika just described a process. It is a process that doesn’t take place in 10 seconds. This particular process is several weeks. It can be months. Do not come from the website and blurting out, “I want to wear your panties.” You will freak her out.

There was this guy with a foot fetish, and he loves his wife and she has no interest in a foot fetish. He came to me and asked, “How do I tell her about my fetish?”

My answer is very similar to what you said, but it was about feet. I laid out this whole timeline and he came back three days later and said, “It doesn’t fuckin’ work.”

Woah! Wait! What did you do?

He said,

“I was all wound up. I mean, all wound up and blurted out that I wanted to cum on her feet and lick it up and she needed to make me.” 

I said, “Okay, so let’s be clear. You did something that I told you explicitly not to do.” This is not how women work. Like we just don’t fucking work that way.” 

Ms Erika: Right. Right. 

Ms Olivia: The key to a woman is to have her come to you, rather than to bombard her with your fantasy. The more you bombard a civilian woman, the more she will shut down and say, “Fuck you.”

Ms Erika: Especially with younger ladies in their twenties. I’ve found that I spent my early twenties worried about what everybody thought about me. That’s in a woman’s conditioning as they’re brought up, you know, and we’re social creatures and we’re supposed to be A, B, and C. It’s not until we mature a little bit and give the two middle fingers to the rest of society that you even have a chance of opening that up. 

Ms Olivia: True. Exactly. And I think both partners are worried about the whole, what does it mean stuff, right? Because that is so important. He wants to know, “Does wearing panties mean I’m gay?” “Does it mean that he wants to be a crossdresser or a sissy?“ 

Let’s talk about it.

Does liking panties mean he’s gay? 

Ms Erika: Absolutely not. It means you’re open-minded and I think it means that men are desiring to experience something more sensual and their sexuality and their sex life. 

Ms Olivia: Yes. So why does a man wear panties? Let’s just revisit this. I personally love to see a hard cock underneath the lace of a sheer panty.

Ms Erika: Be still my heart, and other parts of me. If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a hundred times: I love the look of a cock in panties. 

If Mistress Erika Ruled the World

Mistress Erika femdom panty teaseMs Erika: I would even go as far as to say that we should do away with other kinds of underwear, except for those who want to procreate, maybe boxer briefs are appropriate for them. But the male ass, the male junk, for lack of a better term, the male gonads look so sexy in panties. 

And here’s a little secret. If you’ve got a little one, it looks better in panties.

Ms Olivia: That’s part of the play of why I put them in panties. We’re going to talk about humiliation in just a second, but first let’s talk about fabrics; the feel of a cock in panties.

Panty fabric feels so good on a cock

Ms Olivia: Panty fabric feels so much better than male underwear. I mean, we talked earlier about how tight the panties are, especially if you are used to something loose like boxers or something scratchy like cotton. It’s not scratchy, but it is when you compare it to something like satin.silky soft panty fabric on a cock feels good

Ms Erika:  Satin and some microfiber panties now are just so to die for. 

Ms Olivia: I have never met a panty boy that didn’t mention the feel so I think that’s hugely important. 

Ms Erika: Oh, absolutely. The feel is fantastic. Microfiber, satin, and lace. Here’s a caution on lace, you and I both know this, Olivia. Cheap lace is horrible. You have to go for quality and that means a better quality, butter-like lace if you’re going to wrap it around those naughty bits.

Ms Olivia:  Do you know one of my favorite pairs of all lace panties? It has a wonderful silky lace are Foxers Lace Boxers. Are you familiar with Foxers Boxers?

Ms Erika: No! I’m going to have to look those up!

Ms Olivia: Oh, they are cute as a button. They are boy shorts and I don’t really like a lot of boy shorts on me, but these are boy shorts and they a boxer shorts and have a boxer elastic band, but the boy shorts panties are all solid lace.They’ve also got them in cotton, but my favorite is the lace.

