Time for the covid sex survey

What would you put as the top ten kinks during covid lockdowns and isolation?  Some are what you’d expect, but there are some surprises in there.  This adult podcast episode has the top five kinks according to a survey during the pandemic lockdown. 

Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot: kink conversation, BDSM advice, insight from he worlds of Distance Domination and phone sex. We are your hosts: Ms Olivia and Ms Erika. You’re now a regular host. Do you like it? 

Ms Erika: It’s fantastic. I’m having so much fun. I’m learning a lot from you and Delia.

Ms Olivia: I understand that some very naughty fun folks are now finding you on Twitter. 

Ms Erika:  After the first podcast posted, I got an influx of followers on Twitter. I always thank my followers who are following me and sending private DMs.  One person actually admitted that they found me via my first podcast – Femdom Stories: Sex in the Time of Covid.

Ms Olivia:  That’s fantastic. 

Ms Erika:  I absolutely love when a new caller to me tells me how they found me, because it kind of tells me what works and what doesn’t. 

Ms Olivia:  I’m gonna be honest with people. Erika is so much better on her Twitter than I am. If you want my attention, send me an email. 

I’m olivia@enchantrixempire.com  

I promise I’ll get my Twitter up to snuff, but right now, Erika is the bomb on Twitter. Tell them your twitter name.

Ms Erika:  It’s @ErikaEnchantrix and email is erika@enchantrixempire.com

Tweets and emails inspire Mistress

Ms Olivia:  I should also give a shout out to … I think this is the person that followed you on Twitter. He sent me an email and he said, “Hey, I just found this podcast and this is fantastic. What happened? Why did you stop?” And I’m like, dude, it was a pandemic. Then there’s political insurrection. Then there was a massive worldwide disruption and we had weather going on there. Like we just didn’t do the podcast. He goes, please, “Can you start it up again?”  I said, “You know what? You inspired me and us.”

Now I don’t know what his Twitter name is. Do you know the name of the follower who just followed you? 

Ms Erika:  Oh, I do. But you know, at first I thought he followed me by mistake because it was totally like a business strait-laced Twitter account. 

Ms Olivia:  Oh oh!  Don’t say his name on the show.

Ms Erika:  I did thank him for the follow. He’s got a very common first name, it’s Bill. I won’t say the rest of the name, but it’s Bill that said that he found me on The Weekly Hot Spot. 

Ms Olivia:  I think I’m not sure that this is the same guy. I found the email from him. And his name is Guy  — which actually might be his name or a description, who knows? But he put DaddyOhNo as his twitter name.  I’m like, okayyyyyy — we’re Femdoms, we’re not into the submissive girl kind of scene but Daddy is following us! Hahahahahahaha

Ms Erika:  You know, that brings up a good point. Olivia, when you’re creating your alts’ personality, you know, your persona over email and Twitter and Tumblr or whatever you do, how about staying consistent? 

I know one person who is on three different platforms with three different names. It’s so hard to get straight. 

So if you’re going to be daddy, big daddy dick, be that on all your platforms. 

Ms Olivia: This is just to tell our listeners, we pay attention to you!  And DaddyOhNo your email was the impetus for us to start the podcast up. I mean, obviously we’re not going to do it just because some guy says, “Hey, do it,” but starting up again was kind of bouncing around and then the email came – it was like, okay, we’ll do that. 

Ms Erika:  We’re very motivated and inspired by the people we interact with. So yeah. Thank you. 

Ms Olivia:  We kind of went far afield. We just took that exit, but now we’re back on the interstate.

Kink and COVID

Ms Olivia: I found a survey that showed the top 10 kinks during COVID. How cool was that? We’ll do five of those kinks today and then five next week.

Ms Erika, first, this question for you: how did your sexual habits change during the COVID isolation? 

Ms Erika:  Well, honestly not too much, because right now I’m kind of in a committed relationship, but I have found that there is more time for naughty, more time for, you know, looking at porn, trying new things that maybe we haven’t done in a long time. So that’s always a lot of fun.

