If you could be Queen for a Day what would you do was the question posed in this adult podcast. Both Delia and Olivia had a sexual answer, and I bet that does not shock you! Enjoy this podcast and think about whether you would do something sexual, something philanthropic, or maybe you’d just be a Queen!

Olivia:  Welcome to the weekly hotspot. Kink conversation BDSM advice, insight from the World of Distance Domination and phone sex. We are your hosts, Mistress Delia and I’m Miss Olivia.

Delia:  We have got something for you. We love your participation in our podcasts. We will be bringing you a series of shorts, but sexy, naughty, fun and sometimes dirty questions. We want you to give us feedback. We want you to leave us blog comments because we value and want your interactions.

Olivia: Oh God, absolutely.

Delia Olivia Hot Spot Snippet 800 601 6975Delia:  So I have a question for you, Olivia. If you could be queen for the day, what would you do?

Olivia:  If I could be queen for a day and do away and change one thing about the world or about the sexual world, I would absolutely do away with all sexually transmitted diseases so that we could fuck without condoms. And let me tell you if that happened. Oh my God.  I would just like people walking down the street or walk into a gym and say, now back in the back. Fuck. I know I’m a little slutty.

Delia:  I love that about you though. I’m pretty sure in our slot, it’s a beautiful thing to be.

Olivia:  I was talking to someone recently and she said, you know, I’m not so sure if I’m a slut I have had in my life. Um, like five sexual partners. And I just kind of looked at or my jaw dropped and she goes, how many have you had? And I’m like, what? This month? And her jaw just dropped. I was like, Ooh. Wow.

Delia:  I know. I have to say though, being a slut, in my opinion, and this might revolutionize the word, slut for people. Being a slut is a state of mind, right? Being a slut is more how you do things than how many people you’ve fucked because I can fuck like a slut giving it all, leaving. Nothing on the table, everything going on in that moment. Giving the best sexual experience that I can give to my husband, right? But I fuck him like I am some slut that he picked up, right?

Olivia:  I firmly believe in the phrase, a lady in the living room, I chef in the kitchen, a slut in the back.

Delia:  Amen sister. Amen. So if you could rule the world, what would you do? That is the question that Olivia and I are asking you this week. So get over to our blog though, weekly hotspot.com and leave us some comments and some answers. But first, do what mistress Olivia tells you to.

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Bye everybody.

Olivia: Bye.