So for guys who say, “Oh, I’m not sure about wearing panties.”  I’m like, “Well, I’ll put you in a pair of Foxers Boxers. We’ll even get them in blue because that’s such a masculine’ color.” And they say, “Hey! Maybe I will try that!”

There’s actually a man who is making lingerie for men. He is a metal worker and he decided that he was just tired of men not having the choices. 

He’s got some beautiful things, they look exactly like women’s underwear, but they are beautiful lingerie designed for men.

Ms Erika: Well, maybe it’s a gateway panty.

Ms Olivia:  Boxers and panties designed by a metal worker, both gateway panties. We’re going to get into the hardcore panties shortly.

Submissive male put in panties

Ms Olivia: For the man who enjoys being put in panties as a way to be submissive would not want to wear his panties, he wants to wear a woman’s panties.

Ms Erika: And being told that you need to wear them for me is very exciting. 

Ms Olivia:  Erika, you did a Twitter poll recently about this… panties and submission. Or are men wanting to be put in panties as a form of submissiveness. What did you find?twitter poll why men wear panties

Ms Erika:  Well, the interesting results are that it’s almost equal across the board for four different reasons. And just about 20% of the respondents say they do it to be submissive because of what they’re being told to. Isn’t that fascinating?

Ms Olivia: Really? What were the four choices that you had? 

Ms Erika:  Well, I asked, are you straight? Do you identify as straight and cross dressing? Do you do it for the humiliation? Are you doing it because you feel like there’s an inner girl or feminization that you belong in panties?  And then the fourth one being submissive and being told to. 

It’s really almost equal across the board: 25% say that they’re cross-dressers. Just about 25% say they do it for the humiliation factor. And almost 30% is for feminization, meaning they feel they have a girl inside and they want to play with her. And then again, 20% is because they just feel submissive. They want to do it because Mistress enjoys it.

Ms Olivia:  I think there might be some overlap in some of those categories. 

Ms Erika: Yes. Well, that’s one reason why I asked about cross-dressing. A lot of people who identify as crossdressers, and we both know it is not 100%, are males who enjoy being males, who never want to release their male identity, but donning clothes of a feminine persuasion is a stress relief. It is transporting them to another world in which they feel sensual and sexual. Because men aren’t afforded those feelings in a regular workaday world.

You’re not supposed to feel sensual as a man, you just want to fuck. So it’s a way of touching base with their sensual side that I think we all have. It’s just that guys are not afforded that luxury. man in panties

Then the feminization one where we work with a lot of people who feel that there is an inner girl inside that she wants to come out and play, but because the way they set their lives up in what society says, you know, they just can’t do it on a regular basis. They can’t come out as their transgender self.

Ms Olivia: It could also be… I’m thinking of one particular caller who loves to wear panties… it’s some kind of combination, not simply cut and dry. Part of it could be access to a different part of emotions or sensuality or other things like that. And submission could be part and parcel with that. 

The G-String guy, that you also know says,

“It’s so exciting to wear them and have women see my dick and balls…I also love being controlled by a woman or women; being told to strip and wear a certain g-string or thong is awesome. Having them see every inch of my dick and seeing my balls swollen because they’re full of cum, honestly, I can’t get enough of it. It’s so hot getting comments from women.”

So that is an exhibitionist, a submissive… and a kinky motherfucker! And he loves edging. So he said,

“More edging, give me a g-string. I lose all willpower. I can only cum pumping my dick and showing as many women as possible.” 

This is a great example of any kink or fetish or fantasy. It’s not one size fits all people. It’s not, there’s a whole bunch of stuff, all kind of combined in this. But I think a common theme for a lot of people that I talk to is turning the tables on him. It’s the executive who gets put into panties by his female, irate assistant who got passed over for a promotion and she’s mad about it. 

I have a panty slave right now who lost a bet to his girlfriend in college.  She put him in her thong and the rest is history. 

It’s the wife who is angry at her husband for some reason and she puts him in panties. Or she doesn’t, but he wishes she would!

