Are you curious about male chastity but don’t know where to start? Maybe you know you like chastity and now want to get serious about being locked up. Whatever your questions are about male chastity, we can help! The hosts of The Weekly Hot Spot podcast are chastity Mistresses who love chastity and the made-to-order chastity cages by Mature Metal, as you’ll hear in this edition of The Weekly Hot Spot podcast on chastity.

Experienced Mistress Olivia The Weekly Hot Spot podcastMs. Olivia: Welcome to The Weekly Hot Spot, kink conversation, BDSM advice, and insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex.

I’m Mistress Olivia, and I’m here with Ms. Erika. We are coming off the Stroke-a-thon, a one hour, 10 Mistress, Edging, CFNM, Jerk-Off Instruction extravaganza.

Here’s a link to the episode asking Did the cock strokers go the distance for strokeathon?

Now, instead of stroking, we lock up that cock.

We are talking chastity with William from Mature Metal. We have tons of questions. Thank you so much for being here.

William, Mature Metal: Thank you for inviting me, and we’re doing it just in time for Locktober. 

Ms. Olivia: Exactly. When everybody gets their cocks locked. 

Ms. Erika: Or cocks blocked.

Ms. Olivia: I have to say how much fun Mature Metal is. Thank you for letting us call you William.

William, MM: Everybody knows me as William, and they know my wife as Mistress MM.

Ms. Olivia: It got me thinking, if she is Mistress Mature Metal, it’s like the Angry Staffer on Twitter. He calls his wife Mrs. Angry.

I’ve taken us on an excursion. I told you this would happen.

William, MM: You do go on some excursions, but that’s fine. We love them.

Ms. Olivia: How do you know I go on excursions?

Mature Metal’s owner loves our BDSM, kink podcast!

William, MM: Every day, I go on a three-mile jog, and what brightens my day as the sun’s coming up is y’all’s lovely voices as I listen to past episodes.

The first time, I thought, “I’ll give them a try. I’ll see how they are.” I spit my gum out across a field because I was laughing so hard. You guys are great.

Ms. Erika: We like to mix a little humor with kink and fun. We only go around this world once, right? Plus, we like to help educate people about BDSM and things like What Every Submissive Man Needs to Know

Ms. Olivia: Before I got into kink and fetish, especially with pain play … flogging, spanking, that sort of thing … I thought these were angry, mean, and unhappy people. Why the fuck would I want to do that?

Then I got into it and saw, ohhhhh, I just didn’t know the difference.

The meme with the scowling Mistress is a Mistress stereotype. If you’re not having fun in a fetish scene, you need to get the fuck out. I always say, Mistress doesn’t mean bitch.

The chastity mindset

William, MM: If you’re in chastity, your whole mindset now is, “How do I please my Mistress?” If you’re not doing that, you are screwing up.

Chastity has a way of focusing your mind. It’s not necessarily sexual, as it is about the relationship. You are giving this person a key to your favorite freakin’ toy. You’ve been playing with it a long time, and now you’re saying, “Here, you take charge of it because I trust you that much.”

Ms. Erika: It is the gift of chastity and the gift of submission.

How to buy the right chastity cage

Ms. Olivia: We’re going to talk about things to consider when buying a chastity cage, including comfort, security, being stealthy, hygiene, and the cost.

I want to say, in the name of full disclosure, that I always recommend Mature Metal. They are for people who are serious about chastity. Ms. Constance always recommends Mature Metal chastity cages. Miss Constance knows that chastity can transform the mind and body. Here’s what she has to say about Mature Metal:

chastity Mistress Miss Constance on The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kinkMs. Constance: In the decade or so that I’ve been sending clients to Mature Metal, it’s because I believe it is the number one place for long-term chastity, and with all the clients I’ve sent, there has never been a complaint about quality or fit or comfort. 

(Mature Metal) has always been on top of it any time a client had to send it back because of modifications they wanted, not because there was something wrong. The customer service was always spot on, always very helpful, and always very quick.

It is an amazing quality chastity device.

Ms. Erika: I agree with Ms. Constance. Mature metal chastity devices are amazing.Ms Erika chastity keyholder The Weekly Hot Spot podcast

And William, you have an amazing company. I have sent many clients to you. They are typically going from, “I’m just playing with this, so I’m going to buy a cheap $40 device off the Internet,” and then the click in the mind happens. They think, “I like this. What do I do long term?” I send them right to your website, Mature Metal.

That was my little excursion.

