Have you ever had a one night stand? Delia and Olivia have too, and in this sexy adult podcast, they share their stories. A one night stand can leave you with a sexy memory as Delia shares or leave the other person wanting as Olivia shares.

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Olivia: So that brings me to something I want to know. Do you have a favorite one night stand story?

Delia: It’s with a woman. Yeah.

Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800 601 6975Olivia: Woman or man. Yeah. I mean, back before I met Jack, my husband I had, it was actually just like two weeks before I met him. I had amazing sex once with this beautiful red haired, curly red hair, big green eyes, creamy skin. Oh my God. She had luscious breasts and I sucked on her nipples for like forever.

She had the prettiest pussy, just this pretty little landing strip of fiery red hair. It was gorgeous and I, I dominated her. I used a strap on on her. She ate my pussy for hours, licked my asshole for a while. Oh, I had an anal orgasm. I really feel like I did. It was incredible. She was very skilled and actually through what she did to me, I learned some oral sex tricks. It was fucking hot.

Olivia: And that was a one night stand, like you didn’t go back for more?

Delia:  No. Well she was married. I met Jack just a week or two after that. And so I had this whirlwind romance going on in this brand new kink dynamic, which I was so fucking into. You know, right in the beginning when you get into a real relationship, a dynamic kink relationship. Oh my God. And I always intended to get back with her, but we just never did. So one night stand. Yeah, she was skilled man. She was skilled.

Now what about you? Have you ever had a great one night stand? A favorite one night stand?

Olivia:  Yes! So I happen to absolutely love what I call international sex. That’s sex with people that are flying someplace out of the country or living someplace out of the country. And I know that they’re not going to follow me back to the States. So it’s a real definition of one night stand. I was coming back from a hiking trip in the POL, landed in Singapore for like an eight hour layover and in Singapore they’ve got these fabulous things to do for these extra long layovers and they’ve got little rooms. So I went and I got my legs whacked. I got a Manny petty, I got my hair washed and conditioned and trimmed. I threw away my grubby jeans and I went shopping. I got prime patties. I mean I just felt amazing. Then I went and I was sitting at the bar, met this guy from London and I looked at him after talking for just a little bit.

I said, so how long until your flight? And he looked at his watch and he said, I’ve got to head to the thing in about two and a half hours. I said, my flight is in two hours. You want to go to one of the rooms and you can rent like a little cubicle. It’s a sleeping cubicle. And so we rented a cubicle and we fucked for an hour and 15 minutes. And then I stood up and he looked at me and he goes, what’s your email? What’s your address? How do I get in touch with you? I’ll come visit you in the United States. And I’m like, Nope. Nope, Nope. One night stands international sex. You don’t know who I am and yet can’t follow me. Boom out. I strutted that’s, Oh I gotta tell you I slept really good the way to the United States.

Oh, that’s an all natural way to sleep on international flights. Have really great sex before you board the flight.

Delia: I’ll have to uh, take that tip into consideration before my next flight though. It won’t be international.

Olivia: Speaking of one night stands, would you rather have one night Sam with someone really attractive or someone really skilled?

Delia:  Without a doubt, the skill matters. I mean moderately attractive. Absolutely. You know, pleasing shore, but it doesn’t have to be beautiful. But absolutely the skills rate for me. What do you think?

Olivia: Oh, absolutely. Skills, skills, hands down. Absolutely.

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Bye everybody.

Olivia: Bye.