Ms Olivia:  Mmmmm, talking about porn. I didn’t realize this until I was talking to a caller and he said, “What were you doing right before I called?

And I said, “Oh, I was watching porn! It was so great!”

I launched into this whole thing about what I was watching and why it was sexy.  And I realized later I am watching way more porn than I used to watch, but I used to go to fetish play parties. As much fun as it was to play in public with submissives, I’m realizing that part of the attraction for me is that I could just walk around the room, the play space, the area and watch live fetish porn.   Over here she’s on the spanking bench. He’s spanking her. Oh daddy, ohhhhh nooooooo! ~laughs~

There would be all of this kind of naughty, kinky stuff going on. So I’m really missing that. I am watching way more porn. And my favorite is POV porn. Oh and lesbian porn!

Ms Erika:  Lesbian porn. Yes, absolutely. We’re kind of the same, that’s kind of weird. I love POV porn and I guess I use it more of an aphrodisiac.

I’m the type of, uh, lady that if I go to a restaurant, I don’t order the same thing every single time. I want a variety. 

So I find myself like reaching out and seeing if I can find something unusual. And when I’m doing that I’m bookmarking some of these because I have so many view naughties in mind for little assignments.  How much fun is it to send somebody on assignment to watch a super hot video?

Ms Olivia:  Oh, that’s so wicked. 

Denial is one of the top 10 kinks during COVID. It is. And we’re going to be talking about that and so much more in this podcast, but first we know that your hands are busy because we’ve been talking about porn. 

So get your hands unbusy — wash, wipe them off. Now you have some typing to do so. 

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Top kinks during covid

Ms Olivia: So today, top kink during COVID; I guess since we’re all isolating, the number one certainly makes sense. It’s virtual sex. 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. 

Ms Olivia:  Unless you’ve got a handy partner right there. It’s virtual. It’s cybersex for everybody. Or if you have a partner, but you don’t like sex with that partner. 

A lot of my callers are married men and either they don’t have sex with their wife, or she doesn’t do that thing that they like –  the kink or the fetish or whatever it is. 

They might have a good sexual relationship with their wife, but they like to be spanked and she doesn’t like that or they like to be in chastity and she doesn’t want to put his dick in chastity. That kind of thing. 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. I agree with you.

A lot of times, it’s so hard, especially if you start your relationship off on a “vanilla” plane and not talk about kink, it’s hard to bring it up later. I find the same thing, a lot of times they have the regular vanilla sex life and it’s wonderful and they’re great partners outside of sex, but they just need a little bit more, they need a little bit of variety.

Ms Olivia: And let me also just take us off a little, another little tangent: phone sex is so much better than getting a mistress and getting a whole other relationship face to face because that will blow up, you can blow up your marriage.

When you’re with a professional, we know how to set and keep boundaries and help you to not blow up your marriage. 

Ms Erika:  Amen. Absolutely. We are not here to destroy your life. We’re here to enhance your life and your human existence around this little blue planet and have a good time. 

Ms Olivia:  So speaking about this little blue planet, some people actually say that we might be living in a virtual reality, a computer simulation. I find all of that stuff fascinating. 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. Right.

Ms Olivia: That kind of makes sense in a very weird way. I mean, Einstein talked about spooky numbers, spooky math.

Virtual reality is fun for sex

Ms Olivia:  Virtual reality is super hot for sex. I’m talking about being in Second Life. It’s a virtual world and wow the visuals are amazing. Are you still in Second Life? 

Ms Erika:  I am still in Second Life. I’m not very active right now. You know, life has turned my course a little bit, but it is fantastic. It is such a rush to actually see an action, what you are dictating in a session.

Ms Olivia: It’s also easier to see something in Second Life that you kind of can’t do in real life. I’m thinking, for example, the Giantess fantasy is perfect. Right? He’s never going to be one inch tall in real life, but in Second Life. 

