This podcast discusses a sissification transformation in both real life and in Second Life. A virtual reality platform can give a unique place to experiment with feminine styles and looks. Sissy training and working with a Mistress can make your sissification journey even better! And sissy support groups do exist. You just need to know where to look. Join us as Sissy Sarina joins Mistress Delia and Miss Olivia to dish on sissification, seeing your sissy self in virtual reality and so much more!

Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot:  kink conversation, BDSM advice, insight from the worlds of  Distance Domination and phone sex. We are your hosts, Mistress Delia and I’m Ms Olivia. We have a really special guest today: Sarina the fabulous sissy!  Hi Sarina, Say hello to our listeners.

Delia Olivia Sissification 800-601-6975Sarina:  Good morning Mistress Delia.  Good morning Ms Olivia and everyone who’s listening.

Delia:  Hey Sarina!

Olivia:  What an obedient little sissy.

Delia:  Right? I know!

Olivia:  You have done quite well.

Delia:  Oh yes! There’s lots going on that we are going to explore in this podcast. I mean just everything is going to be laid right out. It’s going to be so much fun.

Olivia:  Oh my God. It’s going to be laid right out. ~laughter~  So does that mean Sarina’s going to be having some sex in the podcast?

Delia:  Maybe! ~laughter~

Sarina:  Oh boy!

Olivia:  So Sarina, let’s start off, tell us a little bit about you.

Sissification is more than a fetish

For Sarina and other sissies, sissification is more than a fetish! It is part of who they are!

Sarina:   I’m middle-aged; in my fifties. I was born a male but I never felt completely male. I was telling Ms Delia the other day that I actually remember a time when I was young, instead of asking for Tonka trucks, I asked for a play kitchen and an easy bake oven.

Delia:   Right. I remember that.

Sarina:  It’s just, it’s something that’s been dormant in me, I guess for many years.

Olivia:  Did you explore your sissy curiosity earlier?  As part of that, a lot of people that we’ve talked to kind of go through, um, almost like a series of incarnations because there is almost no language for saying who you are when you’re in your forties or 50s. There wasn’t this conversation about gender identity or being a trans woman or the difference between a crossdresser and a sissy.   So tell us a little bit about that.

Sarina:  I was married to a woman for 18 years and we had a pretty good relationship until things fell apart and I just decided that that was enough and went my own way.

Shortly thereafter I met a woman who was, is (she explains it) a total freak. She says,. “I’m willing to try anything once.” We would do it all the time if she loves it. How everything really happened was by chance and not of a generous nature in our hearts.  I was at work and I got a phone call and she’s on the phone and she said, “Hey, someone at the office has tickets for a fundraiser at an LGBTQ shelter downtown. Do you want to go? Would you go with me if we go?”  I’m like, “Sure, I’ll go, not a problem.”  I was always open-minded. I accept a person for who they are, not anything else. And it was like, well, I didn’t think anything of it. About a week, maybe 10 days before the party. She’s like, okay, we’ve got to go get you an outfit. I’m like, excuse me? She’s like, Oh, I didn’t tell you it’s a drag party. I’m dressing as a man. You have to dress as a woman.

Olivia:  Oh! I love her!

Delia:  I didn’t know this!

Beginner sissification ideas

Sarina:  I have a few secrets.

Olivia:  Tell us about your first outfit!

Sarina:  We did the whole shopping thing in. Actually at the time I thought she was going a little overboard.

Olivia:  Sweetheart, there is no such thing as overboard when dressing in drag or dressing and a sissy.  That’s the deal about sissification!

Delia:  So true!

Sarina:  Well, Victoria’s Secret was happy that we were there that day!  ~laughter~  It was one of those weird kinds of things that just happened. I mean we went to Victoria’s Secret and we got the garter belt, the hose, then we went to Payless for shoes and then we went and found a dress and I think it was Kohl’s. I don’t remember. We did this whole shopping spree. It was all day and we got home that night and she’s like, okay, tomorrow we put this all together. Tomorrow was the day that my brain imploded, exploded and it forever changed my outlook on life.

