The Weekly Hot Spot Podcast FeminizationWhat happens when a man is tricked into feminization?  He usually has no idea what is going to happen to him when the woman puts him in female clothes.  The Mistress hosts of this podcast tell stories of coerced feminization, sissification and so much more.

Ms Olivia:  Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot. Kink conversation, BDSM advice, inside the world of Distance Domination and phone sex. We’re your hosts, Mistress Delia and I’m Ms Olivia. Thank you for joining us today.

We’re going to switch things up and tell some wicked hot stories about men tricked into feminization — and ALL that means!

Ms Delia — should we start with the definition of feminization?

Ms Delia:   Absolutely. Let’s talk about feminization when men put on women’s clothes, be it lingerie or dresses, something that makes them feel more feminine.

A woman can dress a man; that is Mistress feminizing a man. 

Ms Olivia:  I love that. So let’s talk about the women who dress men in lingerie and as you said, other women’s clothes.

Ms Delia:  Oh, exactly. 

Tricked into feminization

Ms Olivia:  So common themes of being tricked into feminization. I think one of the most common things is a strong or a dominant woman feminizes her male partner.

A lot of the stories are about wives feminizing husbands. Haven’t you seen that as a theme? 

Ms Delia:  I have seen that as a theme just so much. And these wives often trick or coerce their husband in the most wicked ways to get him all girlied up and feminized. 

Ms Olivia:  Isn’t that wonderful? I mean, she’s wicked. She’s devious. She can be mean. She can be demanding. She can kind of order him and threaten him if he doesn’t wear the panties.

There are so many ways to go to this; we’re talking about wives but it can also be a girlfriend turning her boyfriend, for example, into a sissy. 

Ms Delia:  Oh, I love that so much. 

Common Themes of being tricked into feminizationPut Him In Panties Experienced Mistress 1-800-601-7259

Ms Delia: One of the things that I enjoy about this type of being tricked into feminization is that a lot of times the guys, the men, really don’t know what is going on, what is happening. They’re just going right along and they have no idea. They’re saying, yes ma’am. Yes ma’am. And then all of a sudden they’re completely feminized.

Ms Olivia:  And they look and they go, “Whoa, how did this happen?”

Ms Delia:  Exactly. That is just the most fun though. 

Ms Olivia:  And I think because you and I are Femdoms, we like it because the common theme is that the woman has the power and the man is powerless to resist being feminized. 

Ms Delia:  Oh exactly. Powerless to resist and really doesn’t know it’s going on until it’s way, way, way too late. It’s so delicious. 

Ms Olivia:  It is. Now this is different from being a crossdresser and we talk about some of the differences in an earlier podcast called let’s make him a sissy and then also in the interview with a crossdresser when we talk to Yvonne.

Tricked into feminization is a little bit different from voluntarily going into cross dressing.

TrickedI nto Feminization by Delia 1-800-601-7259Ms Delia: Right. There are a lot of themes that go along with being feminized almost when you didn’t know it.  And anything can happen after you are in those girly clothes because your Mistress, your wife, your girlfriend, the neighbor, whomever it is, she has a lot of plans for what is going to happen to that sissy man after he’s all dolled up.

Ms Olivia:  And you know, some of this is like really gender switching, which is fabulous.

I’ve seen this a lot. He’s an Alpha man at work and in all other aspects of his life. But when he calls Mistress, he doesn’t want to be an Alpha man, wants to be a submissive sissy. That can mean his male name, for example, is changed to a female name. 

Ms Delia:  Oh, I, I’ve done that. You know Chris to Chrissy, Steve to Stephanie. So many ways to change a man’s name and of course sissy candy or some other silly sissy name goes with any name. It doesn’t matter. 

Ms Olivia:  That’s true! Cock sucker sissy candy. 

Ms Delia:  Yes. It just screams sissy, doesn’t it?

Ms Olivia:  Yes, it absolutely does. 

Chastity and feminization

Ms Olivia:  Some of the ways to trick a man into feminization is, for example, putting him in chastity. 

Ms Delia:  Oh, Oh yes. Because if he’s in chastity and you are the keyholder, then he must do anything that you say just for that little glimmer of hope that he might get out of chastity if he looks really pretty for you.TrickedFeminization

Ms Olivia:  Oh honey, I really want you to come out of chastity today; maybe I’ll take you out, but why don’t we put these super sexy stockings on your beautiful legs.  This will feel so good. Oh, maybe we’ll just do a bra and some matching panties. I mean, it feels so bad to just have a set and not use the whole set. You know? 