Some of that is sort of gender bending. You know, turning the tables is gender bending. The woman takes on kind of an Alpha male sort of persona, the Dominant persona. 

This is a certain sense of coerced transformation. They get caught and then they are told, “Oh, I caught you doing this naughty thing. Therefore, you will.”

Ms Erika: “Oh, you want to wear panties? I’m going to put you in panties. Strip right now. You want to play around with my panties when I’m not here, you’re going to stay in those panties. For weeks.” And they love it. For me, it’s fun to turn someone into my panty slut.

Ms Olivia: Exactly. I think part of what they love about that is that they get to do a whole bunch of stuff that they don’t feel comfortable doing or saying, “Oh, I want to go do fill-in-the-blank.” 

Ms Erika: There are so many ways that can go and it’s up to her, making you into the slutty whore, or, one thing that was popular was a lesbian lover scene.

Panties and taking away your masculinityThe Weekly Hot Spot sexuality podcast kink BDsm man in panties

Ms Erika:  So once you don those panties, you’ve been emasculated. You are now identifying more as the feminine part of yourself. All the way up to coerced bi activities. It almost gives them permission. He’s thinking, “Well, now I’m emasculated. I’m wearing panties. So what else, pushing the envelope can you do?”  And of course, a pair of lovely rhumba panties and an apron is perfect for the sissy maid. 

Ms Olivia:  Isn’t that the truth? And this goes in with the level of coercion. Here’s the thing. If you want to really coerce a man to do something or really emasculate him, take away his ability to orgasm and lock him in chastity. Chastity and panties are a huge, huge, huge thing. 

Ms Erika:  Oh, absolutely. Emasculation, just like the word manipulation, can be viewed in different ways.

sissy pantiesSo emasculation could be something that you want. You don’t like your male side so emasculating you, reducing that masculine energy, is what you’re looking for. But when you talk about chastity and panties, that is something that’s done to them. 

And if I can tell you a little bit of a secret, well, it’s not too much of a secret if you played with me in chastity, you know we have a certain population of men who enjoy chastity, but they can’t do it all the time. They can’t do it 24/7 because of their life circumstances.

If you think about what chastity is, and that’s control over their orgasm and them experiencing and feeling control. Well, I’ve kind of expanded that for those pets who can’t wear a chastity cage 24/7, or when I asked them to. 

Panty chastity

Ms Erika: I’ve been known to say, “You’re in panty chastity. If you have those panties on, you cannot touch.” Of course, there’s a lot of trust and understanding between us. So not only is wearing the panties very exciting, but adds the fact that they cannot touch. I call that panty chastity. I’ve also done similar with cock rings as well. 

Ms Olivia: What a great idea, how fun is that?  Panty chastity! I think there’s a lot of people who would be like, “Oh, I think I will try that instead of that chastity cage. That cage is a little threatening. What do you mean you’re going to lock it?”

Ms Erika: If they don’t have that cage and I put you on panty chastity and I trust that you don’t touch, right? That’s your agreement. You don’t want to disappoint me. You don’t want to anger me. So you’re motivated as a submissive to please your Mistress

You know, Olivia, once a man locks his junk up, there are all kinds of things that happen to his mind and his sexuality. It makes him more horny. It’s such a frustrating thing that you can’t touch. I equate that with the panties. 

Wearing panties, chastity and humiliation

Ms Olivia:  Another thing that chastity does is Chastity can be used in conjunction with anything, but I love using chastity in conjunction with other play like humiliation.

So for example, small penis humiliation in panties is fabulous. You can combine this with chastity, put him in a little teeny, teeny, teeny tiny chastity cage and then put him in a pair of panties and say, “Wow, that package is bigger now!” That chastity cage looks larger than you did. Awwww. This is why we’re locking it up. There’s not much there.”

Ms Erika:  Not to mention, it must be “hard” for all those tiny ones to have all that extra fabric with male underpants. Putting them in chastity, putting them in panties, actually makes them feel and look like there’s something of significance there. 