Delia:  Wow.

Sarina:  We sat down and she pulled out one of these cheap wigs and she throws it on the bed with all the clothes.  She says, “Okay, here’s how we do this. In the shower, the shave, everything. She sits me down in the bathroom facing away from the mirror and says, okay, I’m going to do your makeup. And she starts.

Olivia:  That is so smart. Sitting you away from the mirror, so you can’t see it until it’s done.

Delia:   Smart. Very smart. Were you nervous Sarina, when that was going on?

Sarina:  Not really. To me it was for a good cause. It’s the way I was raised, you do what’s right and supporting them was right. It was the right thing to do.

Delia:  Good.

Sissy training

Sarina:  So it was all, you know, we’re gonna have a fun night. She goes to put on the makeup, puts on a wig, turns me around and I’m like, “Whoa, really?” She goes, “Yeah, really!”  She says, I mean, with a lot of work we could make you a little bit better, but actually I think you’re kind of cute. I’d kiss you if you were a girl.

Delia:  Oh wow.

Sarina:  And it just, it was, there was the brain started to swell.  My brain was swelling in my head. It’ll make sense a little bit later. So we went back in the bedroom and we’re standing there stark naked. And she says, okay, sit down. I have to teach you how to do this the right way. And she goes, Hey, you have to remember stockings and garter belt before panties because if you need to take your panties off to go to the bathroom or other things you can pull your panties down.

Olivia:   Absolutely.

Delia:  Smart! That’s exactly the way it goes! I say that all the time. Garters, stockings and then the panties.  That’s a smart tip.

Sarina:  I remember it now so it must have stuck!  So she dressed me and she grabbed me by the hand, took me to the, the closet door.  And when I looked in the mirror, that’s when my head really exploded. It was everything I had lived my entire life just blew up. The feeling was, wow, it’s so natural. I’m comfortable in my skin.

Delia:  Wow.

Sarina:  Is this, is this the real me?

Delia:  That is the question. Beautiful.

Sarina:  We kind of explore. We went to the party and it was a huge success. Um, I only fell off my heels twice.

Second Life Sissy

Olivia:  Any sissy,  the very first experience of heels or really tall stilettos, that gets tricky. Sabrina, I want to ask if, and I know I’m jumping over a huge amount of your story, but it really resonates.  The first time you saw yourself en femme, was that similar to the first time you saw yourself as a sissy in Second Life? Tell us about that.

Sarina:  My initial Second Life account was not a female account. It was a male and it had been deleted by my ex-wife during a really messy divorce. When I decided to come back, it was after I had been dressed and we had gone to this party.  I decided to kind of explore what was going on in my head as I was trying to put the pieces back together and I decided why not?  It’s a game or it was at that point in time.

Delia:  Right. It’s become so much.

Sarina:  Oh, most definitely. Most definitely it is. It’s the virtual extension of who I am. I always, I say half-jokingly, where’s the machine from Tron, so I can beam myself in here. I want that to look good.

Delia:  ~laughs~  I want that too!

Olivia:  Tell us how you discovered your look. Because as I was designing an avatar for Yvonne who didn’t end up really enjoying Second Life, just simply because of computer issues, the virtual world was too hard to learn, but she still may get back into it, but I’m doing her avatar and sharing my screen with her.  So she was able to see as I was moving her around.  And Yvonne, we did the interview with a crossdresser, that’s Yvonne.  She doesn’t identify as a sissy. She’s definitely a crossdresser and loves to be in wedding gowns. The first time she saw her Second Life avatar of just this beautiful girl, flowing hair, gorgeous wedding gown, moving through space. I heard this sound and said, “Are you okay?” And she said, I’m crying. She said, I’ve never experienced anything like this. That’s how I look. That’s how I look.