My question for you is, What is your experience? Whose idea was this, and how did it come about in your relationship? Had you thought of chastity before you tried it?

Origin story of Mature Metal chastity cages

William, MM: It was about 15 years ago. I’m one of those guys who’s good with his hands, wood, and metal, and I was looking for a widget to build. I’m a kinkster. Backward and forward from the time I was a toddler. I’ve always been kinky. My wife, not so much, she was pretty vanilla. It evolved from there.

I came across a chastity device that was made by Lori, whom I had great admiration and respect for throughout the years. Unfortunately, she’s out of business now, the last I heard. I saw one of her used cages being sold for over $300.

I thought I could do that. I can build those.chastity cages by Mature Metal

The more I thought about it, the more I started coming up with designs. The first one I came up with was The Jailbird. At the time, I didn’t even know how to weld stainless steel. I didn’t know how to make a ring. I didn’t know how to do anything. I knew basic welding, but that was it.

I made a ring. I made a cage and showed it to my wife. I told her I wanted to build these. Now, she is very vanilla. When we would watch porn, we would go through the sex scenes on fast forward until they would start talking, and then she would hit play.

Ms. Olivia: She watched porn for the dialog? 

William, MM: Yes.

Ms. Olivia: That isn’t a criticism. I just needed to ask. The dialog is very stilted. “Hello. Is that pizza for me?” “Why yes, my lady-ness, the pizza is for you. Want to see my sausage?” “Oh, yes. I would love to see your sausage.”

She wanted that rather than sluprslurp slurpslurp slurpslurp?

William, MM: That’s pretty vanilla. I finally made a cage and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. I thought if I could build these, I could make a living at it. I was excited about it.

Ms. Olivia: You’d never been in chastity before you started making them?

William, MM: No. I have never put anyone’s cage on that was not my own.

Ms. Erika: My mind is blown.

You get what you pay for with cheap chastity cages

Ms. Olivia: I need to take us on an excursion for a fraction of a second.

Tons of people say, “I don’t know about this, so I’ll buy one for $25 on Amazon. I could buy one for $50 over here.”

I say, “Asshole, you can do that and have all of these useless cages.” 

William, you personally have missed out on perhaps one of the most important experiences of chastity, the abject disappointment in a fucked up cage because you have worn Mature Metal. Good for you.

William, MM: We have received pictures from customers of boxes of cages showing us all the cages they bought and tried over the years. They ask us, “Why didn’t I start with yours? Instead, I spent all this money for nothing.”

By the way, we love all of our customers. They teach us so much.

Wife becomes his chastity keyholder

William, MM: So I made the cage, put it on, and handed my wife the key and said, “Here, hold the key. Let’s try this out and see what it’s like.” She said, “You’re crazy.” I said, “Well, yes, but let’s try it anyway.” She wouldn’t even hold the key.

You have listeners out there nodding their heads, “Yeah. Yeah. I know that feeling.” 

I turned the key and put it on the counter in the bathroom. I said to her, “I’m going to leave this key right here. I’m going to pretend I have this on you.” 

It was about a week or two later when she was watching TV like normal people do, and I walked over and sat on the floor next to her. I had been super-nice to her because I had gone through what she called The Change.

Chastity changes the relationshipFemdom Mistress male chastity on The Weekly Hot Spot kink podcast

William, MM: The changes were similar to when you have been dating, when you haven’t gotten any and you want some. You do everything you can to get some. 

She looked at me and asked, “What’s going on with you? Why are you being so nice?” I didn’t say anything to her. I looked down, then looked up at her and she said, “Can you go get me that key?” The rest is history.

Ms. Erika: That is awesome. Fantastic.

Ms. Olivia: Isn’t that so true? The Change is an important part of all of this.

If you are listening, send in your questions. We will definitely have William back to answer them. We will also try to get Mrs. Mature Metal on the show because your story, William, is fascinating in several ways. One is, “How do I get my vanilla partner on board with this whole chastity thing?”

Ms. Erika: That resonates with a lot of people.

Ms. Olivia: Let’s get into specifics. 

Questions about fit and chastity cages

Ms. Olivia: Comfort is the single thing most people worry about. This question is from Wes:

“How will I fit in a chastity cage?” 

  • If you are not familiar with chastity, how do people know what size to get?
  • What is the difference between a small versus large penis?

There are men who think they’ll never get a chastity cage big enough for their big penises. Can you talk us through that?

William, MM: We are one of the few companies that has a sizing kit. It comes with nine rings and full instructions. What makes a difference is they are hard rings.