Ms Delia:  You are so right with that key kind of draped around your neck, just dangling down between your breasts in that cleavage. It’s all that he can focus on. He sees that key shine and just says, “Yes, Mistress. Yes, dear. Oh yes.”

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Speaking of talking, Ms Delia, let’s go into the coerced feminization stories. 

One of my favorite, favorite scenes: he is tricked and sissified on a cruise.

Tricked and sissified on a cruise

Ms Delia:  Ohhh, I like that lots and lots!

Ms Olivia:   So he’s been my boyfriend for however long and I flirted with him and teased him.   I’ve gotten him so aroused. He’s just all hot and bothered. He’s willing to do absolutely anything. Every single moment he’s saying, “Yes, Olivia, anything for you Olivia.”

I look at them and say, “I really want us to take this to the next level. Would you like to go to the next level?”   And of course he’s like, “Yes! Yes please. Are you going to let me fuck you?”  

I mean, he doesn’t say that, right? But he’s like, “Oh, I’ll do anything to get in your panties.” Little does he know and that means he’s going to literally get in my panties. I just love that pun, don’t you? 

Ms Delia:  I actually really do too. I have a little twist on the cruise. 

Ms Olivia:  What do you do? 

The Weekly Hot Spot podcastMs Delia:  The cruise. The vacation. Oh, of course. It’s a secret getaway. And I’ve done all the packing. He doesn’t have to think about anything. We get there. We checked in, were out at sea, and we go to get …

Ms Olivia:  Oopsie! ~laughs~  Oh oh !!!

Ms Delia:  ~laughs~ He unpacks and I say, “Oh, did I pack two suitcases of my things? Oh goodness!  ~laughs~ I’ll say, “ Well why don’t we start this way and why don’t you put on these sexy yoga pants and we’ll go work out. Sure. You can put on this crop top too. And as the day goes on, as we get into night, he gets more and more and more dressed up and all kinds of naughty things happen on that cruise.

Ms Olivia:  And one of the things that helps with kind of making him go along with things is that he’s promised that if you do this, then you will get more access to me. 

For example, “Oh honey, I really want us to snuggle in bed. It’ll make me feel so sexy if you wear this cute baby doll. I mean, I’m wearing a cute baby doll. Maybe you should too.”  

And then, he feels that panty fabric on his balls in his cock. And then you start rubbing his cock and start calling it a clitty and say, “Oh, your clitty feels so good. It feels amazing to me.”

Of course he just begins to associate all of those fabulous sexual feelings with being feminized

Ms Delia:  It really is delicious. How you can start slowly and just pick up one thing, something that he’ll really associate with, with being girly and being sexy. It’s a really a way to train the mind that is just so sexy. So whenever he sees those red panties on the bureau, he’s immediately hardening; he’s immediately aroused.

Ms Olivia:  You mentioned seeing the sexy panties on the bureau. So you’ve come back from the cruise and you have in fact trained his mind. Well now you can begin to train his body with slipping some female hormones into his morning energy drink and then just looking and saying, “Why sweetheart, your chest is fitting the bra just a little bit better. Oh, your nipples are all tingling.”  

Mmmmm, female hormones fantasy is so hot because it allows the Mistress to change the body however I want in our fantasy feminization phone call. 

Feminize Man The Weekly Hot Spot Podcast 1-800-601-7259Ms Delia:  Oh, that is so true. The fantasy hormone therapy I love because I’ve even had an amazing fantasy sharing a couple where we’ve each had one of my special chai tea, warm, yummy drinks, just perfect. Just perfect. As it sits there, simmering on the stove, the relaxing fragrance from it just filling the kitchen and we stand in there and we each have a cup and not only does it change the body, it also changes his mind, helping him to be a little more relaxed and demure.  He is so vulnerable and he just feels that more and more with each and every step as those delicious ingredients and those hormones just start to move throughout his body and mind. 

Ms Olivia:  So it’s looking like a woman feeling like a woman and acting like a woman. 

Ms Delia:  Oh yes. 

