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There are so many creative ideas when the ladies get a caller expressing an interest in wearing lingerie.  Both ladies talk about gender and sexuality.  For example, a trans woman should be addressed as SHE because she is a woman.  But, with gender, erotic pleasure and any kind of sexual exploration … well, it’s complicated. Those nuances are what make our conversations personal to you and intimate for us.

Gender fluid

Ms Delia talks about gender fluidity for herself and for others.  Both ladies love to play with women and even give you a hint of their personal play time with one another.

Feminization of a man

feminization adult podcast The Weekly Hot spot adult podcast 1-800-601-7259Kinky play with a Dominant submissive theme is called power exchange.  Putting a man in panties is daily evidence that the submissive is doing what Mistress wants and demands.

Each Mistress is an expert at Distance Domination.  Imagine going about your work day and getting THIS from your Mistress, “Send me a photo of you wearing your panties for me.  Do this RIGHT NOW.”  Ohhhhh, doesn’t that just put you in sub space?

The sissy journey

Both ladies crack up during the sissy talk … especially when pointing out that sissification often brings out the sluttiest behavior.  That’s not the case all the time and this scene also changes over time.  Everything about being en femme is personal; here’s one example of a what happens when a Mistress gives sissy assignments.

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Stay sexy and STAY HOT!