Measuring for a chastity cage

William, MM: You can use tape or string or anything to measure, but if you are playing with your winky, it’s not going to measure right. It’s just not going to. It will be too big. It will be too small. You are going to be all over the place. The only way to measure is with a hard, solid ring. We learned that over the years.

If you’re looking for the inside diameter of a cage, you look at the size, then put a ring on. Then you watch TV, get your mind off of it. Don’t watch porn. Watch the news. Watch something super boring.

Ms. Erika: Not the sexy newscaster. 

William, MM: You will be in your normal flaccid state. Guys are in their flaccid state 99% of the time. 

You want to fill that cage up, with no room to grow, when you’re at your normal flaccid state. If you put the ring on, watch TV, get your mind off it and then look down and see it just indenting your skin, that’s your size. 

There is no way you are going to do that with a string or tape measure or anything else except a hard ring.

The base ring is another issue. I am not sure if it was called the base ring before I started using it, but the base ring is the ring that goes behind the balls, behind the ball sack. That one is a little different. You have to be in your normal flaccid state, and then once it is on, see how many fingers you can get underneath the top of the ring to the first knuckle. You should only be able to get one finger up to the first knuckle. If you get more, it will be too big. If you can’t get that in, it will be too small.

It’s a happy medium where you will get enough blood flow, but it will also hold the cage up.

How to wear a chastity device with high and tight balls 

Ms. Olivia: While you are talking about this, I am going to interject this question from FemMary about ball size and distance from the torso. FemMary has very small balls that don’t really hang down. There’s not much room for the ring and the balls slip between the body and the ring with crappy chastity devices she has worn, against my advice.

She wants to know if this is something that can be solved.

William, MM: Yes. High and tight is what we call that, when your scrotum has not really dropped down, it is really high and if you put a chastity cage on, you will get a burning sensation in the scrotum.

Any time the gap between the ring and the cage is too small, you will get that burning sensation. Believe me, I found out the hard way. I used to be high and tight, but that was 15 years ago. I am not high and tight anymore.

You can stretch the scrotum and it will stretch out. I was high and tight. Now I have a quad base ring where there are four rings welded together and the cage in front of that.

Ms. Olivia: So the rings act as a ball stretcher?

William, MM: Correct. The cage is going to stretch it out so you need to take up some of that room. All you do is add another ring and just keep adding rings. Eventually, you may need your cage shortened, which is possible and not a big deal.

If you are high and tight, the longer you can wear the cage, the more it will stretch out over time.

Uncircumcised penis and chastity 

Mature Metal chastity cages on The Weekly Hot Spot kink podcastMs. Erika: What about circumcised and uncircumcised penises? Are there different devices for the two? Is there anything an uncircumcised guy has to consider before buying a cage? Can you give us some information on that?

William, MM: I am not circumcised, so the first thing I found out is, my God, clothing pinches on you.

I was building cages like everybody else online, then one day, I inverted the bars. If you look at the front of one of my cages, you will see vertical and horizontal bars. I always put the vertical bars on the inside and the horizontal bars on the outside. That is if you are circumcised. If you reverse those and put the two horizontals on the inside of the cage and the verticals on the outside, all of a sudden you have a quarter-inch buffer between you and the skin. With that, you will rarely have any pinching from your clothing.

Ms. Olivia: I never noticed that. I have only seen cut guys in Mature Metal cages. Wow! I am learning new things. My little nerd self is just so happy.

William, MM: Mistress MM was a manager at a clothing store, we both come from retail management. That’s where our customer service comes from. I was helping her open a new store and I was bending down, moving around and I thought, “Wait a minute.” I didn’t feel any pinching and I wondered what was going on? Then I figured it out.

Oh, my God. I inverted the bars on this one. It was a stroke of luck that I figured that out.

Customer service and questions about male chastity

Ms. Olivia: I have to take us on an excursion because you mentioned customer service. 

We heard Ms. Constance talk about your customer service, the absolute best customer service anywhere ever. You even resize the cages to make them smaller if that is part of the experience. 

Wes wants to know if you can make it smaller.

William, MM: As we progress in building cages, we tend to get better at what we do. No matter what you are doing in life, I can make a cage oh-so-small.

When you’re ordering on the order form, when you are looking at the drop down boxes, you’re not going to see the shortest cages. You have to know and ask us about it so we can tell you more. We will tell you if it’s only going to be one ring. If you want the Jailbird with just the front part of the cage with the locking collar on top and the base ring behind it, I can make those down to ⅞ of an inch, which is pretty small.

