What is the Giantess fantasy and why is this a favorite fantasy roleplay scene for a Femdom? Ms Olivia and Ms Erika are joined by Ms Brighton who describes how she tumbled into Giantess roleplay as a niche.  Listen to the episode of the Giantess and the tiny man or read the transcript.

Ms. Olivia: Welcome back to The Weekly Hot Spot. Kink conversation, BDSM advice, and insight from the worlds of distance domination and phone sex. I’m Ms. Olivia here with Mistress Erika, and we are so excited to have Ms. Brighton with us. Welcome!

Ms. Brighton: Hello. Thanks for having me. 

Ms. Olivia: I have to tell you, when we picked this topic, I knew we had to have you for our guest. You are the go-to about the Giantess fetish.

I’ll admit, I hadn’t really heard about this fetish until I started doing phone sex. Erika, did you know anything about it? 

Ms. Erika: I don’t think I did, but it wasn’t such a surprise to me. I don’t know if it’s my open mind and my kinky nature, but when I first came to LDW and saw the Giantess, I started thinking about a tiny man serving a lover? A tormenter? I loved it. 

Either that, or I read some erotica back in the day, but I found it more intriguing than surprising. 

Ms. Olivia: Brighton, did you know about it? This really is your niche.

Ms Brighton discovers the Giantess fantasy

Giantess and the tiny man Ms Brighton The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink fetish.Ms. Brighton: I’ve always had a thing for science fiction and fantasy. I don’t remember knowing much about Giantess until I started doing vanilla phone sex. One of the calls I had was a guy that liked being a tiny man surrounded by Giantess women. Shortly after, I started doing Giantess sessions. I “tumbled” on, pun intended, an artist Fetish3D. You can still find him on Tumblr. To this day, if you go to Fetish3D’s Tumblr you can see a lot of Giantess and femdom digital artwork.

Since I already loved science fiction and fantasy role-play, I ran with the Giantess because it was awesome. 

Ms. Olivia: Until somebody says, “Hey, what about a Giantess fantasy or Giantess roleplay?,” it is not something people would automatically think of as erotica. 

I was talking to someone who asked what was coming up on The Hot Spot and I said, “We’re doing a Giantess podcast.” He asked, “What’s that?” I explained it to him and he said, “Maybe I should tune into this.”

The Giantess fantasy is also known as macrophilia. Justin Lehmiller, the author of The Psychology of Human Sexuality says he thinks the Giantess fetish is probably tied to a broader interest in dominance and submission. He says, “Given that most porn and erotica in this area depicts a giant person wielding power over someone so much smaller.”

The dominance and submission is what I absolutely love about these scenes, Brighton. Are all of these BDsm kinky scenes or are there other kinds of scenes as well?

Sensual Giantess

Ms. Brighton: There definitely are other types of scenes. It is not always about BDsm. Sometimes the scenes are more teasing and sexy. The Giantess as a woman carrying this cute man around in her sheer lace bra. He gets to be pressed against her skin and the lace. 

I love having a tiny man in my purse and carrying him around so he can be my personal doll. It’s a bonus for me because he’s got a view of everything that’s going on from his perspective.

I especially like having this tiny helper who’s just big enough to paint my toenails, giving me a pedicure. Quite a few men have a combination foot and Giantess fetishes. One of my callers does and it can easily turn into a Giantess body worship call. 

It doesn’t have to be hard core. It can also be very sensual. I think of it as a way to give men a detailed view of how to please all the different parts of our bodies.

That might be a little bit misleading though, because I have a tendency to like dark Giantess fantasies.

 Do you have a Giantess fantasy? The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink fetish Giantess and the tiny man fantasy in pop culture

Ms. Olivia: I’m thinking about what you said about exploring the woman’s body. Do you remember when Lady Gaga launched her Fame perfume? I never smelled it, so I don’t know what it smelled like, but her entire campaign was with tiny men crawling all over her body like they were on scaffolding. It is stunning. She’s laying down and they’re crawling all over her. The first time I saw it, I thought, “Damn!”

Ms. Erika: There are Giantess fans springing up all over now.

Ms. Brighton: That would be a good idea for a pair of shoes. Have little tiny men, little toy soldiers, all over your shoes.

Ms. Olivia: I’ve seen a pair of shoes like that. Tall stripper shoes with chunky heels and there’s a tiny man in the heels. Brighton, we’re going to put those on your wishlist. Someone needs to get those for you.