Ms Erika: Oh, absolutely. 

Ms Olivia:  You love doing Giantess calls, don’t you? 

Ms Erika:  I do. I do. I actually have an erotic audio client that hits me up about once a month for a new little fantasy role in a custom audio. 

Ms Olivia:  That’s fantastic.  Do you do Giantess stuff in Second Life? 

Ms Erika:  Oh yes I have. I’ve had somebody caught between my legs and serving me by the pool. Don’t fall in little one.

Ms Olivia:  I’m going to go dancing and he’s right right around the bottoms of my stilettos. Oh oh!

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. 

Ms Olivia:  I’m not in Second Life as much as well. I had a computer thing happen and then I just got busy doing other stuff. I promise I’ll get back there eventually. 

I will say to callers, there’s a learning curve to Second Life. You’ve got to do a time investment to get in there, learn enough to get it to the point that it’s fun.  Once it becomes fun, it’s awesome. 

Ask either of us how to begin the process. If you’re interested, send us an email. Erika@enchantrixempire.com or Olivia@enchantrixempire.com

Vanilla sex and GFE girlfriend experience

Ms Olivia:  Oh, another tangent.

Ms Erika: Bring it girl. 

Ms Olivia:  Do you do vanilla phone sex calls or GFE, girlfriend experience, calls? 

Ms Erika: I do not as much as other calls, but absolutely. I enjoy them. I’m a woman first and you know, that’s what I identify with first and a leader and Dominant next. 

I enjoy playing with all facets of myself. And the best part is we never have a headache!

Ms Olivia:  We never make you scoop the kitty litter box or take out the trash!

Ms Erika: Yes. So there are advantages to being a boyfriend or a husband, but there are really solid advantages to calling us.

Virtual reality and sex tech

Ms Olivia:  Sex tech – all of the blending of technology and erotic pleasure, that is going to be huge. It’s already starting to be really big. 

We already do tons of stuff with remote sex toys. We add that into our remote domination stuff. But the combination of tech sex and virtual sex is going to be very exciting for the future. 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. I agree. I have a couple of clients who’ve tried it out and they’re, they’re very impressed to say the least.

Dominant submissive BDsm play

Ms Olivia:  Virtual sex is definitely the number one kink on the list of top 10 kinks during COVID. The second one on the survey is the Dom/sub or  Dominant submissive sex.

Now distance domination is what we do on the phone. A lot of my callers want to know: Hey, is it real? If it’s on the phone is phone domination real BDsm?

I say, it absolutely is. The energy is the same. The vibe can be the same, sub drop can be the same. It can be everything from a role play fantasy to a real power exchange of energy that is just fabulous for both of us. 

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. You hit upon some very good points, Olivia. I agree. You talk about different ways that people can dominate. And I think a lot of people have preconceptions of that. Talk a little bit about that article that you posted about phone domination, real BDsm play and what that looks like. 

Real BDsm or Dominance and submission

Ms Olivia:  You and I have talked so many times about communication, so I don’t want to bring it up too too much again, but I will because I’m that way. It all depends on communication, right? What is domination?  It is whatever you and your partner create.

So for example, if it’s a tease and denial Domination scene, I can be wearing a flirty baby doll and just teasing you. Well, it’s still kind of a power exchange. He is giving up power to me. 

Femdom porn vs Woman in Charge

Ms Olivia:  Porn is great. I love porn, but it tends to be the most extreme and the most visual. So that means the ladies are in latex, which is awesome. I love latex. She’s carrying a whip. He’s on a St. Andrew’s cross. He’s really struggling. I like all of that kind of stuff. 

It’s like you said earlier, porn is not necessarily reality. Real BDsm and real Domination is whenever one party gives up power to the other party. 

Ms Erika:  Perfect. It can be as simple as letting the woman lead in the sexual encounter, which is what I’ve always done. 