Ms Olivia: Or it’s the embarrassment, you know, like looking at somebody, for example, on Skype. And he says, “Mistress, look at me in my panties,” and you know he wants erotic humiliation and you’re on the same page with the type of humiliation.

There can be a variety of ways to humiliate someone. It can be the sweet humiliation, which is, “Oh honey, I’m really sorry, but that’s just, that’s just a little bit too small for me.” All the way to “What the fuck is that? I don’t even want to look at it because that’s just fucking pitiful. You, dear, are a loser!”

Origin of erotic humiliation

Ms Erika: One pet that you and I both know, I will often talk about those scenarios of how women have responded to him over the years and that’s little pee wee. 

Ms Olivia: Pee wee has had a variety of names and I think we settled on pee wee and I think the last time I talked to pee wee , I said, “Okay, pee wee, we can’t even call you male anymore. I think we should call you ‘it.’”  I just stripped all gender from pee wee. Pee wee is an it.

Ms Erika: Oh, my god, did I copy you on that email? I was teasing him last week saying, you know, we really should stop using male pronouns and it’s “she” and “her” forever, but “it” is also very humiliating.  

Pee wee’s not a bad looking guy and he would actually be able to get me on a date because he’s a high powered executive and he’s very good looking, so I would give him a date. But if it progressed to the point where we got back to his place and he dropped trow, this is exactly what I would do. “Are you fucking kidding me with that?!”  And then I would turn around and you could watch my fucking ass walk out the door. ‘Cause I ain’t dealing with that. 

Ms Olivia:  So has that ever happened to you in your private life? 

Ms Erika: Believe it or not, I have been so blessed. The smallest cock that I personally was invested in was five inches and that didn’t last very long, but no, I’ve never had to really look at a guy other, than as a professional stance, and say, “That’s not going to do it for me,” because I compare them to the 5-incher. If the 5-incher couldn’t keep me, what do you think this is going to do?

OH NO! He has a small penis

humiliation sphMs Olivia: Exactly. That actually happened to me. I got set up with a guy, I was living in D.C., I got set up with the guy through mutual friends who lived in another state.

We started talking to one another, we were having these great conversations… I’ve said before, I love being on the phone and I love phone sex. We had never even met, here we are doing phone sex.

I decide I really want to meet this guy. I didn’t want him to come visit me. I wanted to make sure that I had the ability to escape. I went to visit him.

The chemistry was just off the charts. It was so fabulous. We go out to dinner. We’re talking, having a great time. I’m sitting there thinking, “Wow! This guy’s the bomb!” 

We get back to his place, we’re rolling around on the couch and he says, “Oh, I’m so fucking hard for you.” And I remember thinking, “I don’t feel anything.”

It was cognitive dissonance. What he was saying and how he was acting just wasn’t computing. I wasn’t feeling this trouser snake or anything bumping up against me.

Long story made short, he dropped his pants and oh, god, he must have had, maybe 3 inches?

I had no experience with small penis humiliation. I should have totally looked at him, started humiliating him, kept him as a fabulous friend and then left town. Or turned him into a cuckold. He probably would have loved that! Instead I was like, “Uhhhh.” I didn’t know what to do.

I went back home and talked to a girlfriend of mine, “What do I do about this guy?” and she says, “You can’t stay with him.” I said, “Well, that’s clear!” I should have put him in panties and called it a day.

Ms Erika: Now that you know better, you do better.

Big cock in panties

Ms Olivia: I also want to point out that not all men who wear panties are average or small in penis size. We both know someone who has a huge fucking penis and we’ve seen it. Huge penis. He looks fantastic in panties. That’s a big cock in panties. 

Ms Erika: The only challenge is to find panties that he doesn’t flop out of.big cock in panties for Experienced Mistress Olivia

Ms Olivia: Oh, isn’t that the truth?  So, high-waisted French cut panties. Even then he still has to dress left or dress right because he’ll poke out the top. Personally, I like when a cock pokes out of the top..

