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Are you curious about how you stack up against other people in your level of kinkiness?  Now, you have a comparison to check against — and this sex research is from the Kinsey Institute — so you know it’s not a whack-a-doodle study.  They even asked about power exchange and Domination.

Kinky, submissive or just adventurous

One question a Mistress often gets from a caller is:  Mistress am I a pervert? The co-hosts of this adult podcast talk about some new sex research that has both Mistresses comparing the survey to their experinces doing Distance Domination on the phone.

Research on kinky sex fantasies does not tell the whole story

The survey talked to 4 thousand adults over a 2 year period.  It’s important to remember that each number is an actual person.  While the statistics show trends and overall percentages, the ladies break down what those stats in in the life of a Femdom Mistress.

Ms Delia has a surprising story about kink and her husband Jack — this story is one that you won’t find on her blog despite following her husband’s kinky adventures.  Have you been in a situation where you and your partner are sexually incompatible?  You don’t want to miss this personal disclosure from a Lifestyle Mistress.

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