So Erika, domination and tiny men. Brighton’s, right. It doesn’t have to be about domination, but you can still call it woman-in-charge because if she’s 50-feet tall, she is definitely in charge.

Ms. Erika: Brighton, I love how you mentioned the Giantess foot and the tiny man. I’ve found that as well, that those two fetishes often go together. 

I do quite a number of erotic audios revolving around worshiping and cleaning feet.

Olivia you’re right. It’s not necessarily BDsm all the time, but there’s an unmistakable thread that runs throughout and that’s his vulnerability and our power. So whether or not you exploit that, even if it isn’t at the forefront, it is similar to BDsm. It’s always there. They’re always vulnerable, helpless, and in need of us. Their being so small, it’s a profound visual representation of exactly that dynamic.

Some men choose to be 4 or 5-inches tall, but do you ladies see 6-inches being common in Giantess play? Hmmm, what else would be 6-inches?

Ms. Brighton: You know, that is exactly what I was thinking as soon as you said “6-inches!”

Ms. Erika: That’s above average!

Ms. Olivia: They are clearly not size queens. If the tiny men were size queens, they would be at least 9-inches.

Ms. Brighton: A lot of the guys want to be about an inch tall. 

But, to go off on a tangent for a minute, I have been asked what my ideal cock size is for a man. I know that 5-inches is average for men, but I must be meeting above-average men because I have not seen a 5-inch cock ever in my personal life. I don’t know what that’s about.

Giantess guys usually like to be smaller. Sometimes as big as my toe, sometimes 1 or 2-inches tall. I don’t get many that want to be 6-inches tall.

Ms. Olivia: I had one caller and it was a long relationship, but he eventually stopped calling because he was getting married and his wife had no idea of his Giantess fetish. I shrunk him down and he got smaller and smaller… 6-inches, 4-inches, toe size. He was so deep into subspace that he asked if he could go smaller..

I shrunk him until he was sitting on a dendrite in my brain, helping the chemical signal for the  axon terminals and other neurons moving through my neural pathways. Pun intended, he became a synaptic submissive. Who knew that phone sex role play would include brain cell biology.

That’s the smallest I’ve ever shrunk somebody. 

It can go either way. She can be super, super tall for whatever reason. She grows or just appears on scene a certain size.

Giantess fantasy is very popular

There’s a long history in pop culture of Giantess scenes. In researching this, the 1940s and 1950s were some mother fucking, kinky times. Those people, they were at war, they were buttoned up, they were sexually repressed, no cock-sucking going on, nobody did anal.

So DC comics came out with a character in the Wonder Woman series, number 9, and the character was Giganta. Originally, she was a super strong, muscled woman and then in later adaptations, including Challenge of the Super Friends in the 1970s, introduced her size-changing ability.

She was so muscular. She looked like the female version of the Incredible Hulk.

Ms. Brighton: I vaguely remember hearing about her. I’ll have to look her up again.

Ms. Olivia: And then of course, two movies from the fifties.

One is a movie that Lou Costello did without Abbott, The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock.

And the most famous one, Attack of the 50-Foot Woman! She’s an abused socialite who grows after an alien encounter… and then revenge, bitches!

I think revenge or punishment is one of the most popular themes with a size fetish, whether she’s growing or he is shrinking. What do you guys think? 

Revenge fantasy Giantess The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink fetishMs. Brighton: I like shrinking men. I mentioned that I like doing a lot of mean and sinister Giantess calls where I shrink the loser that ticked me off. I like revenge shrinking and tormenting a man to render him helpless.

I like to combine a lot of fetishes. I have one where I combined Giantess with milking, with a milking machine, and cock control. 

Sometimes I like being mean without provocation because they are tiny men and can’t do anything about it. If the tiny man whined, “What did I ever do to deserve that?,” my theory is that somewhere along the way they were eventually going to do something that warranted punishment, so it was a preemptive strike.

Ms. Erika: “Sooner or later, you’re going to fuck up, buddy. This is for that.”

Ms. Olivia: Even if it isn’t direct punishment revenge, I just like fucking with them. I’ll put on stiletto heels that are the size of skyscrapers and then fall into a YouTube hole. I’ll turn on some music and start dancing, dancing. And the guy is screaming, “Nooooo!”