I can make a Queen’s Keep the same way, where it’s about ¾ inch.

Ms. Erika: Ms. Constance, our chastity Mistress, has a pet that I reached out to when we knew we were going to talk to you, William. She was so proud and happy to report that she has sent her cage back three times for resizing. She’s currently at a half-inch size. That happened last year. 

But listen to this. You guys put out a brand new chastity cage this year and guess who’s dying to get one?

Ms. Olivia: Is that Prissy?

Ms. Erika: Yes, it is.

Ms. Olivia: You have to tell him Prissy’s comment. It is absolutely the best.

Sissy in chastity 

Ms. Erika: First she says she’s a big fan of Mature Metal, how she’s resized the cages and how easy it is to work with both of you. She said it was wonderful to work with you. Mistress Erika The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink

For her, chastity, like you said before, is, “Something that focuses a submissive like nothing else can. It gives Mistress 100% control and brought my service to Mistress to new heights. It deepened my dependence and submissiveness as well as made me a better slave to her. Mature Metal products and services are just amazing. I will be happy wearing your devices until the end of time.”

William, MM: How sweet.

Comfort and exercise in chastity

Ms. Erika: I had a pet last year that went from one of those plastic cages because they were going through airports a lot. They wanted a more long-term device because their chastity device did not fit well. There was always chafing. This person was also an avid biker and wanted to be able to wear the cage while biking. 

You guys worked with her and adjusted the cage once, and she has nothing but praise for your customer service. It shows you were in customer service for so many years.

William, MM: I hear about other companies, and when you send them an email, you may or may not hear from them, and if you do, it is a week later.

I’m sorry, I like to eat. I’m in the business to give them what they want and help as much as I possibly can.

We always say that all measurement decisions are yours, and we can only help guide you through the measurement process and any modifications or changes. We are there for the customer. 

I will be in the grocery store, and I will run out of those doors to answer my cell phone because not only is my cell phone number online, but Mistress MM’s cell phone number is also online. If somebody needs us, they call our cell phones, and they’re posting on the website. When they send photos or any texts, customer service is important to us. Without customer service, there would be no Mature Metal.

Ms. Olivia: Chastity is scary. It’s scary for the woman, and it’s scary for the man. Even if you have experience with chastity, it can be scary. I have experience with chastity, but I don’t have a cock. I own a cock, but I don’t have one that’s attached.

If I had one wish, I would want a penis for a week. I would go on vacation and I do not think I would go into chastity. I would wank the entire time!

Ms. Erika: Girl, you would have so much fun with a penis.

William, MM: Guys are like that with boobs. If we had boobs, all we would do is play with them.

Ms. Olivia: I just did the transcription for the Body Worship podcast, and Ruby was the guest. She’s Welsh and has this cute Welsh accent. “Yes, boys. Our boobs are fun bags.” That was probably where you spit out your gum on your walk.

Using sizing rings for measuring for a chastity device

This question is from wellspanked since we are talking about rings and sizing, etc.

Wellspanked wants to know:

“What size ring is correct?  If it is too tight, then the ring is extremely difficult to put on. If it’s too loose, then the cage slips very low from the weight of the metal.”

That’s the finger underneath it, right?

William, MM: Exactly, but there are exceptions because I found out that guys are very different from each other. There is no body the same size. There are some guys with very, very large testicles, and if that’s the case, once the ring gets past the testicles, all of a sudden, the ring is really loose. That one is more tricky, if that is what the issue is.

Ms. Olivia: How do you solve it if it’s tricky?

When the chastity cage doesn’t fit

William, MM: That is the one that is the most difficult to do. The cheaper ones have hinge rings, but the problem with the hinge ring is you will get chafing and it will start bothering you. You can’t wear that 24/7 and if you can’t wear it 24/7, it’s pointless to wear it at all.

It may take a double base ring in order to do it. It depends on the individual. It’s difficult to blanketly say, “Let’s do this.” Sometimes we have to try a couple of different things.

Ms. Olivia: See wellspanked, that’s why you go to Mature Metal because Mature Metal will work with you. They’ll talk to you and say, “What is this? Why don’t we try this?” They will go back and forth helping you.

He has a follow-up question.

Does Mature Metal sell cages that fit into the same ring so they can be used by multiple sizes or styles, but use the same ring?

William, MM: Sure, that’s not a problem.

Mistress Erika: Yay!

Mistress Olivia: He is in chastity and can go into the Queen’s Keep, my personal favorite.

