Do you have boundaries?

Listen to the Mistress co-hosts talk about boundaries.  The Weekly Hot Spot Mistress boundaries 1-800-721-1962

This is an intense podcast that you will learn lots from! In this podcast, Delia and Olivia get serious about BOUNDARIES!

You have them as a submissive, and this topic was recorded due to a wonderful question sent in by a Hot Spot listener.

He wanted to know about boundaries, especially pushing them, and how a Mistress KNOWS what to do … and how to do it.

Edge Play and BDsm Negotiations

This topic turned out to be a very intense one. This question had the Mistresses discussing and defining edge play, talking about kink negotiations before a scene, and sharing their own personal stories about times when scenes have gone wrong.  It always helps to hear how those problems were resolved!

Mistress Boundaries

Both Delia and Olivia round out the episode by discussing how they handle callers and real-life kinksters who want something that is beyond one of their personal boundaries. You will probably be surprised to hear what makes a Mistress out of her Domme space.  Did you know that it might be something as easy as a joke, or even an orgasm that can derail a scene?

Mistress Care

The most important takeaway from this episode is that Delia and Olivia ALWAYS are tuned into YOU during a scene.

They likely delay any orgasm and enjoy Domme space instead so they can be completely aware and in control during a scene. This powerful episode is a MUST hear!