What is erotic Domination?

Ms Erika:  If you look at the definition of Domination, it’s just you giving up control to another.  How that plays out with you and your partner or partners is up to you. It’s real domination. There are lots of ways men submit to Dominant Women.

So when we’re doing a session on the phone and we instruct somebody with a certain set of instructions and they obey, I am controlling them, period. What do you think about the labels? 

BDsm and labels for kink

Ms Olivia:  I think labels are handy, but sometimes people get caught up in the labels and forget that the label is just a starting point. And since human beings are diverse and smart, you start from something like Dominatrix or Mistress or Madame, and then create whatever you want. It’s not like somebody says, this is the rule book. Don’t step out of this.

What is a real Femdom?

Ms Olivia:  I was at a play party and I had a submissive strung up on chains coming down from the ceiling. I was teasing his cock, paddling him, using a Wartenberg wheel, and just doing all kinds of sensation play.  There was some flogging. Some cock and ball torment and more.

Then I bent down and I took the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. 

Ms Erika:  I’m going to take a break. You keep talking like that. 

Ms Olivia:  Then I stopped; it’s tease and denial with some pain play.  

Later on, the Dungeon Master came up and he goes, “I thought you were a Femdom.”  I’m like, “Yes. And?”  And he goes, “Well, I saw you giving that guy a blow job.”

I laughed and said, “What?  Like I can’t?”  He said, “Well, Femdoms don’t do that.”  

I just looked at him and I said, “What’s the use of being the Woman in Charge or the Femdom if you can’t do what the hell you want?”

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. And you know, the most hilarious thing is that even people in the community have these narrow views of what it is to be Dominant. 

And I agree with you, labels and categories are great for understanding our world. And I hope what we do here and what you and Delia have been doing over the years is opening up people’s horizons. 

1 myth about being submissive

Ms Erika: I can’t tell you how many people I’ve spoken with that identify as a submissive and say, “What do you mean you don’t have every one of your pets, eat their own cum?”

I say, “Well, no, because every connection is different.” 

Every connection has a different stimulus that helps them feel submissive and helps me feel Dominant. That’s what the focus is not what you think should happen because that’s what will happen with you. 

Is Mistress also a switch?

Ms Olivia:  So speaking of being submissive, do you ever do submissive calls where you are the submissive; do you switch? 

Ms Erika:  I do not switch. But I never say never. 

There is one person that I play with. I hope feels that when we role play a vanilla sex scene, because it’s interactive and I’m not necessarily leading, I’m just enjoying the company. That doesn’t mean that I’m being submissive. 

We did try playing around with that a little bit and well, I just don’t think I’d make a good submissive because I have a mouth. And, um, here’s a little bit of a secret, don’t tell anybody, but I take don’t take direction from males very well.

Ms Olivia:  ~laughs~  Me neither!

Ms Erika:  Maybe I need a therapist, but with that said, I’m fantastic at collaborating and negotiating before the session. 

However we play, whether it’s girlfriend experience or tease and denial or whatever — negotiation is very important to me.  This means that you can step back and I feel confident having all the tools at my disposal to have a great time for the both of us. 

Difference between being topped and being submissive

Ms Olivia:  I am the same. There was this one guy, years ago who and I did in fact, try it out with him in real life. I am not submissive. I am not a switch. I am a total Femdom. 

I do like being topped by another Mistress or Master, but that’s for sensation play. It’s not for submission or humiliation or any of that.

All Dominants are tops but not all tops are Dominant. I will let another person “top” me but, since I don’t like being submissive, I’m not a full on switch. 

This one caller was so insistent; he was begging and he was so nice about it that I said, okay, let me try.

Ms Erika:  Right. 

Ms Olivia:  I had an extra butt plug and he had me spank myself.  I gave it a try and then I just had to tell him, “That’s just, that’s not doing it for me. Um, I’m so sorry, but yeah, no.”

