In the Virtual World, almost anything you desire can happen!

In this episode of The Weekly Hot Spot, Delia and Olivia take you behind the scenes and tell you the favorite things they LOVE to do when they play virtually.

Virtual World Gender Fluidity

Ever think of changing your gender? You sure can, and these two Mistresses HAVE set this up for clients before. You can of course, stay basic to learn the basics, but one day you WILL crave a hot makeover, and whether you are a man or woman, you can explore BOTH in the virtual world.

Virtual Play is 3D Play!

Virtual means 3D. If you are bored looking at pictures, the virtual world allows you a way to enjoy your Mistresses in 3D. Yes!! You can see all around them. And since their avatars were designed to look just like them, this is the next best thing to being in the same room.

You will lust after the virtual experiences you can have. Go out dancing? YES! Head to a glory hole? YES!!! Have the most amazing BDSM sex ever!!

Get ready to experience kink in a way you never expected.

HOW Can you join the Virtual World?

So glad you asked! Follow these instructions and check out our Virtual Blog:

In order to join us in this sexy virtual world you will need to download a couple of things and below are the links. If you have any questions please feel free to mail any of the ladies who are in world…just check the Mistress tab to find out who they are

Here is how you join us

Please note creating an account and the download for the firestorm viewer are both totally free

1: Click here  and  register an account and download the software. You will choose your name and your avatar ( don’t worry your avatar can be changed at any time) **note this link will allow you to download firestorm and sign up for a free account.**

Here is the link for you to join us once you are in world

Location of Enchantrix Empire Inworld