Ms. Erika: He’s running from your heels.

Ms. Brighton: Can you imagine if you stepped on him with your stilettos? What would happen?

Ms. Olivia: I have to tell you. I am someone who, after a heavy rain, will go outside and pick up the worms on my driveway and transport them back to my lawn. Here I am doing worm animal rescue because I don’t want the worms to die in the sun.

Yet here I am talking about stomping on men in my stilettos.

Ms. Brighton: I can picture it now… Olivia is a Worm Rescuer.

Ms Olivia: Erika, do you have a preference for growing or shrinking?

Ms. Erika: I don’t think I have a preference. I’ve done some as a Giantess woman terrorizing a town, but I think for the majority of calls and audios it has been them shrinking. I can shrink them down to the size of a cell in my body. I’ve made guys the size of a dust speck or an ant while I remain normal-sized. 

I did a blog on the difference between shrinking or growing when it comes to Giantess-themed sessions.

Ms, Olivia: So I’m going to take us on another excursion.

When you said  “Ant-Man,” that’s a Marvel superhero and there were a couple of movies made with him. One was Ant-Man and the Wasp. I wonder if the creator had a Giantess fetish.

Ms. Brighton: Maybe he has called us before for Giantess phone sex!.

Ms. Olivia: Brighton, you have told us some of your wicked, wicked scenes and we love them. They are amazing. But I think a great way for our listeners who have never done Giantess fantasies might enjoy hearing what that sounds like. They would also benefit from knowing what you mean when you say, “dark themes.”

Giantess fantasy: shrinking or growing

Ms. Brighton: I like to combine fantasies when I do Giantess role-play if that is possible. I like a lot of fantasies when they are mixed with witchcraft.

I envision I am hunting for my next tiny pet and while I’m on the hunt I’m in my regular human form, standing at 5’7” and vacationing on a neighboring island. No one knows where Giantess Island is, they have only heard about it. It’s supposed to be somewhere around the Bermuda Triangle, but no one has ever seen a Giantess.

I’m sitting at the beach bar wearing my string bikini, have my tanning oil, wearing my flip flops, and my big straw hat. I’m scanning for my ideal pet. While I’m doing this, I’m testing out my fairy witch capabilities.

My bartender who’s serving me is hot, so I end up enchanting him with a lust spell and turning him into my sex slave while I keep looking for other pets. The bartender will serve me later in my boudoir.

Giantess fantasy shrinking tiny man The Weekly Hot Spot podcastI also shrink a blond bodybuilder who’s all puffed up with his big muscles, but now so small I drop him into my margarita before drinking it.

And then I spy the unsuspecting male getting out of the water after a swim and I chat him up over drinks. As we’re talking, I’m looking into his eyes and sending a whisper that he hears telepathically. He thinks he’s going crazy. He starts looking around and sees the bartender making heart eyes at me and not paying attention to him; he’s just polishing his daiquiri glasses.

As I’m talking to him, he looks at me and is about to ask, “Hey, what happened,” when he falls under a trap. I freeze him and then when I am sure nobody’s watching, I reach into my purse and sprinkle something over his head. As I’m getting ready to take him and transport him back to Giantess Island, someone behind me starts screeching, “I saw what you did! I saw what you are doing!” and I wave my hand and say, “Get away from me you lobster tail.”

A few seconds later, I’m devouring a luscious lobster tail that I don’t even know where it came from, my mouth dripping with melted butter as I wash it down with the Mai Tai from the sexy bartender. 

I can’t tell you the rest because that would give the story away, so that was just a taste – literally it’s Vore and Giantess fantasy!

Ms. Olivia: Oooo, save the butter and slip it into your purse and put the tiny man inside that container and later ask, “Are you able to crawl up to my nipple all slippery like that?”

On an earlier podcast, we were talking about shaving and I said I had a landing strip because I don’t like to go completely bald and I’m thinking about a Giantess call. Imagine being completely bald and he would slip all over… and down! They do need something to grab onto.

Erika, why don’t you do a scene? Do you do growing or shrinking scenes? Both? Combined? 

He learns a lesson when she shrinks him to a tiny man

Ms. Erika: I’m a little like Brighton, not too mystical or witchcrafty, but I do love it when I have some sort of mystical power that either a look from me or a taste of my lips or a touch begins the shrinking.