William, MM: There is a caveat though. You would have to send me the ring back because, keep in mind, these are 1000% handmade. It’s straight steel stock that I have to make into rings. It is 100% welded by hand, so I would need the ring back to make sure it fits the new cage properly.

From when you send it in to when you get your cage back, we can time it out to where it might be only three weeks being out of the cage. 

Ms. Erika: Or with the initial purchase, buy the two cages with one ring at the same time.

William, MM: I can do that in a heartbeat.

BDSM Kink podcast The Weekly Hot SpotHow to buy sizing rings to measure for a chastity device

Ms. Erika: I like that you have those sizing rings. You don’t have to buy the device and go back and forth. You sell a group of sizing rings that a guy can wear around and decide which one and tell you, right?

William, MM: Right. Especially couples, when they are getting into chastity, if they want to buy a set of sizing rings so they can buy a cheap chastity cage just to see if they like it, at least it gets them close to his actual size. That way it’s comfortable for him.

Then when they get past that and they know they really like this, then they can go ahead and get a good cage. Don’t go with something cheap because that is not going to last you. If it’s uncomfortable, he’s not going to want to wear it. Everybody will lose steam on it and it’s not fun.

Resizing custom chastity cages

Ms. Erika: Talking about getting custom cages, just like Ms. Prissy sent her cage back a couple of times, can you tell us how that process works? Is there a place on the website where they can say, “Hey, I want to resize,” or do they email you? What’s the lead time on that usually.

William, MM: They email us and say, “I want a smaller size ring,” or “I want to buy a new ring that’s a smaller size.” We will send them a PayPal invoice that goes straight to their email. They click on the email, go through the payment and print out a copy. If they don’t have a printer, that’s fine. They can put a note with the invoice number and stick it in the box with the cage and their current ring and ship it back to us.

Once I receive it, it goes in the shop. First, we will tell them we received the cage and here are the items that were in the box. Then I’ll adjust the cage and I’ve had them out in a day, but typically it takes less than a week. 

The only thing that cannot be adjusted is the inside diameter of the cage. There is nothing I can do about that.

Ms. Erika: They can go shorter, but not thinner?

William, MM: Sure, they can go shorter or longer. We can change the length on the cage, any way you want to go.

Ms. Olivia: Going smaller on the diameter would be building another cage.

Ms. Erika: I noticed on your website that you use 316 and 304 stainless surgical steel. I’m not an expert in metals. Why is that best?

Best metal for a chastity cage

William, MM: 316 is surgical steel. 304 is not. That is the stainless you have in your silverware drawer. The utensils in your kitchen are made so they will not rust, that’s the main thing. Even the wire that I use to weld is 316 Stainless steel so it will last a lifetime.

Instead of buying a bunch of cages, buy one the right size, and it will last you a lifetime.

Ms. Olivia: From personal experience with someone who has had a cage that began to rust, when he told me he saw red on the cage, I immediately worried what the red might be. “What are you talking about?” We got on Skype and I took a look at it and I told him his cage was rusting. I told him he had to stop not listening to me. To listen to me.

Ms. Erika: Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Ms. Olivia: He was being an asshole.

Ms. Erika: You say that with love, I know you do.

Ms. Olivia: Not if he’s freaking me out. “My balls are turning weird colors; they are not supposed to be,” or he’s got a rusty cage on his dick. I don’t say that with love. I say he’s an idiot.

Ms. Erika: Olivia, darling, we have been dealing with men for many years. We know that’s a prerequisite. The present company is excluded.

Favorite chastity cage for MistressMale submission on The Weekly Hot Spot kink BDSM podcast

Ms. Olivia: But there are the idiots who don’t pay attention to what their Mistress says. Which is the reason the Queen’s Keep is my favorite. I’m the Queen. It belongs to me. I don’t break my toys.

Now that is not the same for Ms. Constance. Ms. Constance says the Jailbird is her absolute favorite.

Ms. Constance: I love the Jailbird. It screams ownership. You’re locked up and you’re mine.

William, MM: The Jailbird was my firstborn. I like the Jailbird a lot. To me, the Jailbird is the perfect cage. In every shape, in every form, we sell more of those. It’s the cheapest cage I have, but to me it is the absolute perfect cage.

Ms. Olivia: Ms. Constance’s comment in the audio say, “Mature Metal cages scream ownership. You’re locked up and now you’re mine.” That is such a powerful statement.

So the Jailbird is what you’re wearing?

William, MM: I’ve worn them all.

I’ve been asked a million times which cage they should order. I tell them to get with their Keyholder, they will tell them which one to order. Don’t ask me.

