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This edition of The Weekly Hot Spot kicks off the new series of Mistress Interviews. There are TWO interviews.

Head Mistress Ms Ally

I know the vast majority of you have never talked with Ms Ally — the woman who created the Enchantrix Empire — now you get to meet her.  You don’t want to miss getting to know the woman who built our empire one stroke at a time!  Her interview is right after a special focus interview with Ms Delia.

Beg for Mistress Delia

It’s fascinating to hear Mistress Delia talk about how Distance Domination has changed her in person fetish play and how her kinky lifestyle influences her phone fantasy scenes.  You’ll hear more about her Mistress style and how that has evolved through the years.  Ms Delia also talks about connecting with people via her blogs:  Beg for Mistress and Femfabulous (for the girly girls).

Your interviewer is the Experienced Mistress Ms Olivia — co-host of The Weekly Hot Spot.  The new Mistress Interview project started when Ms Olivia realized that the old batch of Mistress Interviews were nearly 5 years old!  How have the ladies changed?  How has changing technology, like virtual reality, influenced how a Mistress does an erotic session?  What do these Femdoms look for in a caller?  And, what are some things that you won’t learn anywhere else?

Enjoy the Mistress Interviews

For all the Mistress Interviews — look for Cock Radio on Spreaker.  The show is called All Mistress Interviews.  One or two interviews will post every Friday at noon.  Until then, remember the motto of The Weekly Hot Spot:

Stay sexy and stay HOT!