It’s kind of strange because I really do like men. But there is always that horrible first date. He looks great. He talks great. And when I get him alone, I think, “You again? We’re going to talk about you all night? Again? Yeah, yeah. You’re wonderful. You’re awesome. *yawn*” The whole date he is trying to impress me with his accomplishments and it’s really quite boring.

So I’ve decided that I’m done with him and I try to make excuses, “Well, this has been a lovely date. I have to go. I’ve got to get up early in the morning,” but you know those people who just won’t take a social cue. That irritates me even more than his boorish behavior because it’s a red flag here that he’s not paying attention. He’s clinging like cat hair on leggings and he just won’t go away. Finally, when he’s pressed his luck just a little bit too much, I get to that point where I’ve had enough. 

In a few moments, he’ll be learning the lesson of a lifetime. My motto is: Men. You can’t live without them, but you sure can shrink them down and enslave their tiny little asses. 

I turn in my seat. A smile curves on my lips, and all of a sudden the world is silent. That smile curls a little more. My painted nails drag up and around his neck. He thinks he’s getting lucky. But, I’m the one who’s getting lucky. 

He feels a cool shivering bolt of something shoot down his spine, feeling goosebumps rise on every inch of his skin. He starts to shiver, and the shivering turns to shaking. He stares helplessly into my enchanting eyes. The shivering turns to tingles, like a thousand shooting stars reverberating through every cell of his body. As my soft hand grasps his shoulder, his head spins, his eyes unfocused and he begins to shrink smaller and smaller and smaller.

I’ll leave the rest for a session.

Ms. Brighton: I need a cold shower!

Ms. Erika: I love the actual shrinking part. The power, the fear, the trepidation. I got goosebumps just talking about it.

Ms. Olivia: I remember a short video clip of a woman holding a tiny man. He looks about 4 inches tall and she’s holding him on her outstretched hand and he’s naked. She sticks her tongue out and, using it flat, she starts at the bottom and lusciously licks him all the way to the top. The guy gets completely soaking wet.

Oh, I’m going to take us on another excursion. I think the only Giantess blog post I did was when I took a tiny man and stuck him to my glossy lip gloss. It’s viscous. He is stuck, but everything is slippery. It was so much fun.

Virtual world is perfect for the Giantess fantasy

I’m gonna take us on yet another excursion. Do either of you play Resident Evil? Resident Evil is a Japanese survival game. Giantess fantasies are huge right now because of Resident Evil.

Ms. Brighton: Lady Dimitrescu towers over everyone. She has a great hat and her feral grin. I have a girl crush on her and she is a Lady Boner. I love her.

Ms. Erika: She exudes that power.

Ms. Olivia: She is also a vampire. And yes, a woman in charge and someone who would be into some revenge fantasies.

Movies and books are a great introduction to the Giantess fantasy

I’m 5’10” in my bare feet. In regular stilettos, I am 6’2” and in super-high stilettos, I’m 6’4”. If there was a guy who was maybe 5 feet tall, he would seem small, but it is not the same as, “You’re the size of my vibrator and I can slide you right into my pussy. Zoom, motherfuckers, zoom! And if he kicked and flailed? Yeah!

All three laughing hysterically as Ms. Olivia tries to tell a story: We used to have a guy who would have several Mistresses on the call and we would shove him up our asses and shoot him back and forth like a ping pong ball.

Ms. Olivia: Everybody who’s listening to this, we are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you. We get it. This is hot! 

Some guys have out of the mainstream fetishes. A foot fetish, foot worship, is vanilla. But, I’m not a good judge of what’s vanilla. There are people who call because their wives won’t wear stockings and they love them. Or they want to cum on their wives’ feet and lick it up, but cannot do that either. 

When you have a partner, they have to understand the fetish or kink it, accept it, get into it, find it attractive. And then. Be able to do some really creative scenes with it. 

So, if you have a vanilla wife who works at the bank and you tell her you want to be shoved up her ass and shot out like a ping pong ball into another woman’s ass, it isn’t going to happen. This is why people call us.

Ms. Brighton: “Do you want to make a withdrawal or a deposit, dear. I can’t help you with butt surfing.”

Ms. Olivia: Have either of you seen any research on Giantess kink? I haven’t seen any research on it, but it’s all over porn sites. The Giantess tiny man videos out there are creative and hot and visual. Some really are lovely. Computer animated Giantess women doing all sorts of amazing things. She is in control of everything. Absolutely everything.