Ms Erika:  Oh, you know, that’s almost the same because we tried to play that way.  I thought, let me see if I can, because, you know, I have an open mind, I have a great fantasy repertoire so let’s just pretend this is a fantasy. 

When he wanted me to get on all fours and crawl towards him, I’m like nah!  I actually got a visceral reaction in my stomach. Like, no, let’s not do this. 

Ms Olivia:  Exactly. Yup. So that actually, this is a perfect segue into another tangent. When guys ask, are you real on the phone or did you really enjoy talking to me or do you really enjoy this kink or fetish or scene or whatever it is you and I, we don’t do calls that we don’t enjoy.

Ms Erika:  Correct. Absolutely. 

Ms Olivia: So that answers that question. Nobody asked it before the podcast, but you know, we’re helpful. We will give answers to common questions for those who get to know us on a personal level. 

One of the top questions when I’m getting to know somebody is:  “Am I weird? Am I weird for liking this?”  

Ms Erika:  That’s kind of their way of saying, “Do you think it’s good? Do you know what I mean?”

And of course, people probably think that we put it on only because our repertoire is so wide and they can’t think, Oh my goodness, how can they like all of that stuff? You know what I mean? Because they don’t. But guaranteed, if you bring something to my table, then I’m like no, I’ll tell you because I want you to have a fantastic experience and unless I get into it, that’s probably not going to happen. 

Ms Olivia:  Did you ever have a call that you desperately wanted to do, but just couldn’t do it because you weren’t equipped to do it?

Ms Erika:  I would have to go back to the submissive. I don’t think my mental acuity is equipped, um, to be the submissive and no harm, no foul.

This is just like when I play with people on the phone. I think, okay, you’re here to explore your submissive side. What kind of stimulus helps you feel submissive? 

Let’s say we do butt plugs, right? And for whatever reason, after trying things, playing, blah, blah, blah. It’s just not your thing. No harm, no foul. 

It doesn’t mean I’m bad. It doesn’t mean you’re bad. It just means the stimulus doesn’t work for you. Let’s go on and move onto something else. 

Ms Olivia: I have one call that I desperately desperately wanted to do. Ally, who is the Headmistress here at LDW Group, sent out an email years ago. And it was somebody who wanted a cartoon voice. And I can’t remember if it was Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck.

I can’t do the Donald Duck voice. I couldn’t do Minnie mouse. And I was so upset. 

I really, really, really wanted to find out what the hell was going on because I think this is one of the reasons why people call us. Even if we laugh about it, we are not laughing at him. 

Ms Erika:  No, we get it. 

Ms Olivia:  No matter how it’s expressed, it is some kind of sexual need or fantasy that he can’t get anywhere else. And that puts us in, I think, a very sacred and privileged position. 

Ms Erika:  Um, I just got chills. You’re absolutely right. That’s exactly how I feel. It’s, it’s fantastic to be there for people. And you know, with that said, Miss Olivia, even if I, or you can’t do that voice, we can find somebody on staff that can.

Ms Olivia:  Oh, somebody did the call. She’s actually no longer here. 

One thing – after the call she got in our internal forum and she was laughing about it. And Ms Ally, knocked that down fast. She said, “You will not laugh at our clients. You will not. If you are here to be mean outside of a session or to criticize them, to laugh at them or whatever, find another phone service company because that’s not us.”

I think part of the difference is we don’t have to take calls that we don’t want to take. And other phone sex services, the women are required to do calls with whomever comes in over the transom. They have to do it. 

So speaking of control of calls – number three on the covid kink survey is our personal favorite — orgasm control.

Orgasm control

Ms Olivia:  I imagine some people think guys are jacking off way more now that they’re home, but not in my experience. The survey says that  umber three is orgasm control and maybe it’s because they don’t have privacy. We talked about that in our first COVID sex podcast – Femdom stories sex in the time of covid.

I think maybe men are searching for ways to spice up their sex life and just jacking off more isn’t going to do it. What do you think? 

