Sometimes masturbation names can make you laugh. Fapping, stroking, jacking off, jerking off. Ok sure we get some, but others are really funny like peeling the carrot, flicking the bean, or even buffin’ the muffin. In this Hot Spot Podcast Snippet, Delia and Olivia have some fun with female masturbation names!

Olivia:  Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot! Kink conversation BDSM advice, insight from the World of Distance Domination and phone sex. We are your hosts,  Mistress Delia and I’m Miss Olivia.

Delia: (Laughs) I need help. Oh my God.

Olivia: What kind of help do you need or want Mistress Delia?

Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800 601 6975Delia: Yeah. My brain might not be effective today. I want all the sexy help though. I want it all.

Olivia:  Know what I do when my brain isn’t working particularly well? I masturbate.

Delia: Oh, my goodness. I have a brand new sex toy that I fucking need to break in. I should go, I don’t know. Is it called rub one out? If a girl does it, it’s Jilling off right> But what would masturbation be for me? I could still rub. I could, yeah, that’s actually, cause I kind of don’t like Jilling out. For him it’s jacking off. So I guess it would be chilling out, but I kind of don’t like that name.

Olivia:  I know we need to think of better masturbation names for women just so it sounds sexier. I agree. Okay. That’s going to be one of the things that we’re going to put on our to do list. Think of a better name for a female masturbating. We have things to do. We’re making the world a better place with one orgasm at a time.

Delia: Oh yes, we are. So what about you? What do you think about masturbation? Do you love it? Are you in chastity? Do you wish you could do it? 24 seven what do you think that we as mistresses should call female masturbation? I want you to go to our blog, the weekly and leave us lots of comments, ideas, and suggestions on this week’s post. And after you do that, I want you to do just what mistress Olivia tells you to do.

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