Ms. Olivia: This is why you need to be in chastity, because you ask those kinds of questions.

William, MM: That tells me you don’t get it yet.

Ms. Olivia: Ms. Rachel has some interesting questions: 

“Does Mature Metal plan on having cages that are compatible with other kinds of play like remote control, E-stim, or vibration features. Or do you want to stay with the analog, elegant, custom-made simplicity we all know and love?”

William, MM: I did the DL 2000 conversions, but unfortunately, what I found was it was a huge pain so I decided not to do them anymore.

Punishment pins or urethral sounds in chastity devices

I will do any sort of modifications I can do. We have punishment pins, which you can wear in the cage without the punishment panel. It will work as a regular chastity device or you can insert whichever you want when the wearer is in trouble. 

Ms Olivia: The pins, are they urethral pins?

William, MM: They are pins that go down through the top and locked in place with the base ring. You can choose from spikes, crisscross, or blunts. We then have small, medium, or larger. If you order a cage, you get your choice of three pins and you can use only one pin at a time, but if you wanted three spikes, you can do that. If you want a criss-cross or blunt small and a medium spike and a large criss-cross, you can mix and match, however you want to do it.

Ms. Olivia: Does Mrs. Mature Metal spike you, cupcake?

William, MM: No, because I can’t take the pain, to be honest with you. When I tested them, I said, “Oh, my God, there is no way I can do this.”

Ms. Olivia: There are some pain sluts.

Even before you got into chastity, you were a kinkster. You didn’t get into pain play? Or did you like it just on your ass? Your shoulders?

William, MM: I am a pain slut.

Ms. Olivia: I love you! Could Mrs. Mature Metal be polyamorous? I am. I share.

William, MM: I could get in trouble for this, but yes.

Ms. Erika: There are spikes in your future. When you get home, you will find spikes.

William, MM: A little pain is a lot of fun, but the pain of those spikes is another thing. What’s weird is I can go all day with one of the pins in until she starts playing with me. Oh, my God. I will be doubled over crying. I’m a baby because it’s so painful.

I tested them. I sell them. But I won’t do that. I’m a wuss.

Ms. Erika: Thanks for sharing that. “I like pain, but not in my little fella.”

William, MM: About a year ago, Mrs. MM said, “Hey, let’s get your nipples pierced.” I said, “Sweet, let’s do that.” We went to the tattoo place and we’re going to set up for an appointment and I was brave and the guy said he could do it now and I thought, “Oh, shit.”

Ms. Olivia: Did you get your nipples pierced?

William, MM: Yes! 

Ms. Olivia: Do you like it?

William, MM: Afterwards. If you’ve never had your nipples pierced, oh, my God, she puts those clamps on and she looked at it going one way, then another way. And she’s real cute. I couldn’t complain about that, but she was going back and forth, back and forth, then she says, “Okay, let me stab you with this fucking harpoon.” Oh, my God that hurt.

Sorry, I took us on a little journey there.

Mistress likes sensation play

Ms. Olivia: We’re always fans of excursions. I’m going to continue on that same excursion. 

I was at a fetish party and I like to be Topped. I’m not a submissive, learning that early on, but I do like to be Topped. A friend of mine, also a Mistress and loves to Top said, “Hey, do you want to try some needle play?” I said, “I’m not so sure about that. I’m not so sure about needles.”

She said to come over and we went to a Dom that we both knew and could trust. He started doing needle play on her boobs and the expression on her face let me know I wanted to try it. I don’t like nipple play, nipple clamps, or anything like that. I didn’t like the needles there, either. I didn’t like it on my areola either, but right above my areola? Fuck me running. That felt phenomenal. Who knew?

I was all swoony. I was toast. It’s a good thing I had already played with my submissive because after that, I was like, “Bring me some fuzzy water.”

William, MM: I’m learning some stuff now. When guys are in chastity, you learn a lot about how to please a woman. That’s an interesting tidbit, thank you.

Ms. Olivia: There is pain and then there is not-good pain.

Ms. Erika: What is bad pain when it comes to chastity? What would you caution men about regarding pain?

Pain while in chastity: good versus bad

William, MM: There are two different kinds of pain and they are the same cause. Everyone takes the gap between the ring and the cage for granted. That’s what causes all the pain. 

If the gap is too small, you will get a burning sensation. It feels like somebody has had a Bic lighter under your balls and is burning the hell out of you. No fun. 