Ms Erika:  Oh, absolutely.

Our clientele has split into two avenues. One who doesn’t have as much time and those who have more time. 

For those who have more time, you know, they’re really branching out and looking for challenges, like you said, to spice up their sex life.

They might be edging because maybe they didn’t have the time before to be able to edge for two or three hours, you know, on and off as instructed. 

Or I know one person who’s only had limited time in a chastity cage that they could do every day. And now he’s looking for long-term chastity because of the situation. He’s now alone in the home for a week at a time so he can wear the cage. 

He’s absolutely loving it so it’s actually benefiting him after that week is over and he’s with his partner.  Well, you know what happens after a week in a cage?

Ms Olivia:  Oh exactly. You bring up an interesting point about chastity. When someone comes to us for chastity play and chastity guidance, eliminate the thought that chastity has to be a year long chastity or a month long period of chastity because a lot of men can’t do that. 

If he’s in a relationship or married, he can’t wear the chastity cage to bed. It’s not going to work with his daily life. 

I had one caller who was in chastity by will and I instructed him to do the cage-free chastity move, which is to rub numbing cream on his dick. 

Ms Erika:  Woo hoo!

Ms Olivia:  Right? So he loses the hard-on and can’t have an orgasm and yet he’s not in the cage. He had a wet dream for the first time in forever.

Ms Erika:   A wet dream! I love it. 

Ms Olivia: I talked to him, he was like, what the hell have you done to me? This was awesome.

Ms Erika:  I mean, you’re an adult. You don’t really have wet dreams. I’ve woken myself up from a sexual dream that just kind of woke me up and I’m like, Oh, Oh!  

I don’t get what dreams very often anymore but if there’s a desert happening, it will happen. 

Ms Olivia:  I have this amazing connection with someone and I dreamed I was on my stomach and he was just worshiping my ass. The next thing you know, I woke myself up. I was like ohhhhhhhh my! 

I can’t remember if I told him about that. I probably did. But um, if I didn’t, I know he’s a fan of the podcast. So if I didn’t, he now knows.

Ms Erika:  Absolutely. 

Ms Olivia: Well, now that we’re talking about orgasm control and the most common thought that comes to people’s mind when they think of orgasm control, they think chastity.  

What is your interpretation of what orgasm control is? What it would look like under your tutelage? Give us the broad stroke.

Ms Erika:  So the broad stroke of orgasm control requires …

Ms Olivia:  Broad stroke!  ~laughs~  If he’s got a small penis he can’t do the broad stroke – he’s going to have to rub rub rub!

Ms Erika: Yes it is. Yes it is. So orgasm control can be anything from edging on the phone and then having an orgasm at the end of the call to continuing long after the call with a series of instructions given over the phone. After we get off the phone, I want, well, you mentioned watching porn, I’m going to send you to this particular porn video. I want you to watch it. You’re allowed to edge, but do not come. And then call me after you’ve done that or report in via email. 

Ms Olivia:  Orgasm control can be my control, but just like anything else, you have sort of a pre-conversation about expectations. What each person wants to get out of it. And it’s not this huge long thing. It can be very fast. 

It’s actually similar to many of the questions that I ask when someone inquires about chastity.  Miss Constance, did a fabulous series of chastity interviews and I realized that the chastity questions are very similar to the ones that I’m asking someone when he says, I want orgasm control, or I want you to dominate my cock. 

I have to ask questions because I can assume he wants to wait a week, two weeks, three months, whatever. And he’s thinking that he’s not going to come for 10 minutes and then come at the end of the call. That’s a little bit of a gap in communication. That’s not good. Right? 

Ms Erika: Exactly. Absolutely. 100%. I agree with you. It’s important to have those conversations, um, because somebody little bit is different than somebody else’s little bit.

Ms Olivia: What is your favorite thing about tease and denial games? 