Easily Change your Sissy Look in Second Life

Sarina:  That aspect is there more so now than when I started. When I started I had this image of sitting at a bar and this woman walks in every head turns. What would she look like? Would she be that perfect woman? Would she be the woman that everybody is after?

Delia:  In the past couple of weeks, you just had your avatar redesigned. And personally I have to say that I just, I love it. To me it seems a little shorter, a little curvier, you know, just that. It’s more realistic to me that, that this is more of a representation of you, you know? How do you feel about that?

Sarina:  I know I will never be that skinny, but that is the goal that Mistress Delia and I are working toward.   I’m going to be more of a plus size than Twiggy. I know that. So I tried to represent myself in a fashion that I thought was close to attainable.

Sissy Training Rules

Olivia:  Sarina, I love that you’re saying that Ms Delia and your 2020 sissy goals for Sarina.  I want you to put this on your spreadsheet of your goals. Sarina will need to listen to every morning and wiggle that pretty little sissy butt and dance to Meghan Trainor “it’s all about that bass.” It’s all about that bass because Serena, the song starts off with, “yeah, I ain’t no size two but I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do.”  Okay girlfriend?

Sarina:  I’m not sure about the dancing orders.

Olivia:  When a Mistress orders you Sarina, you have to do it.

Sarina: We’ll see. It depends on how long the song is, but I will tell you this, I promise you that I will put that in my playlist as the first song for a little exercise routine that I’m currently researching.

Delia:  Good job, good girl.

Sissy Support Group

Olivia:   This is an example of why It helps to have to have support and guidance and just this girl kind of vibe.  This was one of the things that was so important when we talked to Becca and we did an interview with sissy Becca and she just said, Hey, it is so important to have support and guidance and a support group.   Tell us how you met Becca and tell us about the support group that you started in Second Life.

Sarina:  Okay, we’ll back up first. She explained the Sissification Academy that’s in Reddit and doing my explorations is trying to answer the question of who am I, you know, the eternal question. I stumbled across it and it really caught my interest. So I went ahead and I applied, I was accepted and I started.  I’m not sure the program is for me, not saying that it’s not for everybody,, but it wasn’t for me.  I got three, maybe four months into it, and I started to waiver a little bit.  They have a Discord channel and we were talking and Becca kind of stepped up along with another person by the name of Sky.  They kind of volunteered to be, when I call “my cheerleaders.” Sky really grabbed the bull by the horns with an email every morning asking, “How are you doing?”

It was the kind of thing that you’d expect a cheerleader to do. And Becca was always jumping into my chat in Discord asking, “Is everything alright? How’s it going?” And then some stuff happened in my life here, my real life, that just made me have to step back. I needed to focus my attention elsewhere for awhile and we’ve stayed in contact a little bit. When I heard Becca, I was like, yes, that was so cool. It kind of fell over in the Second Life when I came back into Second Life as a real life genetic male trying to create a female avatar. I was lost. There was a young lady by the name of Sydney and I call her my godmother, Sydney. I still talk to her whenever she pops on. We chat for a few minutes, but she basically took me by the hand and told me where to go and what to do.  She basically was my fairy godmother and helped me.

Olivia:  That’s what Delia does. Delia is more of an expert than I am with all of the nuances of Second Life. I’m in there for sure, but Delia is like my fairy godmother for Second Life as well, and she’s taken me around just like she takes her callers around and shows them the exact same things. This is where you go, here’s what you do. She’s designed avatars for people. She helped me design Yvonne’s avatar. Everybody needs a kind of guide to get into Second Life and kind of understand it.

Sissies Helping Sissies

Sarina:  Well, at that point, it was about four years ago, maybe five. I had already been in Second Life for probably eight or nine years. So I’m truly an old soul.  I know my way around but a lot of things have changed. She took me by the hand and it was so invaluable. And then she stopped and she’s like, now I need you to make me a promise as well. What is it? She goes, “No, promise me you will do whatever I ask you. I will tell you that it’s not bad. It’s not anything kinky.”  I said, okay, I promise. She said, you have to promise me that you will help at least one more person the way I helped you.