If the gap is too big, it feels like your balls are in a vise and somebody is hitting you with their knee. That’s no fun, either. You’ll get the pain in your stomach and everything else.

The happy medium is between the two and why the guys who are high and tight have such an issue. If they’re handy, we will talk them through how to adjust their own ring and cage for themselves. A lot of guys do a great job and will say, “Hey, thanks for the advice. I’ve adjusted my own cage and it fits wonderfully now. Thank you!”

Male chastity and exercise

Ms. Erika: What about sports? You mentioned you are a runner. Biking is one of my pet’s concerns. Is there any particular concern they need to pay attention to when they’re picking out a certain device or a different size when it comes to sports and exercise?

William, MM: I’ve had triathletes wear a cage and say they can’t believe how light it is. Even when you’re looking at plastic cages compared to metal cages, the stainless steel is light enough, so even if you are a triathlete, it’s good. Wear some underwear to support it, but you’re not going to have any problem whatsoever.

Ms. Olivia: What about the length of time?

William, MM: What about the length of time?

Ms. Olivia: I’m just going to leave that out there and not say anything else because I’m curious what you will say.

Male chastity on The Weekly Hot Spot kink BDSM. podcastHow long can a man stay locked up?

William, MM: This is a tough question to answer. “How long can you wear it for?” I don’t know. How long can you wear it for?

I’ve had customers and myself who have worn it for years. People will ask, “You never ejaculate?” I didn’t say that. You can take it off for an hour and ejaculate or whatever your Mistress wants you to do, then put it back on and you’re wearing it again.

I’ve had people not have an orgasm for a year. I’m not that extreme. I have had times where I had two in a year and that will really focus your brain.

Chastity and goal setting

Ms. Olivia: I love doing chastity with specific amounts of time or specific goals.

For example, this one man whose wife was fucking furious with him because he hadn’t finished the bathroom remodeling. He had been fucking around with it. I said, “Awesome. You’re in chastity and will not have an orgasm until you get it done.” She said, “Wow! You really got that done fast!” He said, “Yes, I did.”

We’d set it up that I would tease him and had time limits on things. Once he got the pipes put in, he was allowed out of the cage and had some teasing, but then he got doused with ice water and wrapped in an icy towel. He shrunk immediately and got locked back up again without an orgasm. So I did all of these sorts of things and he got it done really fast.

William, MM: Do you think we could do that with the guys on the side of the road repairing the roads?

Ms. Erika: We would have our infrastructure problems cured in six months.

Ms. Olivia: I don’t even think it would take six months. When he was doing this bathroom, we didn’t even go through all the things he was allowed to do. I said, “Wait. If it took you three days to finish the plumbing after it had been sitting for a year, it’s on you for fucking around for so long, so we’re going to go to the next milestone. He got it done in three weeks. Three weeks is a very small amount of time to be in chastity, I think.

William, MM: Oh, yeah, it is.

Ms. Olivia: It was a long time for him.

William, MM: I will preface that with, you cannot take a 20-year old and put them in a chastity cage and say, “You’re going to have an orgasm twice a year.” That doesn’t work. He will go off and that will be the end of that.

Everybody’s different, but for the older guy, if you’re going to lock them up, you have to gauge, as the Keyholder, when to let a ruined orgasm come out or something. 

I’m a big proponent of ruined orgasms. They’re still horny, the same hornyness, but not as aggressive. Guys will get aggressive if they go too long without an orgasm.

I know because I’ve been in a super bad mood for weeks and didn’t know what was wrong with me. She finally figures it out and I’ll get at least a ruined orgasm, then I am good again for a while.

I’m not an ass, believe me. I’m sorry, Mistress if I am. We’re all good then.

Are more people trying chastity?

Ms. Erika: I often say that I think every man should experience a period of chastity at some point in his life for the reasons you and Olivia are mentioning. It does something to their brain. It refocuses them.

We have a new chastity pet at Enchantrix Empire and they want to know if you think chastity will ever go mainstream. It seems to him that more people are into it. Is it because he is focusing on that? Or do you think chastity is more popular today than it was 15 years ago?

William, MM: It is more popular now than 15 years ago. The original question was is it mainstream or will it become mainstream? If it goes mainstream, I picture two construction workers sitting there eating lunch while they are on their break and looking at one another, “Will your wife let you cum this weekend?”

I don’t see that happening.

Ms. Olivia: I don’t see that happening, either, unless they’re eating hot dogs, baby. “My sausage is good. How is your sausage?”

Ms. Erika: That question was from samsub.