Erika, do you like the power of being able to, perhaps, crush a tiny man?Tiny man running from high heels The Weekly Hot Spot podcast BDSM kink fetish

Ms. Erika: On our Sexual Humiliation 101 podcast, I confessed that I have no qualms letting my inner sadist out in the controlled environment of a scene. But when I faced the challenge of actually crushing a tiny man under my foot, I honestly had a problem because I can’t stand the crunching sound of crushing bugs. It’s like nails on a fucking chalkboard to me.

The way I figured out how to do it is tiny men would not have exoskeletons.They would sound like I was squashing a grape. I can squash grapes all the time. So now I can step on tiny men without a problem.

I also like chasing a tiny man as he skirts around, running under the bed as I go after him. That’s the best part. Then it ends with squishing.

Ms. Olivia: I do love the chasing, but I am with Brighton in that I like carrying them around all day. I put them in my handbag, tuck them into my cleavage, or I can shrink a scuba wetsuit with a miniature scuba tank and then put a tiny man in my pussy like a dildo and they stay in my pussy all day long. I don’t want them to drown, so that’s why they get scuba gear. And can I tell you, those fins feel amazing on my G-Spot!

The Giantess fetish doesn’t always have to be about sex. That surprised me that some men don’t want it to be about sex.

Ms. Brighton: Giantess role-play is very popular in the virtual world. Some of the tiny men I have met in-world don’t even want sex. Some of them are into the vore thing. Some just want to be carried around in a big purse. There is a big kink community in Second Life.

Second Life is a virtual world for those that don’t know. There is also a huge Giantess community in Second Life. There used to be a Giantess SIM where you could go and meet different Giantesses of varying sizes and not everyone there was into sex. Sometimes men merely want a huge, powerful Giantess towering over them.

There are Giantess avatars on Second Life. I have one and another Mistress friend of mine has one. Ours are the real life equivalent of about 36 to 39 feet tall. So if you can imagine a 36-foot tall woman, how that would be for someone who had a micro avatar. If you don’t want to be a regular human-sized avatar, get a tiny avatar and find a big Giantess avatar. The contrast is great and the guys love it.

Ms. Olivia: Do you think part of that might be about protection? A nurturing experience?

Ms. Brighton: Definitely. I have guys that don’t want anything hardcore. They just want to stand up on my counter next to my coffee cup. Or maybe stand next to the cupcakes on my counter while I have breakfast with them. They will say, “Look! I’m not even as tall as your cupcake!” Sometimes they just want to snuggle and sit in my lap. Or in my shoe. Or cleavage.

Many like the visual they get in-world because they can see themselves sitting in a Giantess woman’s lap and they are in heaven. 

Ms. Olivia: Let me ask you about Second Life. There is a learning curve for it, so if you have a caller who is talking to you about Second Life and virtual reality and is curious, but he doesn’t want to join Second Life, are you amenable to making him an avatar and sending him pictures of himself with you?

Ms. Brighton: Just like I do custom audios, I also do custom videos. If the person is squeamish about learning about Second Life or a technophobe, but wants to see themselves being a tiny man next to Mistress Erika or myself and then stand next to a coffee cup, I can do that. “Don’t fall in, little guy!”

Ms. Olivia: If someone wants to talk to Ms. Brighton about doing this, the first thing to do is email her at Brighton@EnchantrixEmpire.com  I can tell you, from personal experience, she is brilliant with Second Life. It does take time to create the images and sets she is describing and while Brighton loves this, her time is valuable. Brighton, I don’t want to see your email filled with, “Make me this!,” “Make me that!” 

Ms. Brighton: Yes, I could see 50 emails asking me to make them into something.

Ms. Olivia: Brighton will say yes and then she will discuss with you how to get what you want done.

Ms. Brighton: If the guys or gals want to go into Second Life, there is a Virtual World Phone Sex Site. They can go there or email me and I will send them the information. If you go to the site, there’s a guide on there called How to Join Us which tells you what you need to do. 

If you call me for a phone session, we can work together to walk you through the process. Sometimes it’s easier when someone can talk you through step by step. Keep that in mind if you decide to do it. You will need both hands on the keyboard until we get you set up, then you can fap away… go crazy.

