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Enjoy this adult podcast about talking to a Mistress.

Oh yeah, you’re thinking of the most obvious reason aren’t you?  Sure, you’re horny and you want what you want and you want it NOOOWWWWWWW.  Being able to call a Mistress is a perfect outlet for those hot and sexy conversations.  We get it; we like those calls and scenes too.  And … like the info-mercials say, “But wait … there’s more!”

This adult podcast

The hosts of The Weekly Hot Spot give you a peek behind the scenes of their lives as lifestyle Femdoms.  In this episode, Ms Olivia and Ms Delia talk about why someone calls a Mistress (beyond the obvious sexual reasons).

real life Mistress talk 1-800-601-7259 adult podcastMistress Delia on vacations

Ms Delia is back from vacation — you’ll find out how she prepared for Hurricane Florence — this is NOT the type of hurricane prep you normally hear about, that’s for sure!  Before she left on vacation, she gave you her standard stroking assignment — those of you who are in private cock control training, get individualized assignments. On this podcast, Ms Delia talks about cock control on a cruise.

Ms Olivia on celebrations

October is Ms Delia’s anniversary month.  Ms Olivia has a long personal and professional history with her kinky partner.  The ladies talk about how to team up to celebrate Ms Delia’s anniversary month.  If you have ideas or requests, send an email to: Olivia AT or Delia AT

Next week on The Weekly Hot Spot

Everything you want to know about the difference between sensual domination and hardcore kink play.  What is it?  How do you explore it?  What are some ways these Femdoms express all the sides of their personalities in their fetish scenes.  Thanks for listening!  Until then … remember our motto ….

Stay sexy …. and STAY HOT!