Sometimes things that are supposed to be sexually HOT just are not that way! In this Hot Spot podcast, Delia and Olivia discuss crotchless panties and flavored panties as well as flavored condoms in this podcast snippet. What things that are supposed to enhance your sexual experience leave things flat for you?

Olivia:  Welcome to the weekly hotspot, kink conversation. BDSM advice. Insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. We are your hosts, Mistress Delia and I’m Miss Olivia.

Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800-601-6975Delia: We have got something fun for you. We will be bringing you a series of short but sexy, naughty, fun and sometimes dirty questions. We want you to give us feedback. We want you to leave us blog comments because we value and want your interactions.

Olivia: I’m sure listeners to the podcast, the weekly hotspot would like to know, do you like crotchless panties?

Delia: I do like crotchless panties, but I would not like to wear them all day long. Crotchless panties, crotchless body stockings, crotchless nylons, all those things are seen specific. Could you imagine crotchless panties under jeans? Like OW! Because I wear tight jeans, skinny jeans. That would be uncomfortable. So yes, I do like crotchless panties. I love putting sissies in crotchless panties or men in crotchless panties or backless ones. So it’s perfect for pegging, but I think they should be seen specific because otherwise, you’re just uncomfortable and too aware of them.

Olivia:  I agree. So I’m also sure that listeners to the weekly hotspot podcast want to know your thoughts on edible panties?

Delia: I think they’re gross. Personally, I wouldn’t!

Olivia: Oh my God, me too.

Delia: They taste super, super sugary sweet. And you know me, I don’t eat sugar or carbs a whole lot. I’m very health conscious and so edible panties would be a hard no for me. You?

Olivia:  I think they just gross!  The same thing with flavor condoms. I’m a safety girl. So you know condoms are kind of a necessary thing.

Delia: Oh my God, I agree. And just you. So now I have the same question for all of you. What sexual things that are supposed to be sexy, fun and hot do you just think are distasteful or do you not like at all? We really, really want to know.

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