Ms. Olivia: Virtual reality as a call or a custom made audio are both options you have. Erika, you also mentioned doing custom audios. How do you come up with the scene? 

Giantess fantasy custom audios

Ms. Erika: I have done a lot of Giantess audios and it is the theater of the mind. That is where we take you in session, where Brighton will take you in Second Life with the added visuals, and with a custom audio, it is even richer.

I really get into making them and have to pay attention to the time with a timer because I get so involved with the Giantess scene, I lose track of time. Once I have recorded it, I augment it with sound effects that I don’t necessarily do in a Giantess call. I’ve found myself spending 20 minutes just finding the right “whoooo” for my breath or the right stomp because I love bringing that reality to you.

The basis of each audio comes from the client because Giantess is just like every other fetish in that each person has their particulars. How small are you going to be? What is the scene? Is it going to be focused on sex? Is it going to be focused on you being a disgusting, little ant man who needs to worship my feet? “Come on. Clean them all up. You missed a spot.”

I love doing erotic audios. If you are a Giantess fan and would like a taste of a Giantess audio, if I write the script there is a script fee. But for you listeners of The Weekly Hot Spot, I will waive the fee on any audio of 15 minutes or less. 

All you have to do is email me, mention you heard this podcast, and tell me your idea. We’ll exchange a couple of emails back and forth of what you’re looking for and go from there. I have never had anybody come back and say, “Well, that wasn’t very fun.”

I’ve had really great reviews from all my audios because I do pour my heart into them. So there’s an option for you if you’re interested. If so, hit me up.

Ms. Brighton: I need to say, Erika, I love you and cannot imagine you ever having a bad review because you are so creative. I know you have to do kick-ass audios. So, guys, go get her. And like Olivia said, “Pay the bitch!

Ms. Olivia: Or you can do it live. So if you want to experience this incredibly sexy, creative, and delightful scene, you should get in touch with us. One at a time or all three of us. Can you imagine a 3-Mistress Giantess call together?

Ms. Erika: Have your life insurance paid up.

Ms. Olivia: I’m dancing, Ms. Brighton is doing her witchcraft magic and Erica has her sound effects.

Ms. Brighton: He could marry all of us!

Ms. Olivia: That would be a pretty funny scene, the tiny man marrying the Giantess. She could put him on her garter and as they go to the altar, he is underneath her dress, tied to her thigh with the garter belt.

Ms. Erika: And then the officiant says, “Do you, tiny man, take this Giantess,” and he has to lean over talking to her crotch to hear the tiny man say, “I do.”

Ms. Olivia: If anyone wants to call us for a Giantess session, call us at 1-800- 356-6169. 

Get in touch with your Giantess 

My email is Olivia@EnchantrixEmpire.com

my Twitter is @MistressOlivia1.

My blog is Experienced Mistress

Ms. Erika: My email address is Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com.

My Twitter is @ErikaEnchantrix

and my blog is Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Ms. Brighton: My email is Brighton@EnchantrixEmpire.com.

My Twitter is @MsBrighton

and my blog is Enchantrix Tease

Ms. Olivia: The two of you are awesome on Twitter. People need to follow you. Me? Send me an email. Unless you are Kevin Smith of the Smodcast Network or Marc Maron Host of WTF podcasts. I will answer you, but there still might be a delay because I keep forgetting to put up Twitter. We all have things we’re good at and that’s not one of mine.

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We’ve come to the part of the podcast where we ask our listeners questions. Erika, why don’t you go first.

QUESTIONS for listeners

Ms. Erika: Since we were just talking about audios, have you ever considered a custom erotic audio, Giantess or otherwise? If so, here we are. If not tell me why not? What are your questions or trepidation?

Ms. Brighton: My question is: Did you know you could do virtual Giantess sessions? That there is role play in Second Life? I do know some guys are already on there but haven’t explored that fantasy yet. There are HUDS and apps for making a tiny man or woman avatar and even if you can’t, have you ever considered getting a custom Giantess video?

Ms. Olivia: Did you listeners know about the Giantess fetish before listening to this podcast? And if you didn’t, after hearing this, are you a little curious? I know at least one person who had no interest in this before who would love to crawl between my toes for me. 

Ms. Brighton: Thank you Olivia and Erika for having me.

Ms. Erika: Thank you ladies. It was a lot of fun.

Ms. Olivia: To all of our listeners, we will see you next time for The Weekly Hot Spot.