Ms Olivia:  A dominant woman often loves feminizing a man. Even if she wants to keep him male, even if she still says, “Oh, your cock looks so great in panties.”   It’s still feminizing a man at it’s fucking awesome is, especially if you catch him in your panties. 

Ms Delia:   Oh, absolutely. It’s so true. If he is helping at your house, doing some work, and you’ve stepped out for a minute, coming in from running your errands, setting him up so that you see him rifling through your lingerie is really the sexiest kind of gotcha.

Ms Olivia:  Would you set him up, Ms Delia?  Would you do that? ~laughs~

Caught in Panties and Turned into a Sissy

Ms Delia:  Oh, I absolutely would set him up. Oh yes. Well, just to see the look on his face when I very quietly walk up the stairs, silently step into the closet, he wouldn’t even see me until I cleared my throat and that blush, the blush to his cheeks, those eyes, the way they look immediately down the gulping that he would do when he tried to speak to explain. It’s those vulnerable, embarrassed things that really excite me.

Ms Olivia:  Catching a man in panties, I agree, is just absolutely one of the hottest things. And even before I catch him in panties, you know me, I’m a little bit sneaky. 

So I go to his web browser and I see that he forgot to clear his history. I think to myself, “I wonder what porn he’s looking at?”   Oh, he’s looking at all kinds of sissy porn now, isn’t this exciting? 

I set him up by telling him I’m going away on a business trip for three days. But, I’m only going to be away for one and a half days. I arrive home early and I know what he’s going to be doing.

He is going to be getting into my lingerie.  He’s going to be putting on my panties. He’s going to be exploring my camisoles in my cute and sexy tap pants and this silk and the satin and the skirts and the tops and all of this kind of stuff because I’ve been leaving my lingerie all over the bedroom to absolutely drive him crazy.

Well, I arrive home early, catch him in my panties and then I sit him down and say, “Sweetie, wearing my panties is okay. Don’t worry about that. It does feel really good on your body.”

Secretly. I know that this is just the start of things. I am going to turn him into my sissy.

Domme dressing Hot Spot Adult Podcast 1-800-601-7259Ms Delia:  I absolutely think that is a fabulous sissification fantasy. Oh yes. 

One thing that I really like that’s similar to that is when you are away and there are cameras in the house.  Everyone has those cameras now. They’re attached to our doorbells, our spotlights. We’ve got these things all around the house to watch our pets. 

I will tell you, you can watch a lot more than just your pets.  You can get some very naughty sissy behavior on camera. And then when you see him, you just say, “Sweetie, I was going through our camera feed from when I was away.  I didn’t know you were a sissy, sweetie. I didn’t know that you liked wearing my panties. It’s okay. Let’s talk about it.”

Ms Olivia:  And if he resists, you can always say, “You know, I pulled these into a separate file and I would just hate if this went to, Oh, your bowling team, or your brothers, or, your fantasy football league. Oopsie did I send that to you? I’m so sorry!”

His immediate reaction is, “Oh my God, please don’t do that. I’ll do anything you want. What do you want?”  

Well of course I know what I want and say, “ I want you to wear this.”  And then I begin dolling him up. And it’s kind of like, okay, you’re going to be my sissy bitch now.

Ms Delia:  Oh yes, you will.  And it’s true. It’s wonderful because he had that secret cross-dressing fantasy anyway, didn’t he? You’re just bringing it out.

Ms Olivia:  He’s tricked into feminization, but he’s led into something that he has fantasized about or has been curious about. 

Ms Delia:  Absolutely. Do you have any other sexy stories? 

Ms Olivia:  I do. So we talked about the bait and switch on the kinky cruise. He becomes a girl on the cruise ship. Well, the same thing can happen at home. 

Tricked into Feminization after Male clothes were Donated

Feminization Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259Ms Olivia:  I tell him, “I was cleaning up the closets and oopsie I threw away all of your boxers.”  ~laughs~ The set up continues, “Oh, we can’t go to the store right now and for some reason the entire Amazon site is down so we can’t order you anything. Oh, well you’ll just have to go to work in my panties.”

He is sent to work and he’s wearing panties under his business suit.

Ms Delia:  Oh. And he really, really loves those panties being the first thing touching his skin. The first thing against his skin is soft and silky. 

Those panties stay on his mind all day long. He loses focus a couple of times at work because those soft and silky panties pressing against his cock make him feel like such a sissy slut. It’s the perfect kind of way to be in his mind all day at work.