Ms. Olivia: Can you see this conversation on The View? “So, how do you feel about this?” “I don’t know. He hasn’t done the laundry this week.” Or, “He didn’t separate the colors. I think that’s another month in chastity, don’t you agree?” “Oh, I think that would only be three weeks.” “I’m a proponent of two weeks. I think you are being too reactionary.” Can’t you imagine these discussions?

Keyholder strategy for chastity pets

Ms. Erika: I see the Keyholder as a kind of slot machine. You have to pay off once in a while to keep them interested. They just never know when the pay off is coming.

William, MM: That is perfect!

Ms. Erika: So they will still be pulling that lever hoping that this is what’s going to get them unlocked and have some fun. It has to pay off every once in a while.

Ms. Olivia: There is this one thing. People will say, “Mistress, are you going to keep me locked up forever?” Or, “Are you going to keep me locked up for the next year?” Both very common questions. I tell them I am not going to tell them. Some people are really put off by that and they ask, “Why won’t you tell me?” I tell them, “I am fucking in charge. Have you never read the story of Pandora’s Box? Hope is the last thing out of the box. Hope is very powerful.” Then they understand.

We are running out of time, but I need to ask about hygiene and security. Ms. Constance says it best.

Hygiene and security while in chastity

Ms. Constance: Every client has said, by far, out of all the devices they have bought, and they’ve bought many over the years, that Mature Metal was the easiest for hygiene and the most secure. Nothing says ownership like a piece of steel on your penis.

Ms. Olivia: Mature Metal is my go-to for someone who is serious about long-term chastity. Some people new to chastity are worried about hygiene issues. I can totally understand that. Can you address that for us?

William, MM: That was one of the main points when I designed the cages because hygiene is one of the points people kept bringing up when they used the CB series, was that it always smelled and was impossible to keep clean. They had to take it off every day. 

With the stainless steel, I wanted to make it where there was very little that would keep you from keeping it clean. With the Jailbird you can have it on for the rest of your life and clean with a shower head and never ever have to take it off as long as it is sized right. You can get into all the crooks and crevices, there is no need to take it off to clean.

The Pet Trap and the Queen’s Keep have a flat bar in the front, so yes, you will eventually need to take them off. It depends on what you are looking for in a chastity cage, which ones you select, but those two are amazing as you know. You could flush your keys down the toilet or put the lock stuff on the threads of the screw and forget about it because there would be no reason to ever take it off.

Ms. Erika: Since you were so generous to share with us that you are uncircumcised and in the Jailbird, is there any advice for uncircumcised males and hygiene regarding their metal device that would be different from the circumcised gentleman?

William, MM: With the Jailbird, you can pull the skin back while you’re wearing it, soap it up, rinse it off, and you’re done. The skin will go back naturally. You don’t have to take it off.

Ms. Erika: Well, there you go guys. You’re not getting unlocked, sorry. William said. No more issues.

Ms. Olivia: Erika, you don’t sound at all sorry.

Ms. Erika: I’m not.

Ms. Olivia: I love you.

Is a chastity cage a sex toy?

Ms. Olivia: So a blog I did that was one of the most popular and got a huge amount of traffic was when I asked the question: Is a chastity cage a sex toy? William, is a chastity cage a sex toy?

William, MM: No. Not at all.

It’s about relationships. It is about the relationship between the person wearing the cage and the Keyholder. And nothing more. There is nothing sexual about it. You’re giving them your favorite toy since you were much younger; you are giving them your entire life.

What type of man wants to be in chastity?

William, MM: I have found that most everybody who wears a cage is somebody in authority. Not everybody, but a lot of people that are in authority, in charge of people … police officers, firemen, managers, …

Ms. Erika: CEOs.

William, MM:  All those guys that have a lot of pressure from being in charge find chastity appealing.

All of a sudden, someone has it in their hands and they don’t have to make any decisions because the decision is being made for them. It’s relieving. 

Ms. Erika: The ultimate trust.

We’re running out of time, but we’re going to save this question for next time or maybe a listener will make a comment and tell us their thoughts. If a chastity cage does not cause sexual arousal, why do some of those dicks get so hard when they see the cage and try to put it on. “No! I don’t want to go! Please no!”

Ms. Olivia: That’s where we’re going to start the next podcast with William of Mature Metal. Maybe William and Mrs. Mature Metal.

Ms. Erika: I love your wife already, Mr. William. She’s fantastic.

William, MM: She’s a keeper.

Ms. Olivia and Ms. Erika in unison: A Queen’s Keeper.

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