Delia:  I love that so much. Oh my God. Paying it forward really .

Sarina:  Exactly the whole pay it forward concept.  I’m realizing it now as we go off on a huge tangent about my submissiveness and being able to help in wanting to help and being the fixer of things. I decided I’m going to make this group and there are a lot of people that I talked to and we eventually came up with the name and I had a partner in Second Life.  She left Second Life, but when we started the group we came up with the United Sissy Faggots of Second Life.   We wanted it to be inclusive. We wanted it to be the kind of group that when you join, if you jumped into group chat and you say, help,  we don’t care who you are, we’re going to jump back in and say, okay, what’s up? What can we do for you? I cannot tell you the number of nights I’ve spent hours bouncing all over Second Life, helping people out. Oh my God, I just got this new head. How do I work it? I don’t know what kind of head it is, but let me go get the demo and I’ll play around with it for a little bit and let’s see what we can do. So I’ve, I’ve done that multiple times.

Second Life Collared Sissy

Olivia:  I’m going to kind of circle back. You mentioned that you’re helping attitude is part of being submissive. Now you are Delia’s submissive.

Ms Delia, did I understand you correctly? Have you done a collaring ceremony with Sarina?  Let’s talk about the Dominant Mistress and submissive sissy role between the two of you.

Delia, is she collared?

Delia:  Sarina is collared.  Sarina is my sissy and we had a wonderful ceremony in Second Life and all of the United Sissy Faggots of Second Life were invited. The Mistresses from Enchantrix Empire were invited.  We stood together on a little bit of a platform. Sarina was wonderful. She had a perfect pose animation set up there for me. It was beautiful and Sarina actually even printed up the words that we said.  They’re hanging in my house in Second Life. It’s lovely. It was wonderful and I think it really was what Sarina and I needed to connect her to me so that I could do the training for her in 2020 and push her further along in her sissy journey and her sissification. This will get her to where she wants to be, so we’ll work in Second Life. She will have a spreadsheet to follow in her real life.

Sarina:  And may I, Miss if I can interrupt for a sec?

Delia:  Absolutely.

Sarina:  Miss Olivia during the whole collaring ceremony that happened in Second Life when Mistress Delia locked the collar around my neck, I also (since I can’t wear a collar in real life) I do wear it (it’s Mistress Delia’s favorite color) I have a purple bracelet that and I wear that every day.  That’s my real-life collar and that’s my visual reminder. It doesn’t come off, ever.  I look down at my wrist and I see it and I know who I belong to and what the goals are.

Delia:  Nice.

Being a Submissive Sissy

Olivia:  Tell us about being a submissive sissy and how does that play out with Mistress Delia?

Sarina:  Um, it’s interesting. I think we’re still learning our dynamic between each other about that. I did something the other day and I said, okay, you can yell at me. And she said, I don’t yell.

Olivia: She doesn’t and I can attest to that.

Sarina:  Now I want to circle back real quick to United Sissy Faggots of Second Life. That’s initially where I met Ms Delia.  She jumped into my IM saying, “Hey sweetie, I’m at your club and I’m wondering can you make me a Mistress tag, please? And I’m like, “Sure, no problem.”  She was the first Mistress in that group. Now if you jump forward, Mistress Harper has her weekly podcast and I found that in my explorations.  I started listening to it and we connected in Second Life and she really pushed me hard to join the Best Sissy competition. She basically grabbed me by the hand and yanked me to the photo studio that they set up. So all the photos, the idea was all the photos would be the same backgrounds that they compare it against in the contest.  They did the announcement on the podcast to the winners and everything and lo and behold I won. I was dumbfounded. Shocked.