Ms Erika: I don’t mind it either. I like it. It’s a sexy.

Ms Olivia: It’s attractive. Makes me perk up and go “Ohhh look at that!” 

Question About a Man Who Wears Panties

Ms Olivia: So I’ve got a question.  In your experience, do you think wearing panties is all about sex and masturbation? 

Ms Erika: I do not think so. Just like before, when I said some people find it as a stress relief, it’s almost like donning a different emotional or sensual way of being.

Also when we’re talking about SPH, let me just change it a little bit.

I have a pet who is into small penis teasing and he likes to wear panties as well. And when I asked him, why does he like to wear panties because he doesn’t really like humiliation, sort of like, “Awww, you have a little dick. You probably won’t be fucking me, but let’s see what kind of fun we can have with a little penis.”

Dominant woman submissive manHe said to me, he likes wearing panties because it makes him feel closer and more intimately bonded with the woman he’s engaged with. And without a partner, he still gets the benefits of that feeling, of being cared for, being bonded with a female. 

It’s in his way of being closer to women. It has nothing to do with sex.

Ms Olivia: It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex or being a sexual thing at all. That’s not about putting on panties and wanking. 

Ms Erika: No, Nope. Not at all. He wears them all the time. He’s a blue collar worker so sometimes he can’t because he goes out of town and does jobs, but whenever he can and wants to feel that stress relief, get out of his workaday world, he puts his panties on.

Ms Olivia: I love watching porn. And I love watching a woman masturbate a man in panties. I think that, for whatever reason he is in panties… he’s a panty boi, he’s her submissive, whatever it is, I think it is just fabulous.

So a woman might have a variety of reasons why she’s putting a man in panties, just like he might have a variety of reasons for wanting to be put in panties.

I love erotic stories. Stories about putting a man in panties are just…whew! I love those erotic stories. Catching him rummaging through my panty drawer, then making them wear my panties.  We did a really fun episode all about how he is Tricked into Feminization.

Turning the tables on him

Ms Erika at the same time: Making him go shopping for panties

Like I said earlier, one of the very first things I did as a younger self and probably a turning point for me because I was so turned on and excited about the event is putting my lover in my panties. It’s still a favorite to this day.

Whenever I meet a new submissive and they’re exploring their submissiveness and what type of stimulation helps them feel more submissive, what doesn’t, panties is always on that list. 

Different Kinds of Panties

Ms Olivia: So let’s talk about different kinds of panties. There are a lot, there’s even a style guide for men and panties: how to wear panties.

We mentioned the guy with the big penis. He needs high-waisted, French cut legs. His g-strings don’t even cover his balls. So it’s basically, spider webs, floss on his body, just right out there.

Let’s talk styles and fabrics. Do you have a particular style that you like to put somebody in? 

Ms Erika: Oh, that is a good one. Typically I will start a guy out with a high-waisted because the high-waisted and the French cut legs where it’s higher up actually elongates the leg and I think just draws attention to the package. 

I love fabrics more and it depends on the guy.

I love satin for a first pair of panties. I love the feel of a cock in satin panties. I love the look and the guys love it too. 

Ms Olivia: I’ve sent a lot of guys to Secrets in Lace because their satin panties are amazing. That’s a retro lingerie site, so you’re not going to find G strings. You’re not going to find bikinis or hipsters, none of those, but he will find those high cut panties, those retro styles, that satin you mentioned. All of those.

Ms Erika: Those sexy girdles.

Ms Olivia: YES! 

Finding the perfect panty for a sissy

Ms Olivia: Now, for a sissy? Thongs!

Ms Erika: And depending on the sissy, thongs. Rumba panties are very cute sometimes, depending on the sissy.

Ms Olivia: Rhumba panties, for an adorable little sissy. Oh god, those are the best. Those are absolutely the best aren’t they? 