Tease and denial

Ms Erika: I tend to be very cerebral regarding these types of situations. I think if you delve down to the bottom of it has to do with replicating our earliest sexual encounters. So when you were in college and looking for boyfriends or girlfriends, um, a lot of times guys are just naturally denied. They get all worked up, Oh, look at that cute girl looking at me. And Oh, she gave me a kiss on the face. I got a hard on and then she’s gone. 

That tease and denial that naturally happens through our journey is replicated with what we do here. That’s what I liked the best is because it really speaks to something totally written into who we are. That’s why orgasm control is so addictive. Does that make sense? 

Ms Olivia:  Oh, that’s beautifully put –  it’s written into our sexual DNA and we want to experience that again and again.

Ms Erika:  That’s why so many guys enjoy it. Some guys are repulsed by it because they’re frustrated over that tease and denial but the majority of our callers absolutely adore it. 

Ms Olivia: I agree about the instructional aspect and the being in control. And since it’s an aural experience I love hearing the gasps and moans. I find that it’s such a trigger for me.

It is a big trigger for me to say, “No, I don’t want you to cum just yet. Wait, just a little bit. Don’t you want to make me happy? Wait just a little bit. Let me hear you masturbate just a little bit more.” And then he’s like, please, please, please let me cum!

Ms Erika:  Or that desperate side, when you say, take your hands off, you know exactly if they did it or not, we don’t have to see that we know exactly what he did.

Ms Olivia: Have you ever had someone say, okay, my hands are off. No, they’re not. What do you do?

Naughty submissive doesn’t obey Mistress

Ms Erika: I just stop talking and start redirecting to something else. I just wait because if I’m not giving that energy, they’re not propelled. They’re not brought along on the stream or the river. Um, so if I change course and start talking about, Hey, what are you doing next week? Did you get your assignments done, blah, blah, blah, or whatever, and talk about something very unsexy. They’re like, Hmm, maybe I should pay attention.

Ms Olivia:  I do the same thing, I talk about the possibility of changes to the fed interest rate. But listen, if he wanted to whack off on his own and be in charge of his penis and his orgasm he wouldn’t be calling us.

Ms Erika: Well, the truth is Olivia I’ve had yet to have one person say orgasms with you are the worst. 

That’s why they come to us because every guy can look at a naked picture, porn video, or whatever, and whack that dick off. The fact is it’s more fun when you have an engaging partner. 

Bondage and self bondage

Ms Olivia:  Exactly. Now speaking of engaging – number 4 on the covid survey is engaging because you are literally tied up.

This is possible in a distance domination call, you can do self bondage, but this is a longer conversation than this podcast. We want to give a nod to it since it’s number four on the list.  Helplessness is hot but do not get self bondage tips from watching porn.

Ms Erika:  No. You must be safe. 

Ms Olivia: If you want a way to do this call either of us in session. And we can walk you through all of the various release mechanisms to keep your self bondage play safe.

We believe in safe, sane, and consensual sex, always. 

Ms Erika:  Yes. And if I think you’re going to be putting yourself in danger, or if I’m not comfortable with it, that’s when I’m going to say, let’s try this instead. Or how about if we do this differently? I mean, if you want your hands tied and I don’t feel that you’re going to be safe, tying yourself up like that, maybe I’ll have you lay on your hands instead. You know, that’s something you can do to still feel, you know, bound, but unless I think you’re safe. It’s not going to happen. 

Ms Olivia:  Absolutely! Safe, sane and consensual is not just for the submissive or the caller but it’s for the Mistress as well. 

We’re at number 5 in the covid sex survey.  We’re going to do the final five in next week’s podcast. But number five for the end of today’s podcast: anal play. Woo hoo!

 Anal sex and strapon sex

Ms Olivia: If people haven’t listened to the podcast last week on the Femdom guide to strap on play, you have got to go back and listen to it because both of us love anal play.