Ms Olivia:  And it can be all kinds of things. When he comes home from work, strip him out of those business clothes and put on a sissy porn and then walk over wearing a strapon and just start stroking up and down. And then just tell him, “Well, since you look like a girl, why don’t you get down on your knees and suck my strap on, suck my cock.”

And of course he does that because he has been tricked, sissified, and now he’s learning to suck cock, which I think is fair.

Ms Delia:  ~laughs~ I think that is so fair too. Especially if you have a little fun and he’s tired after work. Maybe he has a drink and starts to fall asleep on the couch sitting there just in those pretty panties relaxing. But then you go ahead and while he’s snoozing, you put on that cock sucker red lipstick. You give him a nice smokey eye and blushing cheeks. 

You do his makeup and completely feminize him while he’s sleeping. That is great manipulation.

Coerced Feminization, She will Make Sure You Obey

Ms Olivia:   Absolutely, especially when you get photos of him in makeup and wearing panties!

Ms Delia: Oh yeah. 

Ms Olivia:  Sometimes we use photos and kind of use those to manipulate or trick someone into going further with feminization than perhaps he originally thought of.  You have this great story about tricked into feminization because of something from the outside threatening.

Tricked into feminization podcast 1-800-601-7259Ms Delia:  Oh yes. It’s really a fun theme about being tricked into feminization because I am the escape, right? 

In that kind of story, the man is hiding from someone. Maybe it’s his boss who is going to give him a bad review and only I can help or maybe he’s being bullied at the gym a little bit and I can go in and smooth that over.  

But with those kinds of things, there is always a price to pay. There is always, always a cost for my help and assistance so that is how he is tricked into feminization with me because okay, well your boss is going to give you a great job performance review as long as you stay in my good graces.

I might tell him, “Yes, there are a lot of things that I think you could do to help me. Maybe you’ll just be my sissy maid for this full weekend. That’s right. Come to my house Saturday at 10:00 AM and I’ll take care of it from there.”

Ms Olivia:   Oh, you will take care of it from there. ~laughs~ 

Making him agree to be feminized

One of my all time favorite scenes is tricked into feminization in order to and then fill in the blank.  

For example, he must be female in order to get a slot at college. Because you know sorority girls are wicked with men. 

Ms Delia:  Oh yeah. 

Ms Olivia:  Or, tricked into dressing like a girl because the CEO is a woman.

Ms Delia:  Exactly. 

Ms Olivia:  So stories where you used to be a man and are now a woman. I love those. For example, I’m a CEO and I want a female assistant. I might say, “Oh, you’re the man and you’ve got all of that skillset. That’s fabulous. Let’s just work on your physical presentation, shall we?”  ~laughs~

Ms Delia:  Oh, exactly. What I like is when you are feminized, in order to get a job, my favorite spin on that is the client’s comfort.  So he (she) is sitting in my office knowing that these special clients are coming in and they really like my assistants to be dressed a certain way. 

I would say, “You’ll need to wear this special outfit today.  Don’t worry it’s right here in my dresser. Oh yes, you need to go change. Go right over here behind the changing screen and let’s see how you look. Don’t be shy. It’s okay. You can come out now.”

~laughs~  “Oh, you look darling. What a pretty sissy you are. The clients are just going to love you!”

Devious Mistress

Ms Olivia:  You are so devious. And then for the performance review, “Bend over bitch; oh yeah! I’m going to take my strap on to you.  Or the clients will use you and then the clients will tell us exactly whether or not you performed to your peak capabilities.”

Ms Delia:  Delicious. I love that. 

Ms Olivia:  We sound so evil. 

Ms Delia:  But, we’re not, not really.

Ms Olivia:  No, we are nice people. But we do just have this devious streak. I like being kind of devious.

Ms Delia:  Oh, I love tricking someone into feminization. Oh, I really, really do. It’s what they really want anyway. Some men just want to be tricked and feminized. 

Femdom Mistress 1-800-601-7259Ms Olivia:  It’s true and truthfully, whether or not they really want to be feminized or sissified, I don’t really care. Sometimes what I want is the rule of law and I will do anything and everything to get my way.

Ms Delia:   Mistress always wins.

Ms Olivia:  Mistress always wins.

So I am so curious. I want to hear from our listeners. Let’s have fun with your transformation and feminization. 

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