Ms Erika: Peeking out from underneath her crinoline and her little maid’s uniform or whatever it is she’s wearing, her little skirt. 

Ms Olivia: Oh my goodness. Folks we don’t mean to not say more about crossdressers and sissies in this particular podcast. We’ll do an episode that is ALL about the sissies. It’s going to be about sissy training and sissy tasks. So we’ve got the girls covered. So to speak.

Thongs and thong styles

Experienced Mistress Olivia pantiesMs Olivia: Some of the most interesting styles are the various kinds of thongs styles. You’ve got the G string, which is teeny tiny wisps and that little triangle in front. 

You have the luxury thong, which is stretchy lace over the hips, but it’s still the g-string shape. So there’s more of a panty panel in front and there’s more of a lace stretchy triangle in back. 

And then there are Victoria’s Secret cheeky panties. Oh my God. I love those so much. It’s lace that covers half the ass.

For a man who’s going to wear panties, a man in panties under his business suit, you put him in a pair of those cheeky panties and every time he sits down, he will feel that difference and fabric and bare skin against his suit pants. 

Ms Erika: Oh, absolutely. Love it.

Ms Olivia: Can you tell when a man is wearing panties? 

Ms  Erika: Oh, that is a good question. Olivia, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about that. Maybe because I’m constantly thinking about men in their panties. Oh, look at that guy. What would he look like in panties? I’m not even concerned whether he is or not. I’m putting him in there.sexy texting sexting covid sex survey The Weekly Hot Spot sexuality podcast

Ms Olivia: For a lot of executives who want to wear panties, that I think is a legitimate concern because if they’re doing it on the down low, then they don’t want other people to know they’re wearing panties.

Whether he’s exploring his feminine side, whether it’s humiliation, whether it’s submission, whatever it is, or he might just be feeling particularly naughty in that moment. So he goes and changes, puts on panties instead of the boxers, then he calls you, me, or both of us, and says, “I’m in panties. What do I do now?”

Okay, buddy, we think you should touch yourself in panties. And he goes, “I think so, too!”

Ms Erika: I would think for the majority of men, if you’re wearing a regular business suit and you’re not wearing light colored or tight pants, there’s really nothing to worry about. Your boss or co-workers are not going to notice the panties.

If your intent is to show it off, get some tighter fitting pants and they’ll be able to see the outline of the legs.

I think if you’re traditional, not really showing off your body in a business suit, you’re fine.

How to Clean Your Panties

Ms Olivia: There are so many things you could do when you cum in your panties. Mistress can say, “Take off your panties and clean them yourself.” So that’s the cum eating part, either just for enjoyment or also for humiliation or for some mission. “You just came in your panties now, clean it up.” 

Ms Erika: That’s right. Naughty boys clean up their mess. 

Ms Olivia: Exactly. Or, take off the panties and then, “Listen, you’ve got to wash your panties.” 

Ms Erika: Hand wash panties.

Ms Olivia: Do you have a particular wash that you liked the most? I do.

Ms Erika: I just say to use a mild soap, whether that’s Woolite or anything else. What’s more important to me though, is, and I do this on purpose. I sometimes have them actually orgasm onto or into the panties so they have to hand wash them after.

A little mild soap of any kind will work. But I love the idea of them having to wash their panties after session. 

Ms Olivia: I agree. Hand washing is absolutely the way to go.

Do not, If you live alone, don’t toss your panties in the washer. That just wrecks the elastic and the elastic is very, very sensitive on cheap panties. 

I’m a fan of very expensive panties, La Perla panties, Aubade panties. Really nice panties. Take care of your panties. I actually don’t recommend Woolite.

Ms Erika: No? 

Ms Olivia: I hand wash and flat dry, and I use something called Laundress Delicate Wash. You put the Laundress in water, put the panties in, let them soak and then just swish them around..

Ms Erika: Well, I’ll be looking for that.

Ms Olivia: You don’t scrub. And it smells so beautiful. I love the scent of Laundress and then take it out.

