Remote Sex Toys

Your Distance Domination moves to a new level

When you think of being connected to your Mistress, one thing that CAN bring you closer is a remote sex toy that is controlled BY YOUR MISTRESS!  This is one sure way you can please your Mistress.

Sound too good to be true? Well, you need to listen to this podcast. Delia and Olivia discuss how incredible remote sex toys are, and go over how they work. Curious? Oh, we KNOW you are!


How do Remote Sex Toys Improve Sessions?

Delia and Olivia go into great detail about this very question and discuss these remote toys in terms of connection, intimacy, and submission. And it is not just them talking about these sex toys. They titillate listeners with quotes and stories from clients who use and enjoy remote sex toys and Mistress cock control. These quotes let you peek into sessions and see how they are used. Maybe you will want to try too!

Planning Special Remote Sex Toy Calls

Both Delia and Olivia play in the fetish scene in real life. They KNOW what they are doing, and they know how to create scenes. Scenes with remote sex toys DO involve some pre-planning, but that only adds to the anticipation of the session. You will hear how these two Mistresses think the planning of these scenes is “foreplay on steroids!”

Get in touch with the Mistresses

Plan your own sex toy call with Delia, Olivia, or for a special treat when you do a 2 Mistress fetish scene! You can talk and see what toys are suggested for you, and ask questions about how to play. Email Mistress:


Tune in next week for the Erotic Humiliation show, and enjoy exploring with the new technology of remote sex toys, allowing you to connect even more closely with your Mistress.