Sometimes during kink conversation, we go off on a tangent. In this Hot Spot podcast, you will hear Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia reflect on what would happen if they got arrested. Ms. Olivia talks about the time when she got pulled over on the way to the kink convention!

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Olivia:  So here’s another question. If you are arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800 601 6975Delia:  This is actually, this might be a little nice. My friends and family would think, what the fuck did she do to rescue another dog? That would be what it was. That would be what it was. Because hugely as you know, involved in dog rescue and yeah, I, I’ve done some pretty shady things to rescue. So if I were arrested with no explanation, I’m not sure when my friends and family would assume that I had done the people that know that I’m a fun sex mistress and love kink and BDSM. I don’t know. They might’ve said some kind of a kink party that got busted and we couldn’t convince the cops to come and join them. Kink gone wrong.

Olivia: I think that’s probably quite true, although I have to tell you, I was speeding ironically to a kink party and got pulled over by a cop. Well, this was a female cop and she came walking up and you know in that police uniform, that gun belt just struck up and I took one look at her and I said, “Oh, please write me a ticket, especially with your name on it. I’m going to a kink fetish party.” She would be a really big kit with that outfit and the handcuffs, she busted out laughing. She said, “get the fuck outta here. I’m not going to write you a ticket!” I’m like, I’m like, “don’t you want to come with me? What time do you get off work?” And she just says, “GOOO!”

Delia: Oh my God. If anyone could seduce a police officer into attending a party with her, it would be you.

Olivia:  And here’s the thing, she’s already got the handcuffs. Right. And she knows how to use them!

Delia:  So this has been a fun and random kind of question for us, so we want you to answer it as well. If you got arrested, what would your family and friends think had gone wrong? It could be something as simple and vanilla as Ms. Delia said or something as naughty as Ms Olivia said? And speaking of Ms.Olivia, she has something she wants you to do.

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