Olivia:  You were beautiful. Oh my God. Sissy Sarina, you’re definitely beautiful.

Sarina:  Thank you very much Mistress.

Delia:   I want to tell you that I want to tell the next part.

Sarina:  I was shocked that I won. There were gifts from three of the Echantrix Empire Mistresses. Now Ms Delia, if you would like to take over.

Delia:  I would love to. So I had offered in my gift for the virtual sissy pageant and I was giving some time.  Olivia had already alluded to the fact that I love to create avatars for people in Second Life, but Sarina didn’t need that. So we talked about what she had won. She had basically won some time with me. And so because her pictures were so epic and I knew some wonderful places to go, very scenic places to take pictures, we actually said, okay, we’ll do pictures instead.

And through talking and through looking at groups and, and what she was a part of, I saw that she was part of the United sissy faggots of Second Life. And Sarina actually reminded me that that was where we first met and we had this, Oh my God kind of moment because when I originally had a sissy in Second Life, she was my very first sissy and I created her avatar and was taking her around everywhere and we wound up at Sarina’s club. I had no idea who Sarina was and it was so amazing to just kind of reconnect with her in Second Life. It was absolutely fabulous.  So from just giving a little bit of time, I think it was an hour’s worth of time so that I could create an avatar, we have started on this journey in both Second Life and real-life to help Sarina achieve her sissy goals that she’s had for a very long time.  It’s a happy ending to a wonderful story.

Olivia:  I love that. And you know, that’s actually a perfect way to end the podcast. But here’s what I’ve learned. Sarina, you are going to have to come back as a guest because there’s so much more to cover.

Sarina:  Oh, yes, ma’am. Anytime you want.

Final Sissy Thoughts and Contact Us

Olivia:  So for our listeners, did you enjoy this podcast? Do you enjoy the other podcasts? We want to do something and for the submissive sissies up there, this is an order from Mistress.

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Sarina, do you have final thoughts for our listeners?

Sarina:  Thank you very much for listening .  If you’re not in Second Life and you’re exploring in your head your sexuality and your gender and who you are get into Second Life, it is the single best way I can think of that allows you to explore that in a way that may take you where it’s taken me.

Delia:  Perfectly well said.  Thank you so much Sarina, for being here.  And if and if anyone has a question, you can actually reach out to me or Mistress Olivia on the phone, 1-800-601-7259 ask for me or Ms Olivia or both of us.

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Sissy Follow-Up Questions

We always ask questions. Not to put you on a girlfriend, but what two or three questions do you want to ask the sissies who are listening to this?

Sarina:  Oh, that’s a good one. First, if any of you are in longterm to chastity reach out to me.I am having definite issues and I could use some assistance. It just keeps falling off. We’ve talked to the maker of the device.  As Ms Delia put it the other day, one of my sissy nuggets keeps popping out.

Olivia:  We’ve done a couple of episodes and a couple of podcasts about chastity and chastity devices.

Sarina:  It’s not the psychological.  The psychological I’ve got my head wrapped around. It’s the technical aspect of it.

And the other question, I guess that jumps to my mind is if you’re not in Second Life and you’re not with a Mistress why not?

Olivia:  What a great question. I have a couple of questions for people. Have you ever explored virtual worlds or virtual reality? Because I have freely admitted. I was so prejudiced before I got into Second Life. I’m like, this is just a game, people are going to look chunky and gross and this is, you know, ridiculous. And I am such a convert. It is stunning and beautiful and I have no idea. So, you know, I, I’m curious, I want people to reach out to us and tell us what are your preconceptions of a virtual world or of Second Life?

Delia, do you have a question? You know, I think that my question is:  What is your sissification journey? And I want people to reach out to us and tell us about their journey and where they are on their journey and what kind of sissification help they need.

Thank you so much for joining us on The Weekly Hot Spot. We will see you next week. Have a very sexy week.