Sellers of sex toys report that sex toy sales are booming in COVID. All kinds of sex toys and so a lot of men are discovering, oh, that is not just for her. Right? 

Ms Erika: Absolutely. I’m writing a lot about that lately, too. I think the most common concern for at least heterosexual males is what does it mean if I like anal stimulation? And it doesn’t mean you’re gay.

There’s a good argument to be said that for males, your body was kinda made for it, right? Because of that magical little prostate, you have that little hot button that just is a sweet little, little joy spot for an interesting thing, for any kind of anal play on the phone.

Ms Olivia: I have a caller that made a sex machine.

He’s an engineer. And he sent me pictures of his sex machine. And I’ve gotten pictures from a couple friends that have made sex machines during COVID. And it’s actually really easy to do. There are things that you can find that do it yourself, sex machine, right? How’s that for a DIY project?

Ms Erika: Oh, what better project for COVID right?

Ms Olivia: We have another caller that has, it’s not a sex machine, but well, you describe it. 

Ms Erika:  Well, let’s just say it’s a manual sex machine, right?

So instead of some motor, uh, whirling away the dildo is attached to the end of a shepherd’s hook. And then the user manually penetrates his ass pussy.

This is smart because he doesn’t have to reach around. A lot of times, depending on your physical abilities, reaching around or reaching between your legs, isn’t as comfortable to stay in that position for a simulation. 

So imagine a shepherd hook, you know, like a large cane and on the curved part, the dildo is attached and then they use the long part of the cane to bring it down and ride ’em cowboy. 

I’m always very inspired, impressed by the ingenuity of our clients. 

There’s another client now that you mentioned that I was dealing with and he was interested in a humbler but every humbler he used was too small for their little knickknacks down there. 

Ms Olivia: Actually that’d be a wonderful way to do small penis humiliation.

Ms Erika:  Yes !!  ~laughs~  So, this poor client pops up in my Twitter feed and says, how about two dowels from Home Depot and I just put rubber bands on the ends?  I’m like, you’re brilliant!

Ms Olivia: I can see that as a small penis humiliation assignment. One of my favorite small penis humiliation assignments is for him to go to the drug store and buy the Magnum sized XX, large condoms, and then just have it be like, Oh my, whoops, yeah, this is definitely not fitting me.

Ms Erika: Or better yet, go to the adult bookstore, ask for either cock rings or a chastity cage. No matter what they show you, say, oh that is still too big do you have anything smaller? No, that’s still too big, can I get anything smaller? 

It is humiliating to have him go and look at the size and go, “Oh wow. The smallest is three times my size or four times my size.” 

Ms Olivia:  True. Right. So all of this brings us to the tail end of the podcast, right after anal play the tail end of the podcast, okay you know me and puns!

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Ms Olivia:  Do you take it in ass ? 

Ms Erika:  Well, my question would be thinking about all the play that we’ve talked about today. I want to hear from you, which of these kinks are you interested in adding to your sexual repertoire and for you perverts, I love you, which one of these may be your favorite? 

Ms Olivia:  Oh, great! 

Ms Erika:  You know, according to the CDC, men have had the anal sex more than women, 35.9% of women and 42.3% of men. So more men have had anal sex than women. And this is opposite gender sexual behavior. 

Ms Olivia: Have you had anal? 

Ms Erika:  Yeah.

Ms Olivia:  I enjoy it. I do. I do. I take it in the ass.

Okay. Those are the questions. 

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Ms Erika:  Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Ms Olivia: Experienced Mistress 

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So we’re looking forward to getting your comments to those questions. And if you’ve got suggestions, send those as well. 

Next week, part two of the survey of the top 10 kinks during COVID. I’m so excited about that. Aren’t you Erica? 

Ms Erika: Oh, absolutely. It’s so much fun talking to you Olivia and I hope that our listeners are having some fun as well.  Oh and do not cum until you talk to us.

Ms Olivia:  That’s it for now. Thanks for listening. Bye.