Don’t squeeze living fuck out of your wet panties. Just gently squeeze them, pat them flat in a towel to get some of the water out. And then I often put my panties on the wooden folding thing for dishes…, 

Ms Erika: Dish rack.

Ms Olivia: Yes, dish rack!  I’ll put my panties on the dish rack.

I’m going to come in and wash my cup of coffee or my cup of tea and put it in the dish rack. And I’m like, Oh, there’s my panties.

Ms Erika: Oh, I love that. 

How to Please Your Mistress

Ms Olivia: So speaking of taking good care of what you adore, take care of your Mistress hosts.

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sex during covid survey The Weekly Hot Spot sexuality podcastMs Olivia: And I know I’ve said this several times, but folks, Erika gives great Twitter. I say this, come for the bobbing boobs and then stay for the conversation.

Ms Erika: Exactly! That’s it. You’ve got me figured out, Miss Olivia.

Ms Olivia: That’s your tagline or come for the boobs and stay for the conversation. Or, come for the conversation and stay for the boobs. Either one.

Ms Erika: Fantastic. 

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Email is best for me for questions. Skype is more to set things up quickly. I don’t carry out long conversations on Skype unless I am in a texting session over Skype.

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Ms Erika: I agree. There’s a bit of confusion because there used to be another Erica here at LDW. So, often people, when they choose “Search for EnchantrixErika or EricaEnchantrix on Skype, they find the other lady because I’ve had plenty of people say, ”I sent you a message.” I’m like, I never got it.

The best way to get a hold of me on Skype is just to email me.

I’ll send you a little invitation, you know how Skype can say, ‘Share My Profile.” So yeah, I agree. Email me and say, “Hey, Erika! I want to hook up on Skype,” and I’ll send you the invitation and there’ll be no fuss, no muss. 

Ms Erika:  My email is Erika@enchantrixempire.com. 

Erika has a K and K for kink. That’s how you remember it.

Ms Olivia: Ohhh, that’s great! I love that. We’re getting all of your taglines up here. 

Questions for Listeners of our sexuality podcast

Ms Olivia: So questions for our podcast listeners. What didn’t we talk about with panties that you want to (pun intended) bring up? 

Ms Erika: And I want to know if you were a man who’s listening to this podcast and never thought about wearing panties before, are you interested now? 

Ms Olivia: What a great question. 

Ms Erika: It wouldn’t be the first time I teased a man into some kinky play that he didn’t think about before. 

Ms Olivia: You know, I’m going to ask a follow-up to that question.

If you are trapped and still in a COVID lock down isolation thing, or if you’re just going into work as much as you used to because your company just kind of changed and now you’re allowed to work at home more. Did the pandemic either cause you to either start to explore panties, or wear them more than you used to be able to wear them?

Ms Erika: Mmm hmm. Absolutely. 

Ms Olivia: Do you have a final question, Erika? 

Ms Erika: I think for those who do wear panties already, I want to challenge you and I ask you… Now, Miss Olivia mentioned many different panty styles. What panties styles are you familiar with? I want to see what’s most common out there. 

Ms Olivia: Oh, great. And tell us your favorite color and style. 

Ms Erika: I love cheeky and I love purple. 

Ms Olivia: For me, I love black or red because those are my Mistress colors, and the style depends on my scenes. I love the retro look of high cut panties, very sheer back, and French cuts. All the way to teeny tiny, barely there thongs and everything in between. I love them. 

We love panties. We’re going to go wash our panties now.

This will do it for us for this week.

Email or tweet questions, ideas for an episode, favorite color panties.

Soon we’re do the Feminization and Sissy School podcast. We’ll be talking about panties some more, but a whole bunch of other things aimed at the girls.

Erika, this is always fun. Thank you. And thank you to the listeners. 

Ms Erika: And thank you, Miss Olivia and thank you to all those open-minded, kinky folk out there listening to us today.

Ms Olivia: And we will see you next week. Bye.

Ms Erika: Bye bye