Erotic Humiliation: What is It?

Why would someone, maybe you, want to be humiliated?  This is an adult thrill ride of erotic pleasure that is often misunderstood.  Humiliation is often a key part of BDsm and fetish play.  Mistress Delia and Mistress Olivia talk about how they use humiliation in power exchange, create intense humiliating roleplay scenes and how sensual humiliation is more powerful than merely shouting mean words.

The world of BDSM and kink

Ms Delia and Ms Olivia are your hosts for this weekly exploration of kink, fetish, BDsm and all things naughty and wicked.  This adult podcast can be heard on Spreaker every Monday at 1 pm eastern.  Each new episode posts here on our blog at 3pm eastern on Monday.

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Next week on The Weekly Hot Spot there is a candid conversation about why calling a phone sex service is not always about sex.  You don’t want to miss this funny, poignant and very intimate conversation from these